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Pre-Tour 2012 Predictions

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#1 Carolina09Spirit


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Posted 09 June 2012 - 11:49 PM

Last year, I started a topic similar to this and it seemed to spark great discussion. I always like to see everyone's top 12 or top-(insert number here). As a fan, I should know more about the shows and etc. by now, but I haven't had time to keep up to this point, so my top-12 will be at random and completely guesstimates. So, post away!
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#2 DrumManTx


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 12:06 AM

  • Blue Devils Guard, Visual, GE Visual, GE
  • Carolina Crown Brass, Music, GE Music
  • The Cadets
  • Cavaliers Percussion
  • SCV
  • Bluecoats
  • Phantom Regiment
  • Boston Crusaders
  • Madison Scouts
  • Blue Stars
  • Spirit of Atlanta
  • Blue Knights
  • Glassmen
  • The Academy
  • Troopers
  • Crossmen
  • Colts
  • Jersey Surf
  • Pacific Crest
  • Teal Sound
  • Mandarins
  • Cascades
  • Pioneer

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WC:  The Academy, Bluecoats, Blue Stars, Carolina Crown, Cavaliers, Crossmen, Santa Clara Vanguard

OC:  Legends, Louisiana Stars, Vanguard Cadets            


#3 TubaJon


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 12:13 AM

I will accept the challenge given the season is just less than a week away from starting!
NOTE: Most of these are random guesses cuz i havent heard anything from a lot of groups yet.

1)BD-I'll play my safe card early.
2)Cavies-From what I hear, everything is a notch up from last year. And i would hope they have learned not to give us the surprises too early this season.

3)Crown-They made changes where changes were needed.
4)Cadets-Not digging the show design, and from what I have heard from their clips, not really digging the arrangements either, just personal taste on that one.

-Just like cavies, i feel like they learned a lot from last year. And from what I heard from them on the Fieldpass, i wouldnt be surprised if they are one of the best brass lines right out of the gate.

6)PR-This is where things get sticky, i give them the edge again over SCV based on my girlfriend marching there :tongue: but other than that, its gonna be just like last season between the two.
7)SCV-We will see what the drum book is like, probably gonna be awesome. but drums can only take you so far. Their brass needs to improve big time if they want to move past PR and they are gonna need a better design if they want to bust the top 5.

8)BK-If they can capitalize on last years moment, they should be a contender in the next couple of years.
9)Scouts-They need are harder drill book and a better percussion ensemble than last year, just to take 9th. Last years back 6 were the strongest ever IMO.
10)Stars-Another show design that makes you wonder if they can pull it off. But with a new director, and a fresh start, I doubt they will let what happened last year happen again.
11)BAC-I know there are a lot of homers out there that are just gonna roll their eyes at this placement. With a rep like BAC has this season, if you underachieve in the slightest, your gonna be hurtin. And i am not impressed with their pre-tour sounds released on the Field Pass.
12)Spirit-They sound better than last year!

13)The Academy

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#4 Carolina09Spirit


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 12:15 AM

1. Blue Devils
2. Cavaliers
3. Carolina Crown
4. Bluecoats
5. Cadets
6. Phantom Regiment
7. SCV
8. Madison Scouts
9. Blue Stars
10. Blue Knights
11. Boston Crusaders
12. Spirit of Atlanta
13. Colts
14. Crossmen
15. Glassmen
16. Troopers
17. The Academy
18. Teal Sound
19. Pacific Crest
20. Jersey Surf
21. Mandarins
22. Cascades
23. Pioneer

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#5 Crown Phan

Crown Phan

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Posted 10 June 2012 - 12:18 AM

1. Carolina Crown
2. Blue Devils
3. Bluecoats
4. Cavaliers
5. Cadets
6. SCV
7. Phantom Regiment
8. Boston Crusaders
9. Madison Scouts
10. Blue Knights
11. Spirit
12. Crossmen

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#6 DrumManTx


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 12:19 AM

And if Cavaliers or Vanguard don't get percussion, Bluecoats are WAY overdue of the drum title. WAY overdue.

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WC:  The Academy, Bluecoats, Blue Stars, Carolina Crown, Cavaliers, Crossmen, Santa Clara Vanguard

OC:  Legends, Louisiana Stars, Vanguard Cadets            


#7 kickhaltsforlife


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 02:14 AM

I've been waiting for the next prediction thread...

been bored of the one that started months ago..

Now we actually have some info, and some have seen some corps.

But I can't make my official prediction until I see the first few weeks of scores.

But I can predict that the fight to get into the big show will be ridiculous this year. I haven't seen anything from Academy, but going off of last year, if they continue on the up, I think it will be Crossmen, Glassmen and Academy fighting hard to get into finals. But I don't know who to kick out.... it's so hard to say until you see the shows, and how the scores go. Basically anyone from 13 to 17 last year will be separated fractions of fractions of points anytime they go head to head.

I just can't make any prediction except for the usual Jeff Ream one, which you can never go wrong...

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#8 dasboot


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 06:47 AM

I have one prediction this early:


I will not have a more accurate prediction for a couple of weeks, but I have some ideas as to what might happen:

There might be a new champion this year
The Cadevaliers might win this year
At least two of the three Cadevaliers will be in the top 3.
At least one of the Cadevaliers will win a caption
People on DCP will complain when their corps doesn't perform as well as expected
These same people will call other people homers when corps close to their's do better than expected
Some corps will get overhyped all season long
Some corps will get underhyped all season long
People will complain about the Blue Devils
People will complain about where people are placing their corps in the prediction thread
Some people will be entertained, and some people won't

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#9 wesleyrp


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 06:55 AM

I'm gonna refresh mine with a week to go...

1) Phantom- have a feeling bout this show...
2) Crown- will be right in contention
3) BD- seems like a more likable show?
4) SCV- can't wait to see them
5) Cavies- I'm sure will prove mr wrong
6) Cadets- very excited about 12/25 but what will a Xmas show do for them?
7) BK- great things coming!!
8) Bluecoats- think they'll drop at least to 8 and maybe farther
9) Madison- Pictures at an Exhibition should be interesting
10) Spirit- Stronger than a year ago
11) Boston- Great corps, jeez someone has to be here
12) Blue Stars- Not sure what to expect here... Last tear mightn't shaken them?

13) Academy- Could see them as finalist if BStars are not what they should be..

Wes P
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#10 craiga


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 08:03 AM

Blue Devils win.
Boston in 5th.
Spirit, Academy, Troopers all in finals.
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