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4 hours ago, Fred Windish said:

I spent days in Winston-Salem during 2005 evaluating that site for a possible DCA Championship. Also spent hours with a few local committee members, chatted often with Tom Williams by phone, etc.  I’m not aware of the unreliability issues Jeff speaks of. However,  that was a single, small-line-up, local event.  The promoter/organizer of an actual Championship would be DCA itself who would control most everything with some local help in staffing. Different environment.

No doubt in my mind, a Championship there involving 15 additional corps, all the groups, and greater event significance would have been well worth a try. Remember, the present site (Scranton) was only drawing 4500 spectators as it were. Had I been making the official decision, I would have staged the event there, if only for one year. Winston-Salem had “good bones” as they say.

Carolina Crown is doing quite well there ever since with Nightbeat.



the problem was some promises were made that weren't lived up to involving some persons in the drum corps community that could have helped promote the event. I won't name names, but they were people of influence. 


IMO DCA had no presence in the market. You would not have gotten enough fans that attended annually up here to go there, and there wasn't enough of a local presence to make up for that loss of bodies. Sure you may have gotten fans from the Atlanta region to come up, but would it have been enough? I don't think so, and given the corps make the money on DCA weekend....and they weren't getting a deal like they got in Rochester or in Williamsport. It could have cost corps money

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On 9/20/2019 at 9:25 AM, Poppycock said:

Why would any organization outside of the N.E. consider being part of a circuit with such a mindset? 

We have to remember it wasn't always like this. There are the ole corps in the NE, up till 2014 there were still a lot of corps and clusters outside the NE. 


In the last 12 years in DCA we had You had two CA Corps, two Texas corps, two GA Corps, 2 Florida corps, 1 CO Corps, 3 MN corps, 2 Conn Corps, 1 TN Corps, 2 OH Corps, and a few Internal CA, UK, GER corps..look at 2012 - 2014 as a good indicator of how it was and could be. For me, the elimination of the Class A coordinator in line with those drastic changes and slow growth of A corps is telling. 

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