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  1. The Southern Knights are coming to Chattanooga, Tennessee! Founded in 2015 in Alabama, and after 7 successful seasons there, The Southern Knights are excited to announce our move to Chattanooga, Tennessee! "The Southern Knights have provided an educational program of the highest quality to hundreds of students over the last 7 years" says Executive Director John Hoekstra. "We are excited to help even more students continue their journey in the marching arts, developing their musical, visual, and performance abilities in an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, self discipline, preparedness, leadership, and lifelong friendships." Attend our First Experience Camp in Tennessee on Saturday, November 26th at Signal Mountain HS. To learn more and how to join, click the link and register: https://southernknightscorps.org/join-us.html
  2. The Southern Knights are indeed moving to Open Class this summer. We looked at the opportunity to fill that 10th spot this year seeings how all are in. Yes there are more share points to an Open Finalist. Our goal has always been to move to Open eventually with higher numbers. We have a full 128. (Just kidding) We are still mid 50's this year. Reading and Atlanta don't have to look over their shoulders for us just yet... 🙂 We feel this will be a growing experience for us. So we moved up considering the circumstances. This way there are still 10 Open and 4 Class A Finalists! This will be our 3rd year in DCA... We are enjoying every moment to be on the field, which appears to be harder to do every year. We will have show announcement soon!
  3. Southern Knights Drum & Bugle Corps Published by John Hoekstra · 57 mins · In 5 days the Southern Knights begin rehearsals for the 2019 season with our first experience weekend! Saturday, 11-17-18... 10am start at Pell City High School. Sunday, 11-18-18...11am start. All sections open! It's a new year. If you've always wanted to try something new, now's the time to start. All camp fees are $25.00, and go directly towards your tuition if you are contracted! Never marched? Want to get back into marching? That's what we are here for. Experience DCA's first Championship Finalist ever from Alabama!!! www.southernknightscorps.org
  4. The Southern Knights are proud to announce our staff for 2019!!! Executive Director John Hoekstra will once again head up the Program Coordinator duties. Wes Myers is the Corps Director, and Asst. Artistic Director. David Walters: Staff&Ensemble Coordinator. Chris Yearian and Jason Parker: Music Arrangers Stephen Arline: Brass Caption Head. Chris Monroe: Brass consultant. Ian ChateauMcNeill: Tech Madison Rudy: DM Jason Parker: Percussion Caption Head. Tyler Clevenger: Front Ensemble Head. Teddy Hall Jr.: Front Ensemble/ Percussion Tech Chris Collins: Battery Coordinator Josh McCary: Basses Nicole West: Guard Caption Head Christian Stephanos: Visual Caption Head Shelby Hudgins: Tech We have a couple more spots to fill. Those will be announced when filled. 2019 is going to be great!!! This is a staff with lots of DCI and DCA experience! Now let's get busy!!!!
  5. John Hoekstra The Southern Knights would like to welcome two additions to the Board of Directors. Jason Parker and David Walters! These gentlemen have a drum corps back ground with Spirit, Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Blue Devils. Welcome aboard gentlemen!!!
  6. In 1 month, we start our 2019 quest for excellence! Come join this wonderful family ❤️ #biltsk Southern Knights Drum & Bugle Corps October 3 at 10:26 AM · We are just over 1 month away from the start of the 2019 Season!!! If you are interested in becoming a Knight and want an Experience like any other come check us out on November 17th and 18th!! With our amazing staff returning for another season and adding some new faces into the mix this will be a season you do not want to miss!!! Feel free to print this out and post in your band rooms or share via social media!!! We look forward to seeing you in November!! #SK19
  7. The Southern Knights just had a baritone spot open up due to a job transfer. We have 4 weekends of Camps to learn the show before we head to Championships. If you would like to become a Knight, and think you can learn the show, contact us at: director@southernknightscorps.org or membership@southernknightscorps.org... We rehearse in Pell City , Al. We have members that drive in from Florida, Tenn., Miss., and Georgia... If you are on tour with DCI, and would like to see what DCA is all about, join us!
  8. Southern Knights scored a 66.0 on 7/26 at the DCI Birmingham World Class show
  9. When is the last time DCA Class A had so much buzz going....... :)
  10. There are 5 left standing for this year...
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