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2017 DCA Shows


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From another thread ....


Celebrating our 60th anniversary, the 2017 Reading Buccaneers proudly present Behind the Suit. With this years production, the Buccaneers will explore and pay homage to the drum corps journey, as seen through the eyes of the performer.

By the end of the season, drum corps fans get to experience the performance of a corps at its most powerful, most precise and most confident, the performer almost a superhero in his or her suit of armor the uniform. And as a corps, the uniform masks the individuality of each performer. Yet behind that magical performance is a long, arduous journey, which is different for each member. And its the journey itself that reveals the true magic of drum corps.

We will follow our hero throughout the journey and all its ups and downs. We will share in the members determination to achieve the ultimate drum corps experience, despite whatever obstacles present themselves. We will share in the members struggle, recognizing that drum corps is great because it is difficult, not in spite of it. We will experience the members failures and the power derived from not allowing failure to defeat us, but to motivate us. We will witness the member climbing and achieving and learning from difficulty and failure. And finally, we will share in the members triumph as the corps soars to new heights of excellence and entertainment, as a family, and the feeling of pride and invincibility that comes from wearing the suit.

The production will feature the music of Hans Zimmer, Michael Daugherty, Samuel Barber and Richard Strauss, as well as original music by Buccaneers designers Mark Lortz, Johnny Trujillo and Mike Lalli.

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The hurricanes show is going to be called Porgy and Bess

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From Atlanta CV

"Through the Glass Looking...."

Movement I -- Shattered Glass
Movement II - Reflections
Movement III -- Stained Glass
Movement IV -- Prism

We look forward to sharing this program and our 20th anniversary celebration with fans and friends throughout the season.

More details to follow soon.......

Atlanta CV 2017 -- "Seeing is Believing"

Alan Armstrong
Staff, Show and Instructional Coordinator
Atlanta CV Drum and Bugle Corps

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On 12/9/2016 at 9:48 AM, sagemode67 said:

The hurricanes show is going to be called Porgy and Bess

The Connecticut Hurricanes are proud to announce our 2017 production of George Gershwin’s masterpiece “Porgy and Bess.” The Hurricanes have a long tradition of exploring the transcendent of Gershwin and this year’s corps will look to build on that tradition while exploring the theatrical production value of “Porgy and Bess” in a fresh and exciting way. The 2017 Design Team has been working hard on the details of this production for several months and are committed to developing a competitive program that will be well received by our members and the DCA audience.

“Porgy and Bess,” written as an opera in 1934, is one of Gershwin’s seminal works and produced a wide array of songs that would go on to become standard repertoire. Our 2017 production will draw inspiration from the original opera as well as the interpretations of Mile Davis, Buddy Rich, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Jascha Heifetz and the 2012 Broadway revival starring Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis.

Selections will include:
My Man’s Gone Now
Bess, You is My Woman Now
It Ain’t Necessarily So
Oh Lord, I’m On My Way

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