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  1. Have to love them G bugles lol... What amazes me is the day before they were disqualified, yet they came out and performed like gangbusters.
  3. Now why does your comment not surprise me???
  4. All the years BD won guard award there were years they did not deserve it. Not even close.
  5. The judging community for decades has shown partiality to certain corps. That is common knowledge. Those who have marched know what I speak of. It's not a secret. If you marched in the 70's, 80's, and 90's you know , Corps were prevented from advancing for years because of dislike for whom ever or whatever reasons. I marched with a corps that was constantly slapped down because the judging community disliked the Director and instructors until they couldn't do it anymore simply because the corps had gotten too good to ignore.
  6. Oh great George Program and Visual still.
  7. Change is good !! Wait.. Change IS good..Wait ..come on now.. CHANGE IS GOOD!!!
  8. Whew... I can sleep at night knowing Tech will be on the job. being critical, checking the props in uncles garage before they are shipped to George, and being such a darn nice and polite human being that I enjoy coming here and hope one day we can get stinking drunk after a show and just say ""I have no idea what happened last night" but have George Dixon give a play by play as to what went on lmfao
  9. When I marched if we had 50 it was like OMG !!!
  10. I am hoping that any props they use will be professionally made and not look like they were made in somebodies uncles garage.
  11. It's ok.... what people don't know won't hurt them. (Whispers... I am good at keeping secrets lol.)
  12. I am being VERY good... not touching that with a .....never dad was in the navy...I have heard the stories lol.
  13. What's that giant "D" on your back for then?? lmao