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  1. I am surprised that many are so SHOCKED by the recent revelations. Anyone who has been around this activity for any length of time knew what has been brewing. Sometimes it has been right there for all to see but people are either blind, don't care as long as it's not me, or just plain stupid. The whispers sometimes were like cries for help. GH was not the first. Maybe the first that became public but trust me, this is not new in this activity. Don't want to dig up old history but been going on for decades. Now it's time to hold those accountable and punish the offenders as any activity would and should. The can of worms has been opened so hold on's going to be a bumpy ride.
  2. jonwoody

    The Cadets 2019

    Here's hoping the Cadet powers that be take notice of my avatar and use either for their new uniforms in 2019. Would be cool to see a spandex version of the old M&G on the field.
  3. jonwoody

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Oh geez... shut this down already.
  4. jonwoody

    Spirit of Atlanta 2018

    Thanks for fabulous season you made us all proud and wanting more in 2019 !!!
  5. jonwoody

    Cadets 2018

    Wipes tears from my eyes...
  6. jonwoody

    Madison Scouts 2018

    How many Cadets shows did you love since 2011?? Cadet turnover was a yearly event between Techs, color guard, Horns, percussion, marching due to him. For over a decade there was turnover and hence the shows got worse and worse due to his interference . He chased the alum away along with donations. Madison needs to rebuild with more talent and patience. They need to clean house. Madison's kids are being treated well. It's the adults that are acting like children.
  7. jonwoody

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I am here because I have heard so many negative thing about this place and I had to come read for myself. To all you people who think they know more than the kids and management should find something else to do and not come here simply to post negative things about the Scouts. These kids bust their butts to make the best of what they are given and you arrogant no nothings who couldn't design a show if your life depended on it should take a hike. Support them, love them, appreciate what they have gone through and help them. I'm sure all you negative ***holes don't have kids or family marching this season and if you did you are bigger fools than we expected. You should be ashamed pointing fingers at one another. Maybe if you supported the Scouts like the Cadets were supported things would be better. But your anger and arrogance is more important to you. You should be ashamed of treating this organization this way.
  8. jonwoody

    Cadets 2018

  9. jonwoody

    Cadets 2018

  10. All I can say Cadets is WOW...
  11. jonwoody

    Cadets 2018

    Maybe at finals they could just takes axes to those crappy props to increase the GE.
  12. jonwoody

    Allentown Housing Urgent!

    Yes grow up.. Your original statement blamed the corps for 1 mans crimes. That is hateful.