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  1. mjyaub

    2018 Southwind - The Guitarist

    Glad to see some of this. Missed the great videos highlights they posted about last years progress. Still no sold on the show and music. Reminds me of a high school band doing a Spanish show. That is just me and what I've heard of the music on line. I'm sure I'll be proven wrong when it all comes together.
  2. mjyaub

    2017 Southwind - "Toxic Mind"

    Forgot to say on YouTube
  3. mjyaub

    2017 Southwind - "Toxic Mind"

    It may not be the best way to revisit Southwinds performance but there is an audio. If you go to DCI prelims tunnel, look for their pit in the tunnel. After they roll out and the show begins you can hear it. You can hear the high spots ( not those great solos) and definitely the crowd response. Like I said it's not perfect but it's all we have. You made be surprised at how much is audible.
  4. I wonder if the hole the Marines march is significant to a lost Marine. If a member couldn't march for a particular reason I'm sure they have alternates.
  5. I thought The Company would do an exhibition.
  6. Guardians have a lot of stuff (tunnel). Southwind does it with very little. Could be one of reasons for visual scores they received. I know, small steps. Only thing missing for me in their show. Hope next year they address that as well as guard.
  7. They were some young'uns. Great job!
  8. I'd like one of those ball caps.
  9. Remember those well made videos of Southwind at their camps and tour? One of their instructors ( I'm sorry I don't your name) ( maybe brass caption head ) said their goal was to turn some heads and when they performed people were going to know it. YEP!
  10. Logged in watching on iPhone! I hope that counts Flomarching!
  11. Can't watch tonight but definitely tomorrow. Also will tune in Thursday bright and early. GO SOUTHWIND!!! Welcome back to finals week.
  12. Haven't read anything from Allentown tonight purposely. Thanks for the detail and the Review on Southwind.
  13. Probably so. Just imagine if The Battallion, Watchmen and for that matter were still touring. Not sure if Southwind and Raiders could hold on to those bottom two spots. I think judging by small increases in score, SW and Raiders may have maxed out. Just my opinion. Extremely glad Southwind is back. Just keep the hype to a minimum next year.
  14. mjyaub

    DCI Scoring methodology

    It's all subjective, personal favorites, and political. Based on no real "science" at all.