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  1. You need a sense of Humor.. Maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas.
  2. Chillax Supersop it's a long way to 2021 !!! Thanks for letting me know what I already know. It's gonna be a great year !
  3. GH has his own thread?? Whats the title?? "George and Jesus...Perfect together." I bet Backflip Jesus will edit all comments.
  4. If you think about it 2021 could be the best year ever since all the corps have more than enough time to tweak, pull, push, redo whatever show they were going to do. Even change some music since the have more than enough time now to get permission.
  5. The corps have to do the unusual like 80"s drill. They need to take advantage of a bad situation if they can afford to. How about a line of 2020 tee shirts, hats, novelty items like "The Cadets 2020 WTF" Or The Cadets 2020 and you thought 2019 was bad !!! Just a thought.
  6. Here we go !!!! Another extra long season of suspense, fights, and fun !!!!
  7. Does this mean I have to WAIT another year to find out what show they are doing?? Another LONG fall, winter, spring of insults and sarcasm?? Really?? Id rather drink bleach lol.
  8. Glad to hear that but Kentucky is not New york or New Jersey, the population far exceeds the state population. With people coming in from all over the world it's grim right now.
  9. The news from ny/nj area is not good. Everything is closed. You can't get a Doctor on the phone they are all closed. If you need help it's the hospital with a line around the block. No one here has predicted any good new for April. They speak of June or July and maybe august. So no idea where you get your info from. Things are grim and getting worse not better here on the east coast. My doctors say we are luck if things start getting back to normal by July. There will be no drum corps this summer.
  10. We will be lucky if things are back to normal by June...JUNE !!! Cancel the season and be done with it. Prolonging the inevitable is stupid and bad for drum corps. Someone needs to have the grapes to say enough already. Olympics will be canceled because no countries are going to put people at risk. Drum corps should do the same. Try and get housing for July now just try.
  11. Don't waste your energy George. He's just one of George's supporters poor thing. Feel sorry for him.
  12. Just Bitter Betty's. Makes them feel like they amount to something I think.
  13. Don't you have something better to do or are you that sad of a human being??? Bitter Much???