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  1. My perspective is different than most on this board. I'm a trained musician, but not a professional. I have been a DCI fan since I marched in high school, but I no longer have a dog in this fight. I am writing because I want the corps that I've loved since 1987 to survive and thrive. I have no inside information. I can only applaud the strength of the community to keep the corps alive and thriving through the last five years of narcissism, neglect and predation from one person (and much of it continued for over thirty years, but the organization was so strong, people swallowed the pa
  2. Hello! I'm thinking about auditioning for BD synth, and had a couple of questions. 1. About how many people usually audition for synth? 2. Do you have to know MainStage? 3. Would a piece like Chopin's Prelude in B minor (op. 28 no. 6) be okay? ( If not, what kind of piece would be suitable to audition with? I assume that it shouldn't last more than 2 minutes, but I could be wrong. 4. What is the audition process like? 5. When did you hear back from BD? Thank you for all your help!
  3. I made a list of DCA Corps Open Houses and dates to aid in people finding more details. Please update with details once you have them and I'll edit the main post. I don't really know how to import a table so I'm just going with a bullet list. Here is the GOOGLE DRIVE SHEET : . DATES ARE IN BOLD | FOLLOW THE LINK FOR DETAILS I removed the bullet list below because it was too much to update. I've updated the list and added info from five more corps. I'll create some graphics and mayb
  4. In 1 month, we start our 2019 quest for excellence! Come join this wonderful family ❤️ #biltsk Southern Knights Drum & Bugle Corps October 3 at 10:26 AM · We are just over 1 month away from the start of the 2019 Season!!! If you are interested in becoming a Knight and want an Experience like any other come check us out on November 17th and 18th!! With our amazing staff returning for another season and add
  5. Haven’t seen a thread for audition dates yet....would love a “go-to” spot for dates as they are announced. Thanks!
  6. Hey beautiful people! So here are my thoughts. I've been living in Vegas for a year now and there is not much of a WGI presence out here. UNLV has an IO guard but that's the extent of it. I want to start an IW guard here (and maybe IO, IA and scholastic if the interest dictates). My previous groups used bingo halls for funding as many do. I have some connections with a number of businesses out here that may be willing to help with initial start up. I was thinking that since the casino/gambling industry is so large out here, perhaps one or more companies would be willing to sponsor us
  7. Im super pumped to be marching my first year in World Class DCI! Probably be signing off this forum for good. Thanks to everyone for helping me learn more about the activity.
  8. Watchmen open the 2018 season with a successful 1st audition with 80+ potential candidates for a brass, guard and percussion position. Executive Director, David Becker, welcomed everyone for attending, introduced this season’s staff, and presented the plans for the 2018 season.
  9. What solos in The Rudimental Cookbook would be considered High School Level?
  10. Hey all, I am a college junior who has been a marching percussionist for 7 years. I was interested in getting into DCI before my freshman year but was unable to due to military commitments. However, I believe I will be able to march this summer and am trying to figure out what the best fit for someone like me would be. I am fairly experienced and realistically consider myself to be a pretty good player, but I know that making a top 12 corps is very hard without prior corps experience. This will be both my rookie and age-out year, and making a corps will be fulfilling a goal and hope
  11. I would like to march in a corp in the future, but am far from being corp quality. I want to go out for auditions this year anyways to get experience on how the process works and what I should work on (I play trumpet), but the only corp remotely close to me is the Bluecoats (yikes). I don't want to go in there looking like a fool and them to think that I am wasting their time. Is it normal for people to audition without a good amount of experience? I have only been playing trumpet for three months and just sound like your average high school player.
  12. Some friends and I are planning on trying out for some drum cores (crown and SOA more than likely) and were wondering if there is anything we can do to prepare ourselves for audition camps, what materials to know when going in, what to practice, and where to find the materials and exercise to practice (not talking about audition packets).
  13. I'm in a complicated situation but I will try my best to explain it. I am a woodwind player primarily but I am trying to learn mellophone for the purpose of marching in dci one day. My dream corps has been bluecoats since '08 but me being 18 years old and having no dci experience and being pretty bad on mello as of now, that dream seems to be fading (especially now that they're defending champs). My first question would be what kind of skill level on my horn should I be at before going to any audition camps? I don't want to just show up and waste everyone's time and make a fool of myse
  14. No one has started a topic on the Crossmen. So, I figure I'll start one with this Instagram I just saw:
  15. Hey guys, I marched baritone last year and I regret not marching again. I hate looking in from the outside. That being said, are there any baritone or euph holes at any world class corps?
  16. I plan on trying out for spirit of Atlanta for my first year in DCI and was wondering on how selective it was for mellophone in particular. I'm going to give it my all no matter what but I was just curious. Also, any tips for preparing for auditions and the auditions themselves would be incredibly appreciated!
  17. Watchmen Summer Auditions January 7th & 8th, February 4th & 5th Check in 8:00am - Audition Fee: $40 Auditions 9:00am - 9:00pm Location: Patriot High School 4355 Camino Real, Riverside, Ca 92509 email:
  18. Heat Wave Of Florida The auditions this weekend were an overwelming success. Many, Many new faces, more volunteer support, and an interesting mix of interested folks. The staff is doing a GREAT job in preparing the corps for an exciting 2017 season. Stay tuned for further updates and information. Kudos to John Otero, Chris Johnson, Ed Wakerley, Fray, and of course, all the instructional and support staff. Be prepared for an amazing season. Benny
  19. Florida's DCI Open Class Drum and Bugle Corps We are preparing for our audition camps coming shortly. If you would like to audition, we invite you to register on our website at: Registration and other important information is available on the website. Heat wave Of Florida www,
  20. Heat Wave Of Florida We are accepting applications for auditions for our 2017 season. For more information, locations and more details, please go to our website at : Don't let the Wave pass YOU by!!
  21. Heat Wave Of Florida Audition information is posted on our website at: If you are interested in performing with Florida's DCI Open class corps, Please go to the website. Lots of GREAT plans in store for the 2017 season, and YOU can be part of it.
  22. Brass and Battery Percussion Audition Packets are now available for $25 in the corps Square Store: Prepay your Audition Fee and purchase your packet at the same time and receive a $10 discount. Audition location and dates in the Metro Atlanta area will be announced very soon.
  23. Do any drum corps late in this season have any Bari euph holes? I'm sure they wouldn't advertise it but I just figured I'd ask and find out.