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  1. IIRC, '79 Madison Scouts arranged the horn line to provide the stereophonic effect while doing Vic Schoen's "The Sorcerer and the Latin" for an opener.
  2. Whatever happened to that ###-kicking vibe player they had???
  3. You might wanna check "the site that shall not be named." There's River City Railmen from '84 - '91 on it. :)
  4. 6 pages of thread and no mention of "McDuffy's March?"
  5. Sometimes it's better NOT to know the story behind the picture....
  6. Looks like Appleton had a Mars Restaurant also. We had one in De Pere, where I'm from....
  7. I used to work with a lady from Oshkosh whose brother still had his work shirt from the old Mars restaurant: At this point in my life, I almost think it would be cooler to see that Mars shirt. 'Cuz I have an Oshkosh Warrior picture somewhere in the archives....
  8. Do you have any idea when the Oshkosh Warriors became the Oshkosh Marauders??