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Triple Forte

My Top 13 Div. 1 Predictions

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7. Probably the best 7th place corps ever

Word. I can't believe how awesome the top 7 are this year.

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Upper Tier:

Blue Devils



Carolina Crown


Phantom Regiment

Lower Tier:

Blue Knights

Boston Crusaders


Spirit from JSU


The Academy


Blue Stars


01/02 - Bluecoats (I see them battling it out with the Cadets for the top spot)

01/02 - Cadets (It just seems like this thing is unstoppable at this point)

03 - Cavaliers (I love the Cavaliers.. but young corps and complexity just not up there with the other 2.. first 3rd placement in a LONG time)

04/05 - Blue Devils (I see this losing steam toward the end as the complexity and difficulty just doesn't match up to the others)

04/05 - Santa Clara Vanguard (As this cleans up, it will push 4th/5th)

06/07 - Phantom Regiment (Good show, just not up there with the others)

06/07 - Carolina Crown (Same thing here...)

08 - Blue Knights

09 - Boston Crusaders

10 - The Academy

11 - Colts

12 - Blue Stars


13 - Glassmen

14 - Spirit from JSU

15 - Crossmen

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Based on the way the season has played out so far, why would anyone think you have a bias placing the Cadets in 4th? :laugh:

Interesting observation. :P I have put BD in the top spot more often than not the past several years. Don't think anyone would have picked up on that but you never know. I was also a huge BD fan pre-1995 and they hold my favorite show ever (1986 BD as noted in my profile). Being 11 time champs......they get some extra respect in my predictions......maybe they will end up in 4th......anything can happen this season........

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1. Cadets

2. Blucoats

3. SCV

4.Blue Devils

5. Cavies

6. Phantom

7. Crown


9. BAC

10. Spirit

11. Colts

12. Blue Stars

13. Glassmen

Academy in Semis

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Here is my top 12-13 for this years finals:

1. Blue Devils

2. Blue Rock

3. Bluecoats

4. Blue Raeders

5. Blue Stars

6. Blue Rockets

7. Blue Angels

8. Blue Notes

9. Bluegrass Ambassadors

10. Blue Lions

11. Blue Diamonds

12. Bayou City Blues

13. Blue Lions

Although only three of these corps are still active the rest are corps that actually competed, can you spot the ones from Europe ?

You forgot the Memphis Blues. Of course, now that I have read the entire thread, I see that you were told that already.

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1. Bluecoats (dci needs a new face in first )

2 Blue Devils

3 Phantom Regiment (have a habbit of really coming on strong finals week)

4 Cadets

5 Carolina Crown

6 Cavaliers

7 Santa Clara Vanguard

All of Which will be really close, hopefully.

8 Boston Crusaders

9 Blue Knights

10 Colts

11 Glassmen

12 Blue Stars

13 Academy/ Spirit/ Crossmen on the right night any of them could be there but more then likely Academy or Spirit

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1 - Carolina Crown (ONE CAN HOPE!!!!)

2 - Bluecoats

3 - Phantom Regiment

4 - Blue Devis

5 - The Cadets

6 - Santa Clara Vanguard

7 - The Cavaliers

8 - Blue Knights

9 - Boston Crusaders

10 - Colts

11 - Glassmen

12 - The Academy

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It's probably pretty silly to put The Cavies 5 or lower- their staff knows how to win and they have the talent to pull off whatever the staff asks of them. Plus the only sign of slipping (and I don't really consider it slipping) that they have shown is trading wins with BD and the Coats once, but that still makes them look like top 4 at least.

6. Crown

7. Cavaliers

That is especially unlikely. Be real with your predictions...

1. Cadets

2. Cavaliers

3. Blue Devils

4. Bluecoats

5/6/7 Crown/Phantom/SCV (I really believe these three will hold these places, but who is to say which will be in which)

8. Blue Knights

9/10/11. Boston Crusaders/Glassmen/Colts (This should prove to be another good race, but I think they will probably land in this order)

12. Academy (They are definitely strong, but this could just as easily be Blue Stars or Spirit- I can't wait to see how they score when they return to competition)

There are my guesses. Just being as realistic as you can be in the first week of July :laugh:

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1. cavies

2. bd

3. bloo

4. scv

5. phantom

6. cadets

7. crown

8. boston

9. blue knights

10. acadamy

11. glassmen

12. colts

13. spirit

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1.Blue Devils









10.Blue Knights


12.Blue Stars

P.s. Its funny if you look at predictions before the season, no one knew madison would be doing so poorly, and bluecoats doing so well. Also Academy and Blue stars doing so well. Also many had crossmen back in finals .... dont think so. Haha.

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