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  1. Huh. 2 posts. Congrats, you figured out the internet.
  2. Just because you don't think it's not right doesn't make it "not drum corps." Yes, the permeation of so much electronics is a strain financially, and that strain is amplified on smaller groups. But those that want to compete at the top levels figure out ways to do so. It's the nature of... really everything. Hell, I would tell you to go listen to a concert by a concert band, wind ensemble, or symphony orchestra if you want your jollies, but so much music with electronics is being performed by those groups as well. Grow up, or wake up, one of the two. It isn't going away. And sorry Hockey Dad if that isn't compelling enough for you, but it's the #### truth.
  3. I've heard that the downtown space they have is woefully inadequate, in addition to being in a horrible building (I think they lost their A/C for most or all of last summer), and in the basement of that building no less. The parking thing is probably a lot of it too.
  4. Maybe 'drum and bugle corps' has changed and you refuse to accept it. It is an art form that is constantly evolving. Just like a 2019 Corvette is WILDLY different from a '65 Corvette, but they are still Corvettes. Guess what? Electronics exist now in DCI, marching band, WGI, Indoor Winds, concert band, jazz band, etc. It's not going away. And it doesn't make 'drum corps' any less 'drum corps.' Also - come to Military Park on Finals day when there are literally thousands of people watching horn and drum warmups.
  5. Im not sure it was poorly written for "something." Just seemed like mostly a stock survey for something a bit more traumatic than the horrors of aging out.
  6. OK, I worked for 20 minutes on this ridiculous survey, and after about the 500th time I answered the same question, I closed the browser window. Waste of time.
  7. Nope. That's not what the activity needs. And "add your name here" is a pretty stupid forum thread, tbh.
  8. I didn't want to dig through 7 pages of responses but... Corps are NOT ALLOWED to use any tarps on any natural-grass surfaces on tour, which includes practice sites and show sites. While rehearsal and shows can be done in lieu of smaller tarps, not sure without being creative how they would rehearse or perform with a full-field tarp, as the tarp would undoubtedly be a huge part of the show design. Just my .02
  9. Start your own show instead of complaining?
  10. King Ultimate Brass or Kanstul mellos. Or go home.
  11. Drill was about the least of their problems the last 2 years IMO.
  12. He's saying that because they beat Music City.
  13. Agree. Probably best for the activity that Open Class remains more regional and World Class remains national. Allows the younger members to get back to high school on time and such as well. While SCVC, BDB, Legends, Spartans, etc have proven they have the capacity to hang with some of the bigger dogs, I'm not sure I like the idea of Open Class becoming World Class (or trying to).
  14. Talked to an old friend yesterday who marched Pioneer back in the mid 90s. Asked her if she had seen the news of the suspension. She had not. Her response to it was (more or less): "No I hadn't seen it. It doesn't surprise me, because it was the same way back in the 90s. I guess I was too young and dumb to notice it or report it. But I was one-and-done, and chose to stop following DCI after that season, and this exact situation was the reason why." Not surprised in the least.