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  1. This may be one of my favorite posts on DCP ever! I’m not a dinosaur opposed to innovation, but for me part of what made DCI special was how the designers could create sounds and visuals within the limitations that they had. Zingali’s “Cross to Cross” would be less impressive if the members did it on go carts.
  2. I marched for drum corps for 4 summers and for two of them I had drum majors that had previously marched and for two of them I had drum majors that had just auditioned for the role. From that experience, personally, I heavily prefer a drum major that is a vet. The drum majors that had never marched never seemed to fully understand what it was like to rehearse as a performer and sometimes even seemed to believe they were the highlight of the show. I know plenty of excellent drum majors have never marched before, but I just always found it easier to identify with (and even approach) a vet-turned-DM.
  3. Well at the university I attended, sororities had a similar problem. The less popular sororities complained that the more popular sororities were offering callbacks to too many girls, and in the process hurting their chances of recruiting those women themselves. The compromise/solution was that the more popular a sorority was during recruitment, the fewer women they could offer call backs to. This worked because the popular groups were less likely to have girls quit if they were offered a spot. Though not perfect, I think this system could work for DCI. Corps could be asked to put a cap on callbacks based on retention of members from previous year +finals placement from previous year. Though...I imagine this would create a problem for the members auditioning at multiple corps 😉
  4. I hate when people ruin the joke by not getting I hate that I'm one of those people
  5. I predict a BD soprano player from 1984 will chime in and tell us BD has no need to change their consistent staff formula.
  6. This never gets mentioned but the book that Michael Klesch wrote for Phantom Regiment in 2001 was quite good,
  7. How much would $1,000,000 buy in today's drum corps world though? It would do wonders for a small corps but it sounds like the big corps spend almost that much on a tour each summer. Starting up (without the sponsorships) would probably make things even costlier. But I would be happy to be proven wrong if it meant Star would return.
  8. I think the Star of Indiana actually played very little from "Pines"...(that amazing company front that came out of nowhere to the end of the opener). Either way the way that Jim Prime put it all together was fresher than what any corps has done since.
  9. I think the decreasing traffic of this site can partially be attributed to the trickle down of fewer corps = fewer marching members = fewer alumni = fewer people keeping in touch. I know there are a lot of posters here who have/will never march....but I feel like most of the long term die hard fans here are fmms. I aged out in 2001 and was still crazy about drum corps for another 5 or 6 years. Now I just check in from time to time to reminisce or see what the latest strange gossip is. I will always LOVE corps but my day to day interest in the activity has waned considerably and continues to do so. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, but as they say..the plural of anecdote is not data.
  10. May I ask, what the point was in the bitter tone of your reply? Do the Colts threaten you? As for your statement "The Colts may not place as much emphasis on winning and securing the best of the best youth as do other corps, but they are no more a 'true' youth based organization than all other corps in DCI who utilize youth as performers and adults as staff." I would beg to differ since this thread acknowledges that the Colts find a way to support a feeder corps for kids that are too young to compete at the World Class level.
  11. It's been months and the site is still down. What a loss of a great resource.
  12. Sorry, by "dynasty" I meant an era where Phantom Regiment consistently wins (or is in the hunt for) a DCI title. I'm more than aware of the "Pharaohs" dynasty. Tim and Dan Pharaoh....let my people go.....and march and play with freedom.
  13. What I find so funny/sad about Regiment's inconsistency is that several key members of Crown's current staff were at Phantom Regiment together and were let go after the 2001 season. I've heard it was in part because Regiment started to sound less like Regiment and more like an eastern coast corps. I thought 2001 Regiment sounded like a young, unpolished Star of Indiana (the 2001 hornbook written by Klesch is way underrated). Imagine what Regiment would be like today if they had retained that staff (Michael Klesch, Leon May, among others) and just let them do their thing. I'm not privy enough about Phantom Regiment's internal workings to say that the corps is being managed poorly. They do field a full corps every summer and it sounds like their debt problems are behind them. However....when will Phantom Regiment have its "dynasty"? If it's not visual problems, it's percussion. And now the horn line is placing in the middle of the pack? I always thought brass (and in a previous decade, visual) was the strength of the corps. I hope they get off of this need to tell a story and get back to putting the brass and music front and center. Though to be fair...part of Phantom's inconsistency in the past came from them switching away from a style that was working for them.
  14. Why would you bother with an inferior, televised/recorded experience if there were plenty of opportunities to see local, live performances? .
  15. 1. 1973 was only the second year of DCI so it is entirely possible that the number of DCI shows increased after that season. 2. Weren't there other circuits around back then besides DCI? Were those included in your numbers? Maybe 5X was a large estimation but I could see 2X or 3X.
  16. Or there could be multiple shows happening on one night throughout several parts of the country. Now we have basically have 2 or 3 shows at most happening on a "busy" night. Not trying to start an argument about the demise of DCI or anything, just saying its totally possible to have more shows.
  17. I know they haven't competed in almost 20 years, but I enjoyed visiting their site from time to time for the memories. Today their site didn't load in my browser. Is that the end of Star's online presence? Even though though it hadn't been updated in maybe over 10 years, it was still a very well done site.
  18. The Blue Devils are a well oiled machine and deserve nothing but respect, but I almost feel like the fans who constantly chime in to brag about the Blue Devils when they're not being mentioned make the corps a little bit less likable for some. It shouldn't be a total mystery when people single your corps out in the summer, even if they do perform a perfect re-enactment of 1986 show.
  19. I always thought John Vanderkolff was Zingali's protege. What happened to that?