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  1. Go open the door and let us know lol..
  2. The shows now are constructed to show and have you feel different moods, sounds, feelings, so different flags and uniforms should enhance those things if the show is constructed properly. I got tired of every year seeing 27th and others with the same flags, doing basically the same moves. Now you wait to see what new and exciting things the corps come up with. As far as titillation goes I did have a problem with Crowns pants the first year since the junk was there for all to see. But once they corrected the issue there is no problem. As long as they don't get dressed as hookers and whores I am fine with whatever.
  3. Love it !!!! I hope he knocks everyones socks off with his design.
  4. I think whatever the new uniforms may be I have a feeling that during the closer they somehow will appear in the traditional Cadet uniform and the crowd will go nuts. If they haven't thought of that they should. Do whatever . wear whatever , but during the closer show how much tradition means and all will be happy.
  5. The "Weiner Wagon" comes for you.
  6. I blame Trump... no wait..The that's wrong too...Short people... nah wrong again...DCP...ummm maybe....
  7. what the @#$%&^%*&^#$@!
  8. Yeah.. you tell'em mister.. give it to them..hard no harder.... no harder kinda guy
  9. Let's play nice now or else you all can go to your rooms.
  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz did I miss anything???zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  11. <<< Bitter
  12. Then maybe you need to not come here until the show appears.. Don't want to see anyone stress out over a show and what may or may not happen.