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  1. I thought Southwind's lack of Visual (color guard and all around GE may start to hold them back.
  2. Nice field. I hate stadiums with tracks though.
  3. I wonder how that ballad sounded at intersection back there and at the gas station.
  4. It's neat watching the corps trucks pull up.
  5. Seemed like judges were tough on just about all of them last night.
  6. Hopefully Battalion and Columbians will get a big jump in score tonight for their final performance. I hate to see a show like that end around 10th or below in open class simply because they are not at finals. I wish they would do a later tour like LAstars, Southwind and Guardians.
  7. It's a good change. Makes better sense with music. Hope they ordered plenty of T -shirts. On Facebook looks like a good size crowd to see the Gulf Coast Corps.
  8. I heard a while back a possible change To the show title was in the works.
  9. That's probably accurate. I think the guard is small. I think they were aiming for around 124. Not sure though.
  10. I wonder ( purely speculation ) where. Louisiana Stars, Southwind, and Guradians will fall into these tight scores. All three will be touring and competing extensively from this Friday until Indy. I see Stars coming out strong. Guardians also. Southwind will be the big question for me. They were on a roll last year when there season ended in Atlanta. I've been able to hear a majority of their music early on. There were moments in each piece that had me saying Wow, from the mellophone runs in the opener, the t-bones in the second piece and the ballad (Toxic) which was macabre ( in a good way) but beautiful. Heat Wave has already had a strong first show and jumps into the tour with most of this Gulf Coast group. It looks like a region ready to make statement.
  11. I think Southwind, Louisiana Stars and Heat Wave are doing an exhibition in Satsuma Alabama on Thursday before heading north to the Montgomery area for an all open class show on Friday.
  12. I hope it's Spirit. Those two issues were glaring by the live stream on Tues. At least to my eyes and ears.
  13. Finally was able to see SOA other than the preview show. While I like what they are doing, it seemed they were having trouble with the electronics and transitions. Maybe it was just me, but something seemed off. The guard also seems to missing some great visual opportunities on my opinion. Why they would choose to only use a sparse number of flags instead using choreography to highlight that beautiful ballad is beyond me. Also in the drumspeak number, what happened to the piece of equipment they were using in photos during spring training. Last thing, what do the props represent. After seeing Colts, not sure if Spirit can catch them. Still a fan. Still better than last three years.