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  1. My post had nothing to do with GH. My buddies with PTSD weren't are a bit confused. My comments were in regard to the 2 minors this year.
  2. I think you are confused. My post was in relation THIS year... 2019.. with the 2 minors.
  3. My remarks are based on the info from several articles. IMO the whole thing stinks.
  4. I have a couple buddies with PTSD and they have a hard time functioning on a daily basis. I am wondering if the child was so affected as their parent says then how did he go right out and audition and march with Blue Knights with no major issues?? This still smells like a money grab lawsuit to me.
  5. Maybe Tom was not offered the directors chair because he was considered the #2 guy and people were in a panic to distance themselves from GH as soon as possible IMO.
  6. I remember hearing when GH was still here that Tom was being groomed as the next Director.
  7. I have a couple designers living in the garage. Probably time they got back to work and got a job.
  8. Stop with the cat and mouse info. If you have info tell us otherwise keep quiet till you can. It's all very childish.
  9. And you know this for sure because??????
  10. Cadets don't need a new director. They need brass and marching staff. The director has done a lot of good work since he got there.
  11. Probably having a few beers and enjoying himself .