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  1. Williamsport DCA Accommodations

    I'll add my 2 cents - Yes, there are a surprising # of hotels in Williamsport, most of them within a short walk of the I&E, etc. venue, as well as a good handful of restaurants & watering holes. The Mrs. & I like the TownePlace Suites, but, from its front door, you can see the Residence Inn, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express. AND, we booked three nights at the TPS for less than 2/3 the cost of our room in Rochester the last two years.
  2. News from Allentown

    Booked at the Renaissance almost a month ago. A little spendy, but straight shot to the stadium, and a great bar for "critique".
  3. All time shows: The Crossmen

    Favorites (Only 3 come to mind), no particular order. 92, because I'm still whistling it all the time 25 years later. 02, because (See ftwd's comment above) 16, because everything about it just oozed happiness
  4. Favorite City for DCA Championships, and Why?

    The upper-level restrooms at Allentown are fine, as are the ones near the spectators' gate, and it's a fine city to visit (The Mrs. & I have made the Renaissance downtown our home for WGI events and DCI East), but the front sideline is SO far back from the grandstand now . Billtown offers a MUCH better viewing and listening environment, and, I believe, we're the only thing going on in town Labor Day weekend, which is one reason I was able to book a room for all three nights next DCA weekend for about $250 less than what I've been paying in Rochester. But, my actual two cents - I was one of the Annapolis votes .
  5. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    So a buddy in the other corps staying at the same hotel as Cabs tells me his corps will be out there tonight too.
  6. Carolina Gold ?

    Just over 4,000 at Billtown as is. Sounds like the current plan is additional ten bleachers for next year. Hopefully better solution by '19.
  7. Carolina Gold ?

    Oh, it will. The joint was about 80% full last night for a 4-corps show, and the audience was very appreciative of every corps. Seems the whole hospitality industry is super-stoked for next year - Desk person at my hotel congratulated me on Cabs' win last night (like the souvie guy had anything to do with that - LOL, but thanks!) on seeing my Cabs shirt this morning, and the bar manager at the Genetti last night had a very well-infomed convo about drum corps and next year's DCA with us. Starting to feel like Williamsport was a great decision on DCA's part.
  8. Mandarins 2017 - Inside the Ink

    Isn't that somewhat normal, though? The 12th place corps' score dropping a little in finals?
  9. Williamsport

    Hey W! Great talking to you tonight! Sounds like Cabs folks and judges, etc, will be at the bar at the Benetton. Rockies Karzai tells me they're big on their beer selections. If I see ya there, I'll buy a round!
  10. I'm old.....and so are you. (Maybe)

    Look, I'm "old" too. Started watching drum corps in the early 70's, started marching in the early 80's, last marched competitively in the early 90's, did an alumni corps for a season in about '05, honor guard for three years starting in 2010. Don't like everything about drum corps today, but that's OK. Still enjoyed the bejeezus out of SOA, PC, Mandarins, and Blue Stars in Allentown last week. Even managed to enjoy Pioneer's vocalist (She IS quite good, after all). But the most astonishing thing to me, and to maybe some other dinos like me, is, and I've considered this very seriously: I have NEVER been as emotionally engaged by a show, and the amazing level at which it's performed, as I was by Blue Devils last Friday night! So I complain about everybody doing the same body moves, I gripe about mic'd brass soloists, I lament the loss of the G power of the likes of 70's/80's SOA, 80's Suncoast Sound, etc. But I can still be touched to my core by an excellent drum corps performing their brains out the same was I was at seven years old watching my grandfather's all-time favorite Caballeros with him.
  11. Williamsport

    Sounds like a bunch of (WS & Cabs) folks are gonna be across the street from there at Moon & Raven after the show.
  12. DCA Patches this year?

    DCA will be selling them at their table under the grandstand, I'm sure. I'll also have them available at Cabs' merchandise store ☺.
  13. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    I have only one thing to add to this thread, having seen the almost-final version of this show last Friday. 18
  14. Favorite shows of 2017

    BD - Classic Devs' brass sounds, phenomenal guard, overall the right way to design an anniversary show. Mandarins - Super engaging show from one of my all-time fave corps. Will be glued to my phone next Friday evening hoping for, well, you know! Even if I don't see the desired news, huge, humongous, ginormous step up for them this year. Bloo - Wherever it ends up competitively, just great energy and plain old FUN from beginning to end. Spirit - Great look, enjoyable tunes, good to see them getting better and entertaining the heck out of people. AND I GET TO SEE ALL FOUR OF THESE TOMORROW NIGHT OMG I CAN'T WAIT IS IT 6:30 PM FRIDAY YET?!?! And one I won't, unfortunately, get to see in person this year - Boston, baby! Burn 'em up!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Showdown In Peckville, PA

    The Mrs. & I will be overnighting nearby after the show instead of driving back to Connecticut, so I did some looking around. Seems Smiler's is a great local joint, about three miles from the stadium, literally on the same road. Of course, what's most important to us is they're open late enough to get a nightcap after packing up souvies .
  16. O.C. Standings 2017

    Well, that accounts for the 115 minutes
  17. Hey! Stop by Cabs' souvies and say hello!
  18. This Week

    Oh! IOW, drum corps! I kid, I kid !!!!
  19. Let's talk about the Mandarins

    Can't imagine why they would!
  20. Cadets 2 out of the Everett Show ?

    OK, so, uh, please disregard my previous comments . And, David - That was crazy magnanimous of you folks. Pretty sure I would have elected to have "made it worse" .
  21. Let's talk about the Mandarins

    Yes, let's! Not kidding when I say I'm looking forward to seeing Mandarins in Allentown as much as I am BD! Nothing against Madison, but OMG, Mandarins making finals would just make my August
  22. Cadets 2 out of the Everett Show ?

    Hold on there, gang! Until we know under what circumstances C2 is no longer scheduled for this show, maybe we should hold off on jumping to any conclusions and demanding fines and such. Of course, we probably won't ever know the full story. I mean, people who know me know I'm not exactly a fan of anything YEA , but who knows? This IS a FREE show, after all. For all we know, something could have changed, in the sponsor's finances, maybe some backing that was being counted on that didn't come through, or anything at all, really. Now, OTOH, if it was just a "Oh, that's a lot of travel and expense and we would be better off staying home using that time to get better and not spending all that money to get there", well. . . But WE don't know that's what this is (And, if history is our guide, we never WILL know).
  23. Less brass? (to fill another caption)

    IMHO, there's really no discernible, in either decibels or depth, difference between, say, 64 brass and 75. Now, if they really do have "50 to 60" as above, I can see how it's possible that one could perceive a need for a few more on each part. Funny, I just read last night that Mandarins have 76 horns, and my first thought was, "Gee, I hope they don't only have low 30's in the guard". To each his own .
  24. Sacramento Mandarins 2017 - Wow

    The hope that this might be "the year" for Mandarins (based on nothing but hope and being a fan of theirs since the D3 days) is fully half the reason I bought tickets for night one in Allentown this year. The better half and I would love to see them challenge for finals!