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  1. The only way to keep something "private" is to not tell anyone in the first place. Once you tell another soul, you have to know it's going to get out... and that was before the internet. People tell people because they want other people to know. Don't fault people for sharing... it's the original person's fault if they shared info.
  2. Exactly. Keep in mind that the more semis corps bring to shows, the more parking lots DCI has to rent/buy, more show staff is needed, and the higher ticket costs go. This is an important component to this discussion and should not be overlooked. I have suggested that DCI shouldn't restrict budgets, but should restrict the amount of semis. Maybe every World Class corps is allowed 3 semis and that's it - no box trucks, no 27' trailers... that would be 'fair.' If the props need to ride with the ramen noodles, so be it... but the cost in the end for the entire activity would be monumentally lower.
  3. I'm just asking (not arguing) - if they "decided to primarily market to the marching music enthusiast" only recently, exactly whom did they market to before that? NFL Fans? Hollywood? ESPN? Seems to me like the activity has pretty much ONLY EVER been able to market to itself, so I'm wondering what the thought process is here is all.
  4. I agree, and I loved them as well (not a MS alumni though). I was referring to the point the OP made about "if we go to a recognizable uniform and crowd-pleasing music, everyone will be happy"... uh, no... while people appreciated it, they aren't happy because the placement was so low.
  5. Pretty sure you're only a dinosaur in DCI years if you act like a complete fool, denouncing everything you see and hear, and generally ####### all over everything on this site and Facebook. Otherwise, you're just a past member. I marched in the late 90s and I've had many people tell me "no way you're a dinosaur," yet I've seen posts from people who marched in 2010/2011ish who certainly qualify as such.
  6. I'll be there! Excited to be in a LOUD stadium!
  7. This is patently false. There is still critique.
  8. I like seeing that headwear is coming back.
  9. Huh. 2 posts. Congrats, you figured out the internet.
  10. Just because you don't think it's not right doesn't make it "not drum corps." Yes, the permeation of so much electronics is a strain financially, and that strain is amplified on smaller groups. But those that want to compete at the top levels figure out ways to do so. It's the nature of... really everything. Hell, I would tell you to go listen to a concert by a concert band, wind ensemble, or symphony orchestra if you want your jollies, but so much music with electronics is being performed by those groups as well. Grow up, or wake up, one of the two. It isn't going away. And sorry Hockey Dad if that isn't compelling enough for you, but it's the #### truth.