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Shoremen Brass Classic -- Avon Lake, OH -- Aug. 4, 2018

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I couldn't find a thread for this show yet, even though it starts in about two hours, so:


6:45 Columbus Saints - Columbus, OH

7:00 Welcome & National Anthem

7:10 Rogues Hollow Regiment - Doylestown, OH

7:20 Shadow - Oregon, WI

7:36 Raiders - Burlington, NJ

7:52 Guardians - Houston, TX

8:08 Intermission

8:28 7th Regiment - New London, CT

8:44 Southwind - Mobile, AL

9:00 Legends - Kalamazoo, MI

9:16 Blue Devils "B" - Concord, CA

9:42 Scores Announced



Avon Lake Memorial Stadium

175 Avon Belden Rd.

Avon Lake, OH 44012



Weird that the first performance comes before the national anthem.

Are the Saints performing on the field? In the lot?

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I'll be there but not online. I believe Kevin G. will be doing a live report to DCP. I'll be with a group of six friends in the upper left section (not sure about specific seats--this show doesn't let you choose them). I'm wearing the Hawthorne Caballeros tee shirt I bought at last year's DCA Finals: black with a white skull.

Did Coco (which I only saw a couple months ago) come out before or after Cabs performed their similarly-themed "Pathway to Remembrance" show?

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I hope someone also creates a thread for tonight's other O.C. show.

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All right. I am in the stands. I am on side two, about the 33 yard line, and about 2/3 up so I can get a good view of the drill and still hear the music well.

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Since there is no official thread tied into the DrumScorps app, I'm going to have to get creative in order to post pictures from the show.

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Next on the field is Rogues Hollow Regiment from Doylestown, Ohio. No rep information available online.

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RHR is a SoundSport group. They have two DMs, a trap set player, two snares, three basses, nine guard, and seventeen brass.

Drums feature to start the show. Horns start backfield but turn front and have a full sound for the size of their line!

Lady is a Tramp. Tubas laying down a great bass line. Baris on the melody. Nice arrangement to start.

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Some of the members have numbers on them. I suspect this is a dance competition theme. The back field drum major is now carrying a clipboard and pulled a number off one of the members. Yer out of the running, kid.

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Bari duet opens the next piece, Feelin' Good. One of them just lost their number, but they played well, so this judge is not up to DCI standards.

Nice park and bark before the tempo kicks up. Horns are REALLY sounding good. Nice little horns moves side to side for a little visual added to the dynamics.

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Drum break. Snares are ramming A LOT of notes!

HELLO, TUBAS! A lot of sound for just three of them.

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