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  1. "Per sources: George Hopkins has resigned amidst sexual assault allegations. Tom Aungst named new director. Official announcement to come." not sure how true this is but its going around.
  2. 2018 Blue Stars

    Rumor mill has spilled some possible beans of some new life changes in the Stars design.
  3. If you remove them then this place will be empty from August to June.
  4. Cadets 2018

    You when you see Johnz as the last post that you missed something big lol Were the rumors true that the deal with Bernstein was ended after last year? Its hush in Hop land and it seems odd if you knew youd be doing 3 years worth.
  5. All time shows: Blue Stars

    Favorite Where the Heart Is Houdini Factory Le Tour Voodoo Least Favorite Voodoo
  6. Cadets 2018

    Getting close to a quarter of the posts from last years topic and the show isnt even announced. Lets break some records.
  7. Glassmen 2005

    If only the Glassmen could be brought back from the dead as easily as this topic. Loved 05
  8. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    Known about this for a couple days and waited for them to announce. Have a student marching and they are excited about the music. Hopefully they can piece this show together and get a bump in placement and recruiting for the future.
  9. The number of World Class Corps

    I disagree. Look at who gets the most discussion on here and butts in the seats. If I put a show out there with 5 Top 7 against a show of 8th-15th same night in 2 cities next to each other the top 7 groups would sell first. The lower place finalist groups still play to the less than 3/4 full stands. Ive witnessed posters on this forum say "I dont care about that garabge. Less bad groups I have to watch to get to the good ones."
  10. 2018 Rules proposals

    From Brad's facebook page. "Well, my first rules proposal is out in the wild, so I thought I would elaborate just a bit more than the small snippet included in the DCI article. My proposal is to increase the maximum membership size of a DCI corps from 150 to 154. This proposal came about after a series of discussions with Russ Gavin over the summer about needing an additional conductor, but not having any available membership positions to do so. The original idea was to make it so conductors do not count towards the 150 limit, but that just opened up a can of worms about what constitutes a conductor. As we put numbers to paper, it came down to the addition of 4 marching members as solving the most common section breakdown pressure points. For the past few years, the Blue Stars have been using the following: 80 brass 37 guard 31 percussion 2 conductors In any given year it might be 30 percussion and 3 conductors or some other small variation, but our goal at the start of the year has been close to that breakdown. But, we would really like to have 80 brass and 40 guard without having to reduce the percussion section. That's just us. Other corps may want to experiment with small vocal choirs, or not have to sacrifice a cymbal section to march 80 brass, or want to have a year with 12 snares, or any number of combinations. And adding 4 was just enough to open up these possibilities. I've already received a couple questions about logistics. Most corps are chartering buses now, and bus capacities are 54-56 people per bus (162-168 seats). This proposal very specifically keeps the total corps number below the common capacity of three buses. The truth is, for most corps these folks are already on tour. They are already traveling and eating. They already have uniforms and equipment. They are already training and practicing with the group. They're called alternates right now. This proposal gives 4 more people the opportunity to get on the field per drum corps without radically altering what we already do. I will be interested in hearing the dialog at the upcoming rules congress and my hope is the proposal will be passed for implementation in 2018."
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    Everyone gets 8 yds. Eliminates people getting mad about crossing your line. That must be the real reason
  12. 2018 Rules proposals

    I got it. 4 people = cymbal lines for everyone!
  13. 2018 Rules proposals

    Using 76 you can only make like a 4 x 19 and a 2 x 38. Not good number to use and I also edited another situation that could help.
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    Does 76 people make perfect square? Other option - don't have to sacrifice brass members to have a choir and then hear people say they need more horns.