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  1. I concur the correct three....different order: 1) Blooooooooo 2) Bloooooooo Devils 3) a true "Crown"ing Achievement.
  2. DrumManTx, I am sure that was DCI's intention. Apparently the audience didn't hear Brandt Crocker's announcement or they just ignored it, as they left their seats in droves. In turn, denying the SPARTANS, DCI's Open Class World Champions, a larger portion of Love and recognition they and they performance so richly deserved. Truth be told, I was personally disappointed. I was raised in Gardner, MA only a 36.5 mile drive from their home base in Nashua, NH. The Exhibition/Parade Corps I marched in was a friendly rival of theirs for membership, however our Corps' remained amiable competitors throughout my six years of experience marching along side the SPARTANS. Congratulations Champions, I certainly was cheering aloud for you. You certainly did yourselves and the Granite State Proud.
  3. I love this show, but let's give a little creative credit were it's due. I bring to your attention the novel Tapping shoes feature in THE ACADEMY's original 2015 production of "A Step In Time" music from "Mary Poppins" . Nicely done then....but it amazing what the Devils can do in stepping it up with a much larger shoe budget! LOL
  4. Howdy DrumManTX I Always enjoy your comments and observations. A little disheartened with your disappointment in this years Academy, No Worries. I for one absolutely love it. I had picked up pre-season about where the Scouts could possibly be venturing into their future frontier, next year. They made the announcement of the Corps membership opening up to all genders, Bravo!. What is that famous Star Trek saying "The needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." Madison Men, as a young teenager I learned of the Madison Scouts along with following the "Casper Wyoming Troopers" going back to the 1960's I loved and respected your respective uniforms and what they stood for and your incredible talent and mind blowing shows. These Corps inspired me to march, and march I did for seven years. I Proudly share with you my Best Boy Scout "Salute" and wish you Happy Trails to you all, always and all ways. Cheers Mates and WOW what a spectacular end of season performance this evening, you did all of yourselves and long time fans PROUD.
  5. As I sit here in total amazement at the unparalleled Creativity, Talent, Percussion/Music/Guard is on spectacular display this weekend on the field of dreams that is Lucas Oil Stadium, for the 2019 DCI World & Open Class Corps along with SoundSport Teams. It is a perfect time and stream for our Drum Corps "Planeteers" to pay tribute here, as fans, of your family marching members, be they your Kids, relatives, friends, loved ones who at this very moment our sharing their talents, passions in a spectacular display of memorable Sights and Sounds of Music and Pageantry. By naming first names, and their specific "talent" and Corps they represent, they'll know who they are. Thus we pay tribute and express our appreciation and gratitude for the gifts they have given to us, including former and fellow marching members as myself, Simplex Minutemen (now defunct) of Gardner, Mass from 1965-1972 as a Rudimental Bass Drummer and 24" Concert Cymbals I'll go first, As a Friend and Fan, TONY. color guard extraordinaire with the Boston Crusaders. I've watched Tony hone his dancing and equipment skills during his years with THE ACADEMY. If you had the opportunity to view THE ACADEMY's 2017, 11th place finalist production of "Drum Corpse Bride, he played the Groom. This year he is slaying "Goliath". Watching him perform, (beginning with a smile that lights up any occasion ), is Artistry in Motion, Congrats Tony. I Would enjoy learning of your personal tribute recipient. ENJOY! Thank you DCP for giving me this voice. Cheers Mates.
  6. DAvery , OUCH so sorry the hear that. WOW marching with "Major Tom" LOL how cool for you. Your Cavaliers have an awesome show this year. LOVE IT! and Thanks for sharing Tom's Drum Corps Cavaliers experience. Cheers.
  7. YES, Mainly all the New England States. Ton's from my home state of Massachusetts. Their visual caption head teaches band at my old high school in Gardner, MA.
  8. l LOVE THE SPARTANS! SEE YOU IN DCI WORLD CLASS PRELIMS AND SEMI'S. Fun Fact I competed against these kids Grandparents in the 1960's!!!!!
  10. Wow, Peter that is so cool. So he's a fellow Drummer Boy, As I. I marched with a Boston Area Corps, 1965-72 four years as a rudimental bass drummer and two years playing 24" concert cymbals. Now involved with THE ACADEMY since 2004.
  11. I absolutely concur! WOW. The SPARTANS and their amazing Guard has been "Iconic" Corps in "Open Class" for years....I use to enjoy competing against them in my Corps days 1965-72 on many a parade route throughout New England. I predict that could very well surpass Troopers and and maybe even Madison in Prelims. and get to see them again in Semi's.
  12. WHOA! Big 2.050 jump by THE ACADEMY. The're Making a Great Run to Indy!
  13. As a seasoned 40 year TV television production specialist. I want to pay Tribute to Tom Blair and his Production Team for his/their unparalleled ability to capture the true essence of our beloved Drum Corps activity. This becomes so evident especially during the annual "BIG, LOUD & LIVE" Cinecast, World Championship broadcasts and the culminating release of his impeccable mastered Blu-Ray DVD's of finals. OBSERVATION: The Creative and Quality value lines between the Corps making it into the Top 12 and the remaining 16-25 ranked Corps has dramatically becoming blurred this season. Since my Corps marching days from 1965-72 and a follower of the evolution of DCI Corps since 1971 . I dare say we are seeing in 2019, the very pinnacle of what I would say has now evolved, good and/or bad, more like a "Sport of" or "Pageantry of The Arts" heavily influenced by WGI and the Marching Band Activity. ( Difficult to admit, coming from a tried and true member of the Old "Guard" of Drum and Bugle Corps with baton twirlers circa 1960's. The current wave of change and influence of women (Bravo: DCI's Women "IN STEP") as Caption heads and as Program/Creative Design Directors i.e. The Academy's Lindsey Vento, is very encouraging. This will open more windows of opportunity and new doors opening up to a path of new Vision in this activity's evolution. and, It Is Good.
  14. I believe the big advantage in performing in the "Big, Loud & Live Cinecast" is two fold: One, the Wide audience reach and exposure for the Corps being featured,. Secondly, I believe the Cinecast serves as an effective introduction and "Recruiting" tool in generating peak interests and attracting new members to the respective Corps programs screened. I might add, it is also a golden in-door opportunity for fans and friends to view a spectacular and comfortable showcase of Marching Music Major League's, MM's from 15 top rated Corps . In a lot of cases, in reclining seats and for some, an amazing IMAX viewing experience). Also factor in , the Superior Quality, and unparalleled Direction of Tom Blair and his entire Broadcasting Production Team. As a 40 year Television Broadcasting Production retiree, I do speak from experience . ENJOY ALL!.