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  1. Given what I just saw in person and were a betting man, I would not be surprised if that happened.
  2. ...lol I think you will feel it IS better (use of the briefcases) than 99. BTW, I love the '99 show.
  3. I just left from a week of volunteering at spring training. You just might see more than one uniform this year. People WILL get their @sses out of their seats. You will be VERY proud @2000Cadet.
  4. Opener unlocked! Let's all donate! I did. ! https://cadets.org/mgday
  5. I just returned from volunteering and I think you will be pleased. I sure am....
  6. ..and he is a member of Kappa League! The national youth mentoring initiative for my fraternity.
  7. One of my go to clips when someone asks me "what is drum corps...who are these Cadets you love so much??..."
  8. Today is my sister's birthday and I sent her the link. Her response: "Oh it's like The Cadets are wishing me a happy birthday!" 😀
  9. Overall Top 3: 2000: A top favorite I wish I could have seen live 2005: GENIUS 2011: GE Masterpiece [no props necessary] for me Now...These are my top 3 shows outside of the obvious with my focus being on caption: Brass Book: 2013 Guard: 2014 Percussion: 2013/2015 Drill: 2015
  10. Simple Question: I am donating to a kid who received a contract.....should I be waiting for "some announcement" before I send the check?!?
  11. I would hope so...and could be a possibility. That's IF smart staff changes/additions are made and they add the talent of a program coordinator with proven and successful top-tier design at the DCI level. It happened for Boston.... I fell in love with The Cadets over 20 years ago. I just want to see them do well.
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