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  1. Thought I'd mention 2019 season news in the 2019 thread. Shaun Gallant is the new Executive Director in Concord.
  2. I was just sent a personal message that my interpretation of the announcement wasn't even in this universe of being close to correct. So I'm posting my deepest apologies for misunderstanding the announcement.
  3. ...I want to learn how to move hypnotically....
  4. I think corps are seeing advantages on their own by having well comprised boards for their organizations. It is not a stretch to see the advantage being also appropriate for the activity as a whole.
  5. Was that the "Prep Step Pop"? Yes, that was distracting too.
  6. Yes, even if the requirements to compete in the DCI circuit are increased to higher standards, the leverage is still "allow to compete".
  7. Exactly what I was thinking... Anyone googling the org will come across all this. I can't see anything coming of this with RB in place. Even if removed, someone/some group is taking quite a risk to attempt this as a fixer-upper. Seems unrecoverable to me.