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  1. Southern Knights

    1 Bari spot to fill

    The Baritone spot has been filled!
  2. Southern Knights

    1 Bari spot to fill

    The Southern Knights just had a baritone spot open up due to a job transfer. We have 4 weekends of Camps to learn the show before we head to Championships. If you would like to become a Knight, and think you can learn the show, contact us at: or We rehearse in Pell City , Al. We have members that drive in from Florida, Tenn., Miss., and Georgia... If you are on tour with DCI, and would like to see what DCA is all about, join us!
  3. Southern Knights

    Birmingham, AL - July 26, 2018

    Nothing on Southern Knights?
  4. Southern Knights

    Standings as of now DCA

    Southern Knights scored a 66.0 on 7/26 at the DCI Birmingham World Class show
  5. Southern Knights

    DCA DCI how many DCA corps?

    Southern Knights do both as well...
  6. Southern Knights

    Class A finals

    When is the last time DCA Class A had so much buzz going....... :)
  7. Southern Knights

    Class A finals

    There are 5 left standing for this year...
  8. Southern Knights

    Class A finals

    Heck... Take all 5 then!!! :)
  9. Southern Knights

    Class A finals

    Did I miss something? Where or when did the Class A finalist number change from 4 to 3?
  10. Southern Knights

    Wildwood Thoughts

    Thanks Fran. Was hoping someone would let us know how it went! 2017 is under way!!!
  11. Southern Knights Drum & Bugle Corps Published by Wes Myers · 4 hrs · Southern Knights Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to present our 2017 program...... When Kings Go Off To War. Come see us at a show this summer. Show dates available on our website...
  12. Southern Knights

    Mission Accomplished

    The first goal of the season has been met by the Southern Knights of Birmingham, Al. We set out to have the drill completed by Memorial Day weekend. We were able to complete the drill by 6:40pm Saturday night with our first complete run through of the closer drill. We ran it 3 times with just visual, and then set it to music. We were able to complete the sop section with 2 new members this weekend! Welcome Garrett and Bethany! Unfortunately, anyone who has been around the activity knows what May brings.... Some people who have been here all winter, decide that they have other things they would rather do over the summer. So now we have a handful of spots to fill. 1 snare, 1-2 tenor, 1 bass in the battery. The hornline needs 2 bari and 1 -2 mello. This is the sort of thing that drives directors crazy! If you have what it takes, send a message to:
  13. Southern Knights

    Alliance Inactive for 2017

    Haven't heard that it was off yet...
  14. Southern Knights

    Looks like DCA class A corps might be growing

    The Southern Knights just completed another camp. We now have 54 sets of drill with visuals onto the field. That is all of Mvts. 1 & 2. About 5 minutes of the show marched and played on April 9th. This show is so much fun to perform! We do have a couple soprano spots, and 1 contra spot that just opened up. Must have previous marching experience.
  15. Southern Knights

    DCA Welcomes New Class A Corps

    The Southern Knights were able to put the entire Mvt. 1 onto the field this weekend. 2 minutes of show marched and played, with all visuals added already! Great job from members and staff to accomplish this goal!!! Next up in 2 weeks.... Mvt.2.