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    Madison Scouts 2018

    OK, so I'm a total dino, in terms of age and tenure in drum corps, but I don't get bent out of shape over costumes, trombones, singing, et al. Some of it I like, some of it I don't. That was just as true for me in, say, 1979, though. But THESE?!?! It's like they put someone with Johnny Weir taste in charge and gave him a Tonia Harding budget!
  2. grenadasmoothie

    The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Well, they sure seem to be doing exactly that!
  3. grenadasmoothie

    Whitewater, WI - June 23, 2018

    Go GREEN!!!!!!!!!!! (Well, mostly black, then green and a whole bunch of other colors. . . YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN !!)
  4. grenadasmoothie

    The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    It reminds me of their glory years in many ways, but is, OTOH, completely contemporary.
  5. grenadasmoothie

    Clovis, CA - June 22, 2018

    And don't forget about that danged west coast inflation !!!!!!!!! And, btw - GO MANDARINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. grenadasmoothie

    Clovis, CA - June 22, 2018

    From your keyboard to God's ears! C'mon Mandarins!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. grenadasmoothie

    The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Tough to tell right now, right? If I HAD to, I'd say Crown, but maybe both? Not unimaginable that we could see California 1 & 2. Can't wait to see the speculation about that after tonight!
  8. grenadasmoothie

    The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Just watched them. O. M. G. I absolutely cannot, regardless of competitive results, imagine this NOT being my favorite show this year! And I'm a total west coast honk! Love, Love, LOVE everything about it, and can't wait to see it get even better! Probably six corps that people guarantee are a lock to medal this year , but I can't see this NOT at this point! So I guess I already have my "surprise" corps (for me, at least, yes I know they kicked it up a ton last summer) , and June's not even over! Just bummed I won't get to see them in person anywhere . So thanks guys - You made me buy Big, Loud, and Live tickets for the first time ever.
  9. grenadasmoothie

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Just watched the concert in the pahk . No predictions. Just, OMG, what a beautiful show ❤.
  10. grenadasmoothie

    the new list of Class A

    Thanks, Jeff
  11. grenadasmoothie

    the new list of Class A

    And I'm pretty sure there's more than one Thunderbird
  12. grenadasmoothie

    Cadets 2018

    I THINK I might have figured out from the very little bit of info here (especially paying attention to the FB reference, thinking who has relevant experience AND is as well-liked as people are insinuating, that would be likely to be friends there with certain posters here) - If I'm right, great choice, IMO. If I'm not, well, I'm sure the people responsible for choosing the right person did exactly that. But, yeah, right? If "this person" already spilled it, come on guys!
  13. grenadasmoothie

    2018 HYPE

    MOST excited for BAC and Mandarins. Boston, well, they've always been the closest thing to a hometown world class corps for this nutmegger, they brought it BIG last year, and I have two friends with kids marching there this summer (Been wearing my "I Support Giants" t-shirt proudly ). Mandarins have ALWAYS been our favorites, since way back in the D3 years, LOVED 'em last year, and just get the feeling this year's got an even bigger leap forward in store for them. Also, after last year's (for me, at least, surprisingly super enjoyable show) really hoping SOA kicks it up a notch or two from there. And, of course, ALWAYS hyped for BD!!!!! (Where one of the BAC members mentioned above has a sibling marching, for a little extra personal rooting interest for me). Lastly, looking forward to seeing who sneaks up on me when I see them and leaves me wondering why I wasn't more excited to see them beforehand (like Blue Stars last year).
  14. grenadasmoothie

    Who are the 3 newcorps coming into DCA

    I believe the three awaiting evaluation are Saints, Highland Regiment, and perhaps Revolution?
  15. Quite a thorough response, actually. What DCA's doing, explanation of what they can't do, etc. Really - Good statement.
  16. Well, families CAN march together in the corps I volunteer with, as long as Mom & Dad are relatively fit. I mean, we've had a 60-year-old within the last few years, and a couple 50-plus folks now, and most would say we do pretty well, competitively-speaking . And I would argue that you may have the "chicken or the egg question" wrong. Seems to me that BECAUSE it has become necessary to recruit younger performers, we've increased the demand to make it attractive to them. I get it - Nearly everybody's facing at least SOME recruiting challenges. I just don't think making it easier for older folks to perform our shows is a significant part of the solution.
  17. Exactly. To make it work earlier, we'd somehow have to get a Monday (to travel home) or Friday (to hold prelims) holiday added to the calendar in August. No easy answers, just my two cents there.
  18. grenadasmoothie

    Membership Recruiting Issues

    But my impression is that the younger members that we NEED seem to be demanding just that sort of programming. I mean, if we show them a video of when I was performing 26 years ago (And there were some points we were really flying even back then!) they have no interest in doing that. If we show them something more recent with our body moves, and sections chained together, and costume changes, THAT'S what they want to do.
  19. grenadasmoothie


    Sure hoping you make it - Ain't a drum corps season without hangin' witcha!
  20. grenadasmoothie


    Absolutely - Most DCA corps actively recruit at band shows, guard shows, etc. I know mine had a table at one or two shows nearly every weekend in band season, and continued onto at least one guard show. And, like most corps, sure, nearly all of our staff teaches on the HS and college level for their "day jobs". They're not necessarily on staff with a corps to recruit from their band programs, but because the corps want professional educators on staff. And I agree - Seeking closer relationships with TOB, NESBA, whatever the upstate NY circuit is (NYSFB?) would be great for, I think, the corps AND the bands. The corps get more bodies to push air through metal, bang on things, and spin and toss things, and the bands get their members back better than they were before. I mean, no other DCA corps for sure has the resources to start its own band circuit like the one that's part of a larger organization that already runs one. but MAYBE more can be done with relationships with existing circuits. Of course, who knows what those relationships could look like, and another challenge is how much time your typical mom and pop DCA corps' administration has to add something else to their volunteer jobs.
  21. grenadasmoothie


    True, but still literally three times as many corps. Yes, I get it, it's tough out there. Just sayin' that some people may think it's MUCH easier in the NYC to Philly area, but that's not necessarily the case.
  22. grenadasmoothie


    No different from the DCA's core geographic area, in that respect: Bucs, Cabs, C2, Surf, Fusion, Raiders, Bush, Sky and now add Encorps and Highland. And Sun and Hurcs not far away at all. Not baggin on MBI at all on the difficulty getting brass players, just saying it's not easy anywhere.
  23. Get that dag-nabbed band off my lawn!!!!!!!!
  24. Barnum Festival Champions on Parade, June 30, Trumbull HS, Trumbull CT: Caballeros, White Sabers, Bushwackers, Sunrisers, Hurricanes, Thunderbirds. exh; Skyliners Alumni, Saints Brigade. As for the rest, who knows when we'll know. Tried the sponsors of the Kingston show. The show's listed as an event, but without the details of what corps. I know Cabs will be there, though!