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  1. With the Cavaliers announcing their 2017 show, "Men are from Mars," what kind of uniform could we expect from them? They'll have a different shirt under the vest, gauntlets, and aussie.
  2. I'm on Facebook and I'm seeing people in SW rejoycing over this change. Sure, I'm glad there'll be more open class coverage, but the quality won't be as good as it has been.
  3. There are some intricate patterns on the uniforms that you might not able to see from far away. But not seeing them doesn't affect the uniform in anyway. The little gray designs on the darker gray won't be very visible from the press box, but you can still see the bright red spiral on the chest. But I hope that everyone that sees it likes it. It's a bit of a change from the more traditional uniforms we had last year, but it's a good change.
  4. Both at the same time. Major GE points
  5. What do you mean? I'm a bit slow haha. Do you mean that you think I'm not going to try out for drum major/conductor? I'm totally going for it in the future. I'm too young as of now.
  6. Not sure about that. One wrong move and it might snap in half. Then they won't have a baton to take 10 minutes to pull out of the uniform!
  7. There are some examples of the opposite happening too haha. The Colts 2012 closer is one of my favorites. A drum major gets off his podium and plays an awesome solo. If you haven't seen it, you should.
  8. To be fair, Crown 2011 was mixed with some Rachmaninoff. But it was mainly rock music. I really enjoyed that show. Whenever I want to introduce someone to DCI that was familiar with that music (like my dad), I'd show them that show. Maybe some different music will introduce more people to DCI. Just a thought
  9. Don't believe so. There are usually only hornline, percussion, or guard positions open at this time
  10. You coming to an open class show?
  11. I know I was told not to worry about it, but I'm just gonna leave his here for anybody that wants to see: https://imgur.com/gallery/8DIJH
  12. Not sure what kind of design they're gonna go for. I'm sure it'll be hard to top the previous uniform.
  13. Does anybody have any sort of software that lets them brighten up pictures? I can make out a triangle on the torso but that's it.
  14. The body of SW's uniforms this year is shaped similarly to OC's last year. Just some different designs