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  1. 2018 Blue Stars

    Someone said 44 trumpets and over 30 mellos.
  2. 2018 Blue Stars

  3. Video edits 2017

    Use them for the winter and makes rights for our arranger easier. Takes minutes to fill out and submit.
  4. Finals Format

    You can be a smart ### about it or actually read where I said random draw to not know the placements. And if people gave up on after everything after one try the world would be a crappy place. All you old dinos can say is 88 but that was 30 seasons ago. Thought the world was gonna end when they switched to B Flat, got rid of symmetrical drill, Added narration, added electronics, added lights, and add props.
  5. Finals Format

    Is it time to copy BOA so that nobody knows who is in first place going into semis and finals? Random draw from the groups that make semis and random draw finals? Going into Saturday you pretty much know who is going to win and roughly everyone elses final placement. It would add more tension Friday night not knowing what groups in that 12th spot and what groups on the bubble. Watching the BOA semifinals announcements you have everyone on the edge of their seats to see if their group made it.
  6. Madison Scouts 2018

    I'm hearing that the Madison alumni fb page is going crazy with opinions. Is this a good crazy or bad crazy?
  7. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Guess the reason they went coed was because of an almost completely new guard staff.
  8. Shows that you wish made finals

    Atleast the 50th...
  9. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    I don't know how to feel. Weber drill has been my favorite since 2013 but Gaines can also do crazy things. Why must you do this to me Vanguard?!?
  10. 2018 Blue Stars The Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps has been on four-year plan to upgrade our entire fleet to meet the current and future needs of the organization. In that time we've built a new equipment trailer, made repairs to and wrapped the souvenir trailer, and put two new 15-passenger vans into the fleet. Now it's time to tackle the single largest project we've ever had to manage from a complexity and monetary standpoint: the design and build of a New Kitchen Trailer. The estimated cost to design and manufacture the New Kitchen Trailer is $450,000. This is not a small task and will take a tremendous organizational effort to see this dream turn into reality. We are fortunate to have an anonymous angel donor who has put up the first $100,000 toward the project – more than 20% toward our goal! But, we will need your help to get us to the finish line! Have you ever eaten a meal prepared by our kitchen crew? Then you know the vital importance of the food program and the critical role it plays in our success. Please donate now so others have that experience for many years into the future! Have you ever worked on the current kitchen trailer? Then you understand the need to move to a new, more comfortable and efficient setup. Please donate now to make life on the road more comfortable and enjoyable! Do you believe in our mission of developing life skills in young people through education and achievement in the performing arts? The kitchen trailer is the central hub of each day and provides the fuel that makes it all possible. Please donate now to keep the organization thriving! Thank you for supporting this important campaign! See the list of people that have already donated to make the New Kitchen Trailer a reality. And don't miss the FAQs about the New Kitchen Trailer project and its importance to the corps.
  11. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)
  12. Cadets 2018
  13. FloMarching makes a funny

    Missing someone that causes controversy
  14. Madison Scouts 2018

    You have a Brad Toth that was rumored to be moving to a midwest group. Possibility there.
  15. Glassmen folded themselves before they went on the road. The board shut the operations down when everything got out of control.