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  1. A potato sack race among the 4 corps directors will determine performance order.
  2. actually i think a lot of people LOVED when Phantom won in '08
  3. ouch cavies. questioning a lot going on there.
  4. The poles also represent "We bought a bunch of these a couple years ago and have to get our money's worth out of them" j/k.
  5. Pump up Open Class a little more. Needs more love. Might help if you knock a couple corps back down there that IMO shouldn't be in World Class.
  6. Crown & Cadets-85.4 (tie)! BlueDevils-84.85 SCVanguard-83.25 Phantom-81.55 Bluecoats-79.75 Cavaliers-79.0 via @corpsscores
  7. plus stuff happens. cars break down, flights get cancelled. it happens.
  8. especially considering how close they were tonight and have been to madison recently. missing finals is a non-story for cavies.
  9. it'll be more interesting after saturday, another show with these guys together, bigger sample size.
  10. let's everyone calm down a little. madison has time to clean now so we'll see what happens