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  1. I saw the Southwind uniform in person at a camp they're having right now. It looks amazing. Unfortunately, I can't post any pictures. Just sayin'
  2. Southwind has front ensemble, tenors, low brass, and cymbal positions available!
  3. Most likely. I couldn't find it earlier
  4. Apparently the spongebob flower designs on the uniform actually came from a painting (which I can't find). I can only assume the same will come with Star Crossed
  5. Which is pretty odd and downright stupid in my opinion. If you're going to make a show about the marching arts, how come they didn't get enough input to know that snare players don't wear gloves? I would understand if it were more of an "outside view," but they had input from corps directors, members, etc.
  6. With the announcement of Blue Stars' show, "Star Crossed," what would their uniform look like? The sleeve, the panel on the chest, and the fabric hanging from the hip would all change to fit the show. What sort of material would be used to substitute the Spongebob flowers?
  7. Here are some complaints I had with the show... 1- Adverisments. The ads I saw for CotC were horrid. They looked like off-brand drum corps. There was a snare drummer with gloves... The least they could do is borrow a uniform and take pictures in that and get some input from someone who actually knows about drum corps. 2- Storyline. I suppose the storyline was okay for people who knew nothing about the activity, but not for me. The "love stories" and the "anexiety issues" didn't really appeal to me. It didn't capture the grueling 12 hour rehearsal blocks. I can understand that this would be difficult to make appealing, but it should represent what drum corps is really about instead of the trials and tribulations of a few individuals. 3- Music. Like someone said earlier, there was crappy stock music in place of actual music. I personally think it'd be cool if all of the music was taken from previous drum corps shows. I can understand why they can't, but if they could, that'd be great. 4- Performances. Drum corps is mainly about working an entire summer to perfect a 12 minute show. With that being said, I was extremely surprised by the exposure (or lack thereof) the actual performances got. I think the longest time a part of a show was shown was a couple seconds... It'd be great if they could air the entire shows the corps perform, but again, I would understand if they don't.
  8. Well many of the uniforms aren't really made to add show-related elements. I'm just guessing new because of trends (new unis every year) and amount of years the uniforms have been in use
  9. I wonder how this'll work with Cadets 2 having those uniforms. Do they have more or will the Cadets take them from Cadets 2?
  10. I'll update the list so we can all organize our predictions. And I haven't really liked Phantom's uniforms after they went to FJM (except for '09 and '10). I wish they went to something more like '03-'07 with the sash and all. It's been barely recognizable or gone completely in recent years. But when you say " something entirely different," I hope that doesn't mean ditching the helmet, white, and sash.
  11. My personal guesses for World Class uniforms... The Academy New Blue Devils New Blue Knights New Blue Stars 2016 w/ module changes Bluecoats New Boston Crusaders New The Cadets New Carolina Crown New or 2016 w/ module changes Cascades 2016 The Cavaliers 2016 w/ module changes Colts New Crossmen 2016 w/ module changes Genesis 2016 Jersey Surf 2016 Madison Scouts 2016 Mandarins New Oregon Crusaders New Pacific Crest 2016 Phantom Regiment New Pioneer 2016 Santa Clara Vanguard New Spirit of Atlanta 2016 Troopers 2016
  12. I wasn't trying to imply any ill-will towards a corps. I was just genuinely curious. Financial struggles aren't fun-- believe me. My band has gone through that. No reason to disrespect a corps that's going through that.
  13. What corps?
  14. This video is from 2012, the year the Cadets went to cream uniforms. This was Cadets 2's first year in DCA. This was the only year (except for 2016) Cadets 2 went to Maroon uniforms. From 2013-2015 (the years the Cadets had the traditional uniforms), Cadets 2 had the cream uniforms from the Cadets' 2012 show
  15. Every video of Cadets 2 I found pre-2016 had the cream uniforms. It wasn't until 2016 when they got the traditional uniforms when the Cadets ditched them in the middle of the 2015 season