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  1. I'm not sure the Corps could or would want to take that on. The resources in terms of $$ and/or manpower to manage an entire season would certainly strain their world even more that it already is. And yes, the activity is already set up that the member Corps govern themselves and DCI is a show producer/promoter.
  2. You're absolutely correct. DCI needs to stay alive to have a tour. Not sure if everyone recognizes that.
  3. Just saw that the 2019 DCI Blu-ray is now available for pre-order on the DCI store. Looks to ship early February.
  4. It appears that all 2017 A/V are now available and shipping. Pre-order has been removed from all the 2017 A/V products on the store.
  5. Muncie is fixed. https://www.dci.org/events/tour-of-champions-drums-along-the-waterfront
  6. http://www.dci.org/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=965782&SPID=166025&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=33500&ATCLID=211685375
  7. That's too bad. Couldn't make it up there tonight. Went a couple of years ago and prelims rained out. Very disappointing. Great show and venue.
  8. The first show I saw live was 1977 Lawrence North HS, Indianapolis. First corps off the line was a brand new group called the Spirit of Atlanta. Obviously the beginning of something very good. And very good for your first live drum corps experience. Still remember the feeling to this day.
  9. I did not get to Avon Lake. Glad it was well attended. One note on that is that David Eddelmen who is the DCI Open Class Coordinator is also band director at Avon Lake. That might have played into it. David does a great job working for the Open Class groups. And sure a Saturday will draw more than a weeknight, but a World Class weeknight will still outdraw an Open Class weeknight. Avon Lake may have done well in terms of attendance, but I doubt that can be said for all Open Class only events. Yes, I know venues are not given. We looked into hosting a drum corps show a few years ago. At that time, Open Class cost the host less than World Class but there is considerable cost and you also knew going into it that the draw was going to be less. Some of that may have changed. I can't answer that. I am serious. My point is simply that DCI is not completely to blame as many are quick to accuse. As I said earlier, I don't know everything about it and don't claim to. But again, the majority that are railing DCI don't either.
  10. You know, I see many posts in the Open Class forum ranting about how DCI doesn't support the class. I don't agree. First off, I believe DCI is simply a sanctioning body for the activity. While they have some responsibility to the fans to make sure they're getting the best product they can, it's up to the individual corps to run their business. DCI can't be expected to be involved in every corps financial decisions and they shouldn't be. Just as Open Class is a stepping stone for many kids that are building their experience and skills, I think that is true also of the management of these groups. Just as with any business, some succeed, some don't. There's a reason the top groups are always the top groups and it's not just talent. I do believe that DCI actually does support these groups. They give them venues and performance opportunities. They do market these shows and ticket prices are lower for Open Class only events. So how do you blame DCI when people don't go to these shows?? I've been involved as a staff member with a couple of different Open Class groups. I've been to the end of season shows that determined seeding for Open Class prelims. Not very many people go. Never a problem getting a good seat. Heck, there are still plenty of seats for Open Class finals. I've been to the Cavaliers home show in Michigan City over the July 4 weekend numerous times and the stands are packed compared to Open Class finals. How do you blame DCI for that? Ticket prices are lower. The shows are advertised. People don't go. As a matter of fact, I've read many reviews on DCP of shows that have Open Class groups prior to World Class groups in which these "die hard" fans don't get there in time to see the Open Class corps. Instead, they show up later for the top groups. Is that wrong? Not necessarily, but you can't blame DCI for that. Add to that the difficulty in finding people willing to put on a strictly Open Class show. Putting OC shows on costs money, less than a World Class show, but still it's not cheap. Add to that the fact that people aren't going to these shows, it makes it difficult to do them. It's a vicious cycle. It's a competitive activity. And in any competitive arena, more money directly equates to being more competitive. It's a fact of life and it's easy to fall into that trap and groups have to be careful. But once again, it's a business that is run by the corps management, not DCI. So, it's pretty easy to sit in the cheap seats and take shots without knowing everything involved. I don't claim to know everything about the activity or the groups involved in it. However, I would say this to those that complain. If you know so much, why aren't you doing something about it? Will I get torched by many for this? Probably, but that's ok. I'm pretty sure I'll still sleep just fine.
  11. Not every program is a winner out of the gate. I've seen groups, Cavies included, that have started with a program that was less than what they wanted and ended up with something pretty cool. The real test will be to see what the design team and staff do to the program throughout the summer. Will they make it something great? Only time will tell. But, give them some time.
  12. I don't remember the body work at Muncie either. Drill is definitely Rosander. Much more demand than what they've done and it's challenging them.
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