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  1. Please don't become a pain in our computer.
  2. There are corps in some states that can raise money pretty much however they want which puts them at an advantage over the rest . The others have to work around laws that restrict the ways they raise money. Is it fair?? NO. Is there a solution yes. Don't be so arrogant to think you have the answers and what you say is the only way because you don't. Being a lawyer you should be well aware that several corps have had a huge advantage in fund raising for decades . Some type of restriction has to happen to level the playing field for all. These corps have no problem flaunting their wealth and other people are tired of always running uphill while others have smooth sailing due to tax and fundraising laws.. If you say then they should move to a state which allows liberal fundraising then someone should take your license away . It;'s not just how you manage the money. It's the way you are allowed to attempt to raise the money and it is not fair for most.
  3. Maybe DCI needs to put a spending cap on how much corps may spend to put a show on the field. Pro sports do it. Fund raising differs from state to state and we are all aware of some corps who have more money than they can spend due to those laws. Most corps do not have unlimited income. Those "Rich" corps always have the advantage in staff and touring. While DCI is at it... making corps compete in the same number of shows would help even out the disadvantage. Some corps do not have to compete as much and can rehearse as much as they want since they always have the cash. That is unfair to the majority of corps yet it continues year after year.
  4. Ok now.. Has everyone gotten the "Let's find something else to trash the Cadets with this week "out of their system??? Are we going to have to live through next week ragging and whining about how the brass people had to bring their own toilet paper to ST so they can clean up the crap posted here??? First, it's not any of our X?X?ing business. We have no idea what they are going through nor do we need to know. They need to be working on a show that will bring the house down in 2020. If people need to read about others problems and heartache I wish they would disappear from here until June.
  5. I see you are still "Bitter Betty" as far as the Cadets go.
  6. His constant stirring and lack of knowledge of the facts makes it seem more of a dislike. He comes across as more hateful than trying to get the facts out which he lacks knowledge of so why say anything but the truth.
  7. I agree with you but the constant bad mouthing and lack of knowledge of the facts makes it seem more like a dislike than anything else.
  8. Your dislike of the Cadets is as obvious as a shiny new penny. I just wonder why you even bother to come here other than dump your tainted opinions on us all and keep stirring the pot not knowing what is inside of it. Take a rest and try another forum. I'm sure there is dirt in other forums that will satisfy your needs.
  9. Isn't this supposed to be staff- merry- go- round ??
  10. Show proof or shut up and stop creating fake news.
  11. My post had nothing to do with GH. My buddies with PTSD weren't are a bit confused. My comments were in regard to the 2 minors this year.
  12. I think you are confused. My post was in relation THIS year... 2019.. with the 2 minors.