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  1. I would hope so...and could be a possibility. That's IF smart staff changes/additions are made and they add the talent of a program coordinator with proven and successful top-tier design at the DCI level. It happened for Boston.... I fell in love with The Cadets over 20 years ago. I just want to see them do well.
  2. I saw them practice last night....such a great show.
  3. I am less than 5 miles from here! I have enjoyed treating the bloopit kids to pizza parties and treats of their choice each year. I could hear them practicing from my old office....I enjoy watching the corps practice. Love this time of year.
  4. I attended the show last night and volunteering again today! I enjoy my time in the Carrot Crew.
  5. While volunteering last week, I had the opportunity to see the corps and colorguard uniforms. My immediate response..."WOW"
  6. I just had the pleasure of spending three days volunteering with The Cadets. I am so excited about the season! They have something very special in the making!
  7. I will be helping the corps out on the food truck next week in Ada. I volunteered for over a week back in 2016 and a couple days in 2017. I am excited to return and support them again!