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  1. Ho hum... This page speaks to the reasons why many people stop coming here to post and chat. A few seem to think they know the truth and reality and must come to post on a daily bases their opinions on the Cadets short comings as if we here are stupid and are living in a cave.. We know the members come here. We know it is better to stay positive and supportive. I hope that these people will take a chill pill, think about how negative and hurtful their posts are and how annoying they are to most of us and maybe find something else to do than come to DCP. You have every right to post your opinion. It is just the way in which you do it ALL season that annoys the poop out of many of us.
  2. Come on Cadets.. Execute, clean, execute, clean...
  3. Don't you have better things to do than go from forum to forum trashing the kids and their shows?? Really??? Go to a movie. lol.
  4. Congrats Cadets!!! Keep it up !!!!
  5. That would be Marino's if you must know.
  7. It's still the cadets uniform. Don't be so dramatic. Geez.. have an Italian ice and chill.
  8. I have to agree. When I first saw the show the title and costumes pretty much explain what it is about. But the religious references throughout the show seemed to me to be beating a dead horse. I got it so I assume we all got it without the over use. Sort or like 2015.. I got the 10 over.. and over... I got it... please stop with the 10 lol.
  9. God... I hope the cleaning crew is busy. I hate to say this but that was coming for a few weeks. You could just feel some were waiting for a performance like yesterdays so they could jump all over the cadets. I couldn't stay to read much and hope it never happens again soon. It's been a while since I have seen so much hate in one place ( Except at Shoprite on a sale day)
  10. Is that going to be used in the show or is it Hop's finals outfit???
  11. No it's the YEA staff in Allentown.
  12. Arugula for everyone !!!!!
  13. I have been jumped on several times in here simply because I had a problem with what some haters posted. We know who they are since they roam from forum to forum spreading their hate as if we are all waiting for their opinion. I have limited my time and posts here for that reason and will probably disappear until next May once again after finals. I do what I can to support the Cadets and have never understood why supposed "Adults" come here to post hate filled comments. I don't need strangers sending me pvt messages telling me how stupid or arrogant I am because I support something they hate. It's crazy.