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  1. I may be a minority opinion on here, but I think most corps HAVE been focusing more lately on the accessibility of their shows.. at least over the past decade or so. Anyone remember some of the bizarre shows in the late 90s/early 2000s? I find the more recent shows to be more engaging, both in terms of musical choices and visual effects.
  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have said previously that heads SHOULD roll over the SOA situation, and any other similar situations. But, I just don't understand the "burn it all down" mentality. I am certain there is little chance that all the other corps have perfect histories in this regard, but why do some folks on here assume that all drum corps members and staff are criminally negligent and all corps do nothing when a problem arises? Look, everyone is free to support the activity or not, but it almost feels as if there are a few who are just cheering for the demise of DCI. AMPS didn't do it, props didn't do it, so now let's hope sexual harassment does. Jeez!
  3. Seriously? This thread has clearly outlived its usefulness.
  4. Also, to circle back to the topic, the Cadets are now in great hands. Ron Lambert is a great guy and well organized. He will bring them to a new level.
  5. Many kids these days have cell phones which cost over $1000. And, the hs band I teach always has a huge amount of kids who go the the Maine Jazz Camp up here each summer. It lasts one week, has no travel, and but one performance for the parents on the final night. Price? $1100. So yeah, it is a different time. Also, for the record, fast food jobs here in New England start at $16-$18 per hour, so everything is relative.
  6. This is great news, and bodes well for Boston long term!
  7. That's true, but having the protocols in place is at the very least a start, and something that didn't exist at all a decade ago.
  8. Mike, I am not suggesting that any organization has a perfect record in this regard; my point was that I do believe that some if not most drum corps do follow best practices in terms of sexual harassment education, reporting, and follow through. I am disheartened to hear people say that because of the revelations, they would not allow their son or daughter to march drum corps. To me, that would be like telling them they can't participate in college band due to the Ohio State scandal of a few years ago, or college football due to the Penn State fiasco. Just my opinion.
  9. Why do some folks on here assume that individual corps DON'T have written sexual harassment policies and procedures, along with reporting processes, specific people to whom to report, and sexual harassment training for all members and staff? Look, the SOA situation is horrendous and seems to become more grotesque by the day, but is it fair to paint everyone with the same broad brush?
  10. I think (or at least hope) that we can agree that every corps and DCI itself needs to refocus zero tolerance for bad actors and follow through on these people, as they belatedly seem to have done with SOA. Having said that however, for our part we should not allow ourselves to devolve into nothing more than a rumor-mongering abyss. It is so easy to post on DCP (anonymously, mind you) that some staff person, director or even member from the Santa Clarita Cadets Regiment may have done this or that. If we go down that road, it devalues the valid complaints of the actual victims and ends up with about as much credibility as the Salem Witch Trials.
  11. If true, then those staff people who turned a blind eye to complaints might be in legal jeopardy as well.
  12. I have been following these topics for days now. I don't doubt the accusers' stories and am broken hearted for them. Having said that, YES, lawyers should be involved. And law enforcement. People should be arrested, and charged, and brought to court, and adjudicated and sent to prison if found guilty. It seems as though there is no shortage right now of righteous indignation on social media, but perhaps instead of suggesting that this corps or that or even all of DCI or all of the Marching activities be "burned down" , maybe we should give support to the accusers and allow the legal system to work. I think the hundreds of staff people who have great integrity and thousands of innocent corps members who work so hard for the experience deserve that.
  13. I just have a few random thoughts after reading this entire thread last night. I was under the impression that all corps are now required to have designated sexual harassment reporting personnel, written protocols, and anti harassment/bullying training either at a winter camp or very early in spring training. I thought these standards were universal and adopted the year after the GH fiasco. Also, I don't think instructional staff have actually been riding on the member buses in years. They have staff buses. The newer coaches carry 55 passengers and I think that may be where the recent 165 member limit came from. (55×3=165) Finally, I believe most instructors these days are in fact public school teachers (particularly senior staff and caption heads) and they all get sexual harassment training whether their degrees are in music ed or something else. I continue to be bewildered that these situations continue to happen.
  14. ⁷ I am confused. Why does this article state that Boston is in Ohio on July 2nd when my schedule has them in two Massachusetts shows on July 2 and 3?
  15. I have been going to Allentown in my RV for nearly 30 years. It has become very restrictive in terms of where you can park. Bitd, people parked throughout the duck pond/ grassy areas. (Both cars and rvs.) Then it changed to be only parking on the wide road which runs parallel to the back side of the stadium. A few years ago, that entire stretch was also blocked off, even though most corps now park their buses on the access road through the park. I get that they didn't want to damage the grass, but blocking off the entire stretch of road seems excessive.
  16. Ron Lambert is a good man. He will do great things for the Cadets.
  17. I have no dog in this hunt, but the Crossmen's logo is in fact a Maltese cross, used by the German (and other European) military for centuries well before the Nazis decade of terror and genocide. This cross was also used by the 20th Maine Regiment during the Civil War, and used by countless other organizations throughout history. The Crossmen can certainly brand themselves however they like, but I hope they don't allow some clueless college kid to dictate what they do. I have recently wondered how long it will be until the cancel culture goes after the Boston "CRUSADERS"....probably a matter of time.
  18. Thousands of kids had great, life-altering experiences in their small neighborhood corps in the 50s, 60s, 70s and into the 80s. I don't undervalue that at all. The original premise here on DCP offered by a handful was that most of these units went under because of the votes and subsequent rules of the DCI "Elite". I simply maintain that these little corps, while offering their kids a great activity, had a limited shelf life to begin with due to their organization limitations and DCI had no role in their demise. And it wasn't just the dozens of littel corps, either. As I think back to the time when I first followed drum corps....you could go to a show at the Manning Bowl in Lynn, Mass on a Saturday night in July or August and see a FULL SHOW of World Class (then referred to as Open Class) all of whose members drove themselves to the show. The 27th Lancers of Revere, MA and North Star of "the North Shore of Mass" were full-sized DCI finalists in those days. The Defenders of Rockland County were also strong, numbering close to 100 members, as was The Alliance, of "Greater Boston" (with Mr. Zingali as vis designer btw). BAC was smaller than all of the above, but generally finished somewhere midpack. And, to begin the night, you usually had the Middlesex County Guardsmen and the AmVet Brigadiers leading off, both of whom had huge corps and were also quite good along with Arbella, of Salem MA..an all girl corps and they were large and rock solid. All of these kids could drive to the show from their homes. It really was a different time in our activity and society as a whole.
  19. The only corps which comes to mind that is no longer with us and clearly not mismanaged is Star of Indiana, and nobody can say with a straight face that DCI made rules which harmed THEM.
  20. For the record, I was one of the founding staff people for the 20th Maine, and actually lived in Oakland and it is nowhere near southern Maine. Neither is Lewiston. But, glad I have been able to give you a convenient target. Ironically, EVERY corps listed here went away due to horrendous mismanagement, which makes my point. The only corps from Maine to ever have any DCI involvement was 20th, and after a brief 3 year life (including 2 DCI tours, btw) they folded because the chief fundraiser turned out to be a con man from Ohio who was wanted by the FBI. So again, DCI had NOTHING to do with these corps going away.
  21. My town used to have THREE huge Catholic churches. Now, we share one church with three other towns. My parents used to go to Saturday evening dances at the local GRANGE Hall where my grandfather was the DJ. Now, the Grange no longer exists (around here at least). The local Saint Louis Community Center here was just sold to a local bakery, and all five small, local drum corps here in Southern Maine vanished in the last 1960s....BEFORE DCI cast a vote. The society, for better or worse, continues to change.
  22. Your "criminally inaccurate" is so over the top that it virtually negates every other thing you said. As for the numbers in the 70's and 80's and the financial prowess of many of those smaller drum corps, I need no lectures from you about the activity then. I spent my teen years immersed in the Massachusetts drum corps scene specifically, and very few, if any had working BODs and financial plans. And, I am not just referring to the Braintree Braves, who had a total membership of 8 and travelled to shows in a station wagon. Even the 27th Lancers, who were a fierce competitor at the highest levels of DCI ended up having to throw the towel in because, as George Bonfiglio told the audience at a show one summer, the busses were simply unsafe to travel on. Lastly, I wasn't insulting ANY corps, simply pointing out the fact the the activity is completely different now than it was 45 years ago, and the DCI Rules Congress has had little, if any impact on the groups without money. DCI had nothing whatever with the old Mayflower Circuit, CYO Circuit, or the Eastern Mass Circuit folding their tents. Any suggestion to the contrary is pure fabrication and revisionist history.
  23. For the last several years, when BAC holds their auditions in the Boston area, they have the folks from 7th Regiment in attendance, complete with video setup and even a mannequin wearing a uniform. Their corps director and several caption staff are also present to speak to possible members who just may not yet be ready for WC. I do not know if other WC corps do anything like this or not.
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