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  1. DCP is installing a new " Troll Alarm "System. So sometime soon you trolls will just vanish POOF !!!
  2. Wow.. didn't know trolls hung out in here so much. They must have gotten booted from other places and landed here. Better get a bigger eraser.
  3. You still can't find anything else to do but come here and post hateful trash because somebody in the Cadets at one time broke your balloon. I know a great therapist if you want the phone number.
  4. So your feeling is punish as many people as possible for the actions of one person am I correct?? Make an entire organization suffer because you don't like what happened correct?? May I ask which Troll group you belong to? Do you feel better now that you posted this? Maybe you can go visit others and express your dislike for something they do or do you just have a hard_ _ for the cadets?
  5. You think DCI thought this through?? Really?? This is DCI were're talking about. If they really wanted to do this right they would have a open forum and get as much info from everyone as possible. The way this is happening it is being shoved down our throats and they hope they don't ruin drum corps. Im not traveling to finals to see a band and anyone I have spoken to feels the same. If DCI needs more income there are many ways to do it beside turning it into marching band. Did they try to get back any of the fans that left because of the dancing, singing, no drill, electronics??? Answer is no because they don,t care. It's all about the cash.
  6. Why do you ever bother to post here?? You still bitter that George didn't pick you to be his new girl??
  7. He Hop crawl back into your hole please.
  8. I totally agree. The Cadets situation is because of Hopkins and his buddies. Their underhanded management and lying about finances should not garner any support from anyone. Cadets have to take the bull by the horns and guide the corps to the future. And I sure hope Hopkins and friends gets their punishment in the end. The Cadets deserve our support this year and in the future. Don't let these scum balls gum up the works and make anyone think they are the victims. We ALL know who the real victims have been and it sure isn't George. Hope he get its soon and disappears down the drain where all scum belong. He's a roach, break out the Raid motel.
  9. along with the 12 inch slices of bread !!
  10. You really give 2 shlitz what strangers have to say?? Really?? If you do then don't make statements that you don;t want a response to.
  11. what surprises?? you brought it up now spill your guts lol.
  12. Can always rely on you to offer trash and garbage to spew when actually you know nothing. Now go stand in the corner Hop.
  13. Please don't become a pain in our computer.
  14. There are corps in some states that can raise money pretty much however they want which puts them at an advantage over the rest . The others have to work around laws that restrict the ways they raise money. Is it fair?? NO. Is there a solution yes. Don't be so arrogant to think you have the answers and what you say is the only way because you don't. Being a lawyer you should be well aware that several corps have had a huge advantage in fund raising for decades . Some type of restriction has to happen to level the playing field for all. These corps have no problem flaunting their wealth and other people are tired of always running uphill while others have smooth sailing due to tax and fundraising laws.. If you say then they should move to a state which allows liberal fundraising then someone should take your license away . It;'s not just how you manage the money. It's the way you are allowed to attempt to raise the money and it is not fair for most.