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  1. I'm at work. Maybe after.
  2. I'm not reading 20+ pages. They had other campaigns open that made maybe 20 % of goals before the season. I wish we could get yearly totals of donation to corps to show how little some get and that they scrape every penny yo keep operating. It's not your top8 that need the money it's the bottom 8 struggling to stay relevant while no pulling a Glassmen. Glassmen wanted to keep pushing with the electronics and went bankrupt.
  3. but not a copy pasta of it. Did Crown put london bridge in their rep (if its under a different name probably but IDK)?
  4. it worked for SA seeding its going to work for me (as long as it works in my favor)!
  5. I like Pios show but they need more bodies and the brass needs to be tuned. It would be nice for them to make it to Friday but they need a reason for the bodies to stay put.
  6. I think Hop said in a video yesterday they had 13 pages of notes on changes. Either someone is writing yuuuuge or thats a shitton.
  7. blah blah blah different shows but Stars and Crossmen above Phantom after tonights bi-show schedule
  8. I think the spaghetti through the nose is the real hard part and very GE.
  9. Blah Blah Blah you cant compare years but I like to anyways. On this day last year stars had a 76.35 and that had them in 9th and crossmen had 76.05 in 10th. Both really close to each other at this time last year and both up 4 pts.
  10. Thats what they said in 13 about their drums. Impossible you say?
  11. Crazy to think Stars and Crossmen can be 10 and 11 and beat 12th place by 4 points. Highest scoring top 12?
  12. I dont know about you but I am glad to see Canada get 0 points!
  13. Crossmen and Stars break 80, Mandarins with the yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge upset, and Pio breaking 60!
  14. Mic Test View Recap 1 Crazy Canucks 0.000 World Class View Recap 1 Carolina Crown 87.400 2 Boston Crusaders 84.700 3 Blue Stars 80.400 4 Crossmen 80.350 5 Mandarins 76.750 6 Madison Scouts 75.900 7 The Academy 74.800 8 Colts 72.700 9 Troopers 72.700 10 Genesis 66.700 11 Jersey Surf 62.250 12 Pioneer 60.200