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  1. I think it's very possible SCV will opt out of using their tarps if it's still that windy.
  2. They had the same trouble a couple years ago with their circular tarps. At the very least, you'd think by now they would only use tarps in domes where wind isn't an issue.
  3. Really happy for Surf that they're having a significantly stronger year.
  4. Now, if the announcer also calls Guardians a team, then I'm totally on board with you to burn him at the stake. EDIT: "Corps!"
  5. Looks pretty breezy. Going to be a tough night for guards maybe.
  6. I had the same reaction! I think this is a SoundSport group though, so I think they really are called teams.
  7. Or even last year at the same show. This was the one that got delayed, then ultimately changed into a judged exhibition with corps performing out of uniform.
  8. Ooooh announcer's mic keeps going in and out. This is gonna be a loooooooong night.
  9. I really don’t want them to change their ending. I love its understated tone, and it somehow just suits their show.
  10. Their crazy versatility somehow reminds me a lot of Pride of Cincinnati winter guard’s props this past season.
  11. Michael Gaines said that the tarps were in the design from the start. The show/staging was definitely designed to incorporate them.
  12. It was in yesterday and thankfully will never be seen again.
  13. And if he did, was he still just as jumpy and jittery as he was when running around carelessly on the field?
  14. I feel like I've seen this once before. There was another season where I remember Bloo coming out on FIRE early season, but they ultimately plateaued a little too soon. I think it's possible this could happen again and BD clinches it. I voted for BD.
  15. A lot of people have been commenting all season so far that SCV has more staging than marching drill and wondering why Gaines would have gone that direction. These tarps possibly explain the reasoning behind that. Gaines tweeted that the tarps were part of the show design from the start.
  16. It’s also the first time Mandarins have ever beaten The Cadets in brass if we’re looking for more firsts.
  17. But it looks like 7-11 now that Mandarins leapfrogged Crossmen tonight. That puts BK, BS, Cadets, Mandarins, and Xmen all in a similar tier, with Phantom not far behind that.
  18. That's not so far from reality. I seem to remember in the late 80's (maybe early 90's) doing a competition up in the Pacific Northwest, and the competition field had just been used for a cow patty bingo contest. None of the performers wanted to win THAT contest!
  19. It's, uh, not twice as much on the sheets either. Visual and Music are equal, and then there's GE.