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  1. Texas and Indiana are 1 and 1A (depending on your preference).
  2. Instead of posting the email we all got, I'd ask for you to post what your thoughts are on this and/or what you expect them to do differently. Maybe also what you would do if you were put in the position of the DCI Office staff who are juggling a lot more plates than we probably realize.
  3. If anyone hasn't heeded LITERALLY ALL OF THE WARNINGS ABOUT FLOMARCHING up until now, I don't know what to say. Maybe they deserve this.
  4. I mean you're getting 12 corps worth of performances @ 17 mins each, that's 204 minutes of shows, plus intermission. A 4-hour show (with intermission) for a max of $65 per ticket is pretty good for entertainment anywhere. OP posted $223 for 3 tickets, but that includes some convenience fees for paying online as well. DCI.org lists this show's max ticket price at $65/ticket. Your world tour concert wasn't 3 1/2 hours worth of music, and is $10 more expensive to start off with.
  5. Why do you keep posting these are RARE!!!! ? They are not rare. There are thousands of them.
  6. I don't believe I insinuated that at all. Just saying that if kids were already a BDB or SCVC member who wanted to do a national tour last year, they may have left their 'home' corps to go to PC and tour. Maybe they return 'home' this year, maybe they stay with PC, maybe they move on. Just pondering and positing that it's possible that was a contributor to PC's success last year. Not trying to dump anyone.
  7. I will be VERY interested to see if Pac Crest places as high this year, or if their success was a one-off because BDB and SCVC both did not tour nationally, and therefore lost kids who wanted to go to Finals to Pac Crest, thus strengthening them.
  8. I've always thought that the best Drum Corps have typically come from the areas where high school bands are not as strong. Sometimes the band kids in programs that are competitively successful and doing more drum corps-style shows are basically getting their needs fulfilled through their band program... not to mention the fact that those programs are typically more expensive and drum corps is f****ng expensive nowadays.
  9. The only way to keep something "private" is to not tell anyone in the first place. Once you tell another soul, you have to know it's going to get out... and that was before the internet. People tell people because they want other people to know. Don't fault people for sharing... it's the original person's fault if they shared info.
  10. Exactly. Keep in mind that the more semis corps bring to shows, the more parking lots DCI has to rent/buy, more show staff is needed, and the higher ticket costs go. This is an important component to this discussion and should not be overlooked. I have suggested that DCI shouldn't restrict budgets, but should restrict the amount of semis. Maybe every World Class corps is allowed 3 semis and that's it - no box trucks, no 27' trailers... that would be 'fair.' If the props need to ride with the ramen noodles, so be it... but the cost in the end for the entire activity would be monumenta