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  1. So I see they got everyone to sign NDA's while they where drunk on Saturday night at the event... lol I'm just super happy that my friends are Giants now.. Former Cadets and Crownies now get to enjoy the Sader life.
  2. Agreed. I would also like to see them getting a good body movement regiment going, because if they are to step up their visual responsibilities they will surely have to design some of this to keep up with the trends.
  3. Maybe referring to Bluecoats.. My guard buddies often wondering how Bluecoats weren't getting slaughtered for how functional the movement of the ramps where. Yet Blue Devils seem to do the same year after year and seem to breeze through..
  4. Their Feet have consistently gotten better year after year after since Eddy got there. What I'm concerned with is the Elevated difficulty and the cleanliness of the forms and execution of harder drill moves.. This area of the staff is one of the parts that is carrying over and I really hope that they are up to the task.
  5. So Crown will be Crown no matter what. Ok good talk.
  6. The Crown that we all know and love started with the Angels Show? or the Queen show? I dont know for sure but I'd venture to say that happened around the time that those guys got there. Before that we would kick their butts up and down the field. (Lol had to.)They kicked our butts after 2003 and thereafter. And I have no doubt that Jeff and Subel can create something great. I just think that they just cant try and fit the mold. because that Mold is not theirs. And I'm not shooting them down, I am giving them equal greatness as both teams have achieved greatness in the activity. If Crown doesn't look like Crown next year I wont think that's a bad thing, because that means that the design guys are bringing in their own style and staying true to themselves. I think it would be disappointing if Crown Honks are expecting the same old Crown next year and if it looks different that you are disappointed, because different doesn't mean worse. Imagine a CrownBRASS with a run and gun ending that Jeff can masterfully create. They just need to be allowed to do so.
  7. MY point is that I attribute the Identity that CROWN has established to KP and his crew. Crown may have fielded it but as a designer myself, I am going to create in my style regardless of where I go. Jeff and Subel are amazing designers, but they are not LM and KP, they have their own style, their own Strengths. And I'm not saying weaker, just different. We know very well that Jeff with the Right show Theme- can create a Champion. I think that if Crown tries to mold these new designers to meet the Crown Mold that was developed by other designers it would be an error and they will have a tough year. But if you let these designers create without restriction and be themselves and not have the pressure to fit the mold you will have a better product. Crown should play to their strength, Their Brass. That Brass team should try and tackle a brass piece that is groundbreaking and has been holding in their pocket for some time and have Jeff and Subel add onto that with their own style. Different, Yes. Worse, NO. There are many different ways to get to the top.
  8. I think, If you have a solid Visual Package with an Effective Story something that the KP, MT, LM crew have created with Crown year after year, you are more than halfway to the top half of the Finals pyramid. I hope that the other areas of the design team recognize that and defer to KP and their crew to take the reigns of designing the show (as IMO they are the best in the business at doing that.) This I think is something that everyone recognizes and now it just comes to selecting great (for the first year, Achievable), music to support that story. I am not concerned about BAC 2017 not having an Effective Show, I think that will be their strength next year. I am not concerned with the Music program, Gino and Colin will mold and build their sections to match the effectiveness of the show. I am a bit concerned however with visual execution, This is one area that has not been revamped (YET) and it seems like they are carrying over with the team that was there this year. Yes they did the best they could with what they had last year, but this show design will hopefully be at a higher level next year and while I hope that this team can match the Execution to the Effectiveness of the show. There is no proven track-record of that being so, as with other areas of the staff, with Rings to back it up.
  9. My only thing on this is; Who of the staff through all of those great stories that CC told was responsible or pushing for that signature CC Story to be told? I have no idea, maybe it was collective, but in my head I can also say maybe it wasnt the brass guys. MY thinking is that it was KP, MT and that side of the creative force that made sure the guard was staged and integrated enough to tell the story. I have a feeling that CC will look different next year. Because to have new designers come in and try to mimic previous designers and not play up to their own individual strengths would be a mistake. Jeff writes amazing geometric drills that are calculated to the T. His work in Angels & Demons is proof of that. Not so much staging or intergration that LM has done in the past. I hope that the new designers come in and try to push their strength, because I fear that if they try to come in and mimic they will fall short.
  10. In regards to the members, The Pride and Crown connection that once existed for Crown to pull in the top talent in the activity is no longer there (Via Townsend) Yes they may get an influx of Paramount members now, but realistically speaking that is a step down in Talent. This top Talent (IMO) is what made the Crown Guard so special because they could put the hardest, most effective work out there and pull it off. (Ensemble Rifle phrases/ Quads, 5's) I know of at least one Guard performer from this past year at Crown that is auditioning at Pride this weekend. The connection will remain and in questioning that Member last week was undecided where they were going to march next year. I venture to say that if they make Pride and devote the next 7 months of their life to Pride and Townsend, that a good majority of Pride performers who are eligible will follow Townsend to BAC. To most Guard Members the WGI group is the premier place, and in order to stay in good graces with that staff will stay with that staff through the summer to make sure that you don't lose the technique and rapport with the staff. This WGI season will determine how the Talent pool shakes up next summer. If Paramount has an off year (Lower than top 5) will they be able to retain Vets who want to be part of a great Guard during the summer? Time will tell.
  11. Given the Corps History Surrounding the White and the Red uniform, this might be a nod to the past and signify a new beginning? What I'm concerned with is how Band shoppe will work with Visual Designers that have been heavily affiliated with FJM for many years.., I don't know if there is a contract in place with the Band Shoppe but an FJM tie-up would be sweet with a new uniform. The uniform is so symbolic of everything and to stay in the same uniform with some much change in the organization would be an error IMO. Plus who doesn't love a new uniform reveal in Early June...
  12. Its seems like it too early to tell as the Shift is judged by how many people follow their lead. If next year 2-4 Corps field themselves in Indoor like costumes then you can look back to Bluecoats 16 as the beginning of that change. And I love it, I want designers to challenge the status quo, and look at solutions to questions that have long been there and say, "Who says I can't do it this way?"
  13. Innovation in Sound Design, Innovation in Drill Design/ Staging. Their Front Ensemble book was innovative and executed to perfection and they where handsomely rewarded for it, but in other areas, this year's show could have fit in nicely to finals in the early 2000's. If I remember correctly in the WGI Sheets, there is a sixth box 99-100 where it is reserved for Innovation, that is to say that you can't max out your caption scores regardless of how perfect you execute if you don't innovate. Now I don't know what the specifics of the DCI Sheets look like, but with many of same judges doing both circuits, I'm sure the mentality is the same. Don't get me wrong on my small blurb on SCV, I love SCV they are one of my perennial favorites, but they are who they are, and unless they do something that hasn't been done before and do it very well (Ala Bluecoats Sound design) Medaling or a title with other habitual innovators is out of reach.
  14. As they should. Members from schools that have good relationships with their staff follow them. Wouldn't be surprised to see kids from Avon and Carmel guard auditioning for Boston. Umass drum guys the same, and school that have close relationships with Gino would follow him as well. I know I'm pushing my kids to drive up to Tampa in November.
  15. IDK, Others corps are already having Design meetings. Most corps have their shows tentatively picked out by the time the previous season ends. Time is not your friend when you have to Gel a design team together. The longer this goes the more likely it will seem that next years show will be a show that brass team has wanted to tackle for a while.