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  1. Hopefully Phantom can get out of the metaphorical "pit" they've gotten themselves into post-2012. Like many other corps, Phantom has had eras of success followed by relatively low scores, then followed up by more success. Here's a very scientific graph I made in MS Paint illustrating Phantom's success: http://imgur.com/a/XOwrP Blue Devils' success on the other hand...: http://imgur.com/a/IRdGw
  2. Euphonium. After I got cut as drum major, I sent in a video audition for a euphonium spot (they had only Bari/euph and tuba spots available at the time. My primary instrument is trumpet) and got a contract.
  3. Marching with my second family at Southwind :)
  4. Very true. But back to what I said in the original post, some corps might not have the funds for it. I like themed uniforms. As long as they are more reminiscent of a uniform and not a costume (I'm looking at you, Bloo), and you can tell what corps it is, I'm fine. I like non themed uniforms as well (Scouts, Cadets (Maroon and gold), Phantom 2006, etc.), but of course they won't be received as well GE-wise.
  5. Honest answer: nope. Here's an example of where no themed uniforms didn't prevent a corps from doing well. The Cadet's 2015 show "The Power of Ten" is one of my all time favorites. The closest thing they had to a themed uniform was their neon guard uniforms (neon is the 10th element on the periodic table). Obviously themed uniforms aren't the deciding factor as to whether a show wins or not, but it's still a prevelant factor (one thing that helped them in that category though was the drill. The drill with the 10 person pyramids, X formations, etc.). But I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that (for example) if there are two corps that perform equally well in music, visual, etc. and one has a themed uniform and the other doesn't, the one with the themed uniform will get higher GE scores. Of course I'm not a DCI judge, so I'm not going to act like what I say is fact or not. But this is what I've seen in recent years.
  6. While on the topic of that, I'd like to point out how most finalist corps have themed uniforms, and many (if not most) non-finalist corps don't. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, but it seems to me it's almost essential to have a themed uniform or else you won't do as well. That's pretty odd, considering some corps don't have the kind of money to do that. Of course, music and marching are important (the Cadets are a good example), but it seems that GE is becoming more prevelant nowadays. Heck, the Bluecoats won the DCI championships last year and they only had one best caption award: GE. Crown had Brass, Guard, and Visual. I might be looking a bit too much into this, but DCI seems to have become a bit more discriminatory. The separation of World and Open class, themed uniforms, etc.
  7. I'll give you a little bit of detail. As long as I'm not straight up showing it, I won't get in trouble haha. The uniform is fitted and relatively stretchy. It'll give us more opportunities to "perform." I will admit, it does look strange (hence the show name) and it takes a while to get used to but it's super cool. It does look a bit like a costume but you will be able to tell that we're a drum corps and not a WGI group right off the bat. Open class is in for a surprise this year. That's all I'll say for now (the picture of the uniform sketch can be found on the first post of the thread. Can't show the real uniform just yet).
  8. One of Spirit of Atlanta's recent posts hinted at a new uniform. Wonder if they'll take the same route the Bluecoats have been taking.
  9. Bluecoats- Nickelback
  10. I saw the Southwind uniform in person at a camp they're having right now. It looks amazing. Unfortunately, I can't post any pictures. Just sayin'
  11. Southwind has front ensemble, tenors, low brass, and cymbal positions available!
  12. Most likely. I couldn't find it earlier
  13. Apparently the spongebob flower designs on the uniform actually came from a painting (which I can't find). I can only assume the same will come with Star Crossed
  14. Which is pretty odd and downright stupid in my opinion. If you're going to make a show about the marching arts, how come they didn't get enough input to know that snare players don't wear gloves? I would understand if it were more of an "outside view," but they had input from corps directors, members, etc.