Loud Music Symposium South is coming.

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hundreds of free ear plugs to be handed out by evil Renegades at the door ...

Awesome! I might actually sleep that night!!!!


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By 11 pm, most members of the Bucs will be on hour 19 or 20 of a very long day. When you factor in travel to our housing site and everything involved with unloading, it will make for a pretty late night as well. The corps staff wants to make sure we are all well-rested so we can have a great day of reheasal on Saturday followed by the best performance we are capable of that night.

We want to give the Winston-Salem fans, and the members of the other corps, our very best.

As is the case with us too, but I don't think it would be "Georgia" without us! :) :) :)

I'll miss rubbing elbows again with some old buddies, but it is all good - Bucs and Bush - best of luck and see you on the field!

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DARN!!!!  It's so much more fun to play "Conspiracy Theory" first, before hearing the actual truth....I would have loved to have heard how the Bucs director got beat up as a kid by the town bully, who's name was Lee, .........and THAT's why they are boycotting the massed hornline.....or that their entire contra section is comprised of members who just HAPPEN to all have a phobia about playing in grous larger then 135...........or that the drum major's psychic warned that bad things will happen if they are seen in public cavorting with those shrouded in darkness......or better yet.....that the REAL reason they are skipping the massed horn line is becuse all of their memers are under the age of 18 and being out that late at night would break their curfew!!

Gotta love conspiracies!

i told you to stop reading RAMD

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I can't wait!!!!!!!

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