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  1. Is anyone gonna be rehearsing in allentown? I was looking to see if anyone was going to be at Allen HS or Raub middle school as I'm going to be at Muhlenburg college in the morning.
  2. Who is staying where for Day 2 of allentown? I'm going to be touring muhlenburg college in the morning but I'd like to catch a few hours of practice after that. Is anyone rehersing at Allen HS or Raub middle school as I know those are the closest to the stadium.
  3. What corps have done the macy's parade and the rose bowl parade and what years did they do it?
  4. I'm really hoping that it's sooner this year.
  5. when was the dci schedule announced last year? like what exact day?
  6. At every show I usually try and pick up a few 5$ tees from the clearance bins. I like to support the corps and collect corps t shirts. What corps have 5$ bins out at their merch tents.
  7. I was literally thinking that blue stars look like bob the builder
  8. 2004 will always be my favorite drum corps show ever. But I also really liked 2016, 08, 09, 06, 05
  9. Is DCP gonna update the tour map to include the 2018 shows?
  10. Has any corps practiced at Clarckstown High School South in West Nyack NY. I'm going to try and show someone a drum corps show who went there and I wanted to show them possibly a corps that practiced at their school.
  11. Is anyone selling tickets for allentown saturday night?
  12. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not one to rant about how corps owe us because a friend of mine has a brain that can't be blown up by nuke and kinda convinced me of some things, but not announcing your repertoire even after the season opener? There is we have balls and want it to be a surprise but then there is we have balls and look really cocky and stupid.
  13. Spandy can you add the music from Carolina Gold please