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  1. That's not long-winded at all. If you ever see BDCorno post, he played french horn in BD. I'm sure you guys would have lots to share. In 74 BD played Chant & Jubilo for their OTL. (Off The Line for youngsters). Something about the sound... They did this build up to a sudden halt and then a slow majestic fanfare that always made me think of Ancient Rome - like a soundtrack for Ben Hur. I think it was the chord structure/voicing. I dunno, just a drummer.... When I got older, I wanted to be in a corps that traveled across the country instead of staying on the west coast. I also wanted to be stretched as a performer. I was thinking Concord or Santa Clara. I never realized how fortunate I was to be so close to the previous years' second and third place corps. I went to one rehearsal at BD and it just felt right. I never made it to an SC practice. All I had to do to make the line was beat this guy from the Royalaires, Scott, I think was his name.... uhhh..yeah.... Lucky for me they went with ten snares that year so I made it. I can't express how much I enjoyed BD 76, just an incredible year. Thank you Rick Odello, Ron Menke, and Steve Chorazy. And to Jerry Seawright, thank you for your leadership keeping us moving down the road. Anyway, now I'm long-winded.. ⌛ Thanks for the chat.
  2. I'm interested in hearing about your take on the early years. What was it that caught your attention? Feel free to pm me if you wish.
  3. Don't think of it as a 10, think of it as achieving .1 better than SC. Prosperie was right in front of BD at their most challenging passages. must have been nails.
  4. ...way back in 76, we whittled our own drumsticks from 2 x 4s....No really, it's true! 😉
  5. Would love to see BD win #19! I enjoy this show. I was specifically impressed with the pacing. The entire show I feel engaged, the performers seem to be having so much fun.
  6. Good thing we can't count on the Patriots winning again...
  7. This thought appears here quite often. Not kidding.
  8. I hadn't touched drum sticks in 15 years. My daughter made the color guard for her high school band, so now we were band parents. I started watching the drum line, and talked with the instructor. The following year I took a week of vacation during the summer and helped with sectional work at drum camp. The school district here has a program for Lay Community Coaches - and not just for football, but all programs in the high schools that want to have some extra assistance. There is a sign up, fingerprints and background check. After that an annual sign off sheet for no new legal actions. Turns out over time I was given more responsibility, but my main attribute is my availability. I can be at the high school soon enough after work to provide an 1 1/2 - 2 hours of help on weeknights, and warm the line up for football games, and the October competitions. I don't have any arranging duties - that would be too much for me. I do however, write lots of exercises, and some cadences. It is a lot of fun and the kids have soooo much energy. It also is nowhere near the pressure and crucible that is DCI, nor even Bands of America. I was actually looking to step aside, but they couldn't find anyone to fill the spot. College kids are in transit, so year to year consistency is missing. Graduates are looking for regular teaching gigs. It gives me a chance to teach/tech without the pressure of having to make a living at it. I'm going on, I think my ninth year. I'm an accountant with no music education training, just drum corps and my own school band experience. Irony - I graduated with an accounting degree from UNT, and I passed by their drum line practicing in the shade as I went to class.
  9. I had to look up virtue signalling: Virtue signalling is the popular modern habit of indicating that one has virtue merely by expressing disgust or favour for certain political ideas or cultural happenings. ...so if I express disgust at those who engage in the reprehensible act of virtue signalling....
  10. I had my first gyro there. Then we went to Pitcher's Pub for Swampwaters. Yeah....a long time ago, early 80s. Madison was a great scene.
  11. Good one! Wrote a drum exercise that needed a name, so my daughter and I played the same game with the word, "flam". Result was: Flammulence