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  1. BRILLIANT! THE ACADEMY production will be "Riveting" On and Off the Field. The incredible Logo Design perfectly "teases" and reveals the show theme on so many levels . It will be quite fun reading all the DCP members creative and absolutely Hilarious theme guesses on this thread. ENJOY!
  2. Thank you Cixesyd. Are these Very Impressive and specific details made public somewhere? I give you a Gold Star for your research.
  3. Yes, Zach is the soloist for "School For Scandal" and his brother Jacob was Flugelhorn soloist in 2016's "Unchained Melody".. Zach (was never DM) he went on to Blue Devils the following year. Both brothers were MARCHING members of THE ACADEMY in 2016.. FYI: Jacob and Zach are part of "Triplets" that includes their Sister.
  4. YES, AGREE, THE ACADEMY' along with it's flugelhorn horn soloist, did this brilliantly with UNCHANGED MELODY" in 2016 with DRUM CORPSE BRIDE. The result in both instances moved the fans to tears. Very Much Appreciated Crossmen.
  5. Great Performance Academy.....So Exciting to see how you improved throughout the summer. So PROUD, and appreciate the Class and Entertainment you bring to the activity. BRAVO!
  6. I swear who ever is calling the shots of the multi cam feed, took a page out of Music City's book...A Massive TRAIN WRECK! so UNLIKE Tom Blairs coverage in the past, this has "FLO Marching's" incompetence written all over it
  7. MUSIC CITY That was one heck of a Train ride....and Wreck! What an impressed World Class Debut!!! My Favorite Fun show of the Season. All the best to you all in your World Class journey for many years in the future.
  8. OREGON CRUSADERS...... BLOODY GOOD.SHOW...the mass use of the red banners in the closer was extremely effective
  9. Gold, loved the colorful silks, incredible contrast with body of Corps.....would have loved to seen them used more often. I guess the saying "Leave them wanting More" would have been the case here. Very Nice Show, another up and coming Cali Corps!.
  10. Thank You! Duly noted and Corrected. Genesis was incredible, like everything in Texas!
  11. GENESIS....Terrific Show....and I just Love your ACADEMY style Unis! Nice to see another Corps bring such a classy look to the Field.
  12. AWESOME PERFORMANCE SPARTANS!!! WOW what a world Class Caliber Guard!!! BRAVO!
  13. Yes I remember full sad that all the finalist members are not given the acknowledgement they all rightly deserve.
  14. Got it Oldbandguy, Thank you very much. WOW thrilled with THE ACADEMY draw!