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Recently got the 82 Legacy DVD.

Love the 82 Freelancers show. The rifle line was great with lots of double rifle work, although the video doesn't show it very well. I also liked the guard outfits. All male rifle line with all female flag line and the curved flag poles.

The music was also great with some fine soloist. The show had a very smooth feel to it both musically and visually.

Just for the record, in 82 there were both guys and girls in both the flag and rifle lines, also both in 83, 84 was when there were just guys in the rifle line in the opener

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On 8/7/2006 at 4:25 PM, blublood said:

...and tell me,whats the story with the escorting guard chicks everywhere they went by other Freelancer members ? i recall always seeing a guy in uniform arm in arm with a guard member they couldn't all be couples could they ?

Yeah... ALL the hornline was hooked up with the chicks in the guard... And if you believe THAT...

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