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  1. The Boston Crusaders hope to NOT see you on any judging panels in Indy! ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. I'm hearing the corps is in Michigan. The first show is officially the day after tomorrow. EAT'EM UP, BOSTON!
  3. As a lifelong New England Patriots fan, I can attest to the fact that nothing lasts forever.
  4. BAC just wrapped up a five day stint of rehearsals in PA. They wake up today in Ohio at the University of Cincinnati, where they'll spend the weekend in a large stadium. All eyes on their first show this Wednesday!!!!
  5. Thanks! When I watched them in Vermont, I made the observation that Boston has leveled up from 2023 in every aspect. The first show is this coming Wednesday and I believe it being carried live by Flo....so we shall see!
  6. I am very curious as to how you like parts 1a and 1b....also, and this may be a strange question....later on tonight, if you are there for the full run, what is the hornline wearing? Thanks man!
  7. Also, during their time in Vermont, I noticed that for some reason, they refer to the 5 parts as "1A, 1B, 2, 3, & 4. I'm not sure why, but if you heard them run 2, 3, 4, you were missing two productions. I'm sure you'll see it all today. Stay cool! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. Thank you for all of this. Since you mentioned that you're not certain what parts you didn't see last night.....the show has five parts. It sounds as if you might have seen the last three. In any case, enjoy today....despite the hellish temps.
  9. I envy you. Although there are no guarantees, the evening blocks are usually full ensemble. Enjoy!
  10. Paging TheOneWhoKnows.....are you going over after work today?
  11. I didn't realize until this morning that after the Concert in the Park, the corps was fed by Chick-fil-a (Copley Square). Thank you! And this coming a year after they gave BAC a $50,000 grant! Awesome support!
  12. For the record, BD still has no written drill (according to a BAC kid I know who went there this year). No drill charts, no dot books, no Pyware, no UDB apps....just staged through trial and error, WGI style. I get that seems to work for them, but as a drill guy, I find their process to be bizarre.
  13. Yeah, I saw that Bruno posted on FB this morning. Always good to get a fresh set of eyes in the lead up to the first show.
  14. Yes, hoping for some honest feedback from TheOneWhoKnows!
  15. I don't remember....are they near you today and tomorrow in PA or Wed-Fri at Mercyhurst?
  16. Thank you for posting these. A much-loved version of the CIP, to be sure.
  17. This is a rock solid organization led by people like this.
  18. J. Brown, I'm not sure whether I know your son or not. But either way, I have no doubt he is in for an amazing summer, and will be well cared for by Chris Holland and his team!
  19. I have seen the show, in person. There is nothing random about this. 80 horns = 10 of each of the 8 colors. This show is going to be the talk.
  20. For the people whom are getting triggered by the colors, perhaps you might consider what the Crusaders were wearing in the late 1950s....bright yellow satin uniform tops with red shakos and blue plumes. Has anyone seen the Bluecoats 2023? ๐Ÿ˜€
  21. Also, I personally love that we have returned to full hats.
  22. Spectacular colors! LEDS in the hats.....drums in black and guard in white. Eight colors of pants in the hornline. Nice!
  23. Good stuff! And, not only that, but BAC'S first show is now exactly two weeks from tonight. The show is done, and after a few local performances and a free day in Boston, they'll have nearly two weeks to prepare for their debut in Rockford, Michigan.
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