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  1. I think it is different if you called them. You might try pulling up the Lucas Oil Stadium seating chart, and then call. Tell them the seats you want in what section. I have found that calling always works better. They don't usually want to lose a sale. If you sound disappointed, they may look harder. The computer (online) has certain seats allocated. I find this true with airlines. Call and say you want a window seat and somehow there is one available when the computer says none are available. People know you can buy tickets on eBay, from hawkers, even even scalpers if disappointe
  2. With the web, podcasts, YouTube, it is amazing the high quality of production of these small recruiting or camp videos. But whats with the music, or lack thereof? PR has always been about music. Why not use previous years music, or a drum cadence, or anything but that nondescript piece of work (my opinion of course). :smile: I guess I like drum corps music, so why not use it in the production of these videos? The sign for the tuba auditions on the wall with about 25 names knowing only 12 or 14 will make it showed the intensity. Many will be cut. Part of working to be in one of the b
  3. This is so true. I sat on the production committee that traditionally has a first or second week show. 30 years + now! They regularly draw 4000 to 5000 people. And the show makes money for a charity. How do they do it with some of the shows not complete with all movements (I will not use the term "finished"). First, low price tickets, lots of selling of ads (it is for charity) and some of us crazy drum corps fanatics like to see the early shows. We saw the Cadets when they played "Through the Looking Glass" and the door was not even painted yet! I saw the same show about a month lat
  4. Rumor in the industry had it that Academy was the first step for Jupiter and their new line. Frankly, while a fan of Kanstul, I think it is a good move. If Academy finishes in the finals with new Jupiter line, think of how many bands would come on board to replace their aging instruments. Or how many open class corps, etc. It is a good first step for Jupiter and for The Academy. I know The Academy checked these instruments throughly. I would love to play one to see what they are like. It will be hard to top the Kanstul COL103 trumpet -- widely held as the best field trumpet ever made.
  5. 10 even 12 at times. I think with 15 more slots, you will see an addition of about 8 to 10 brass, and yes, I think cymbal lines will make a comeback. They were removed from several corps because they wanted more horns. Now there is no excuse. One listen to any recording where the cymbals are played in the pit and WOW, all you hear are cymbals. They are loud enough by themselves. Put them in the pit where he amps pick them up and ugh, way too much and TOO LOUD. Overbalanced. Cymbal lines have another advantage. Any corps has tons of percussionists try out. This way they can keep 5 in
  6. Folks, The Academy will BURY a lot of corps with these new Jupiter horns. Really. I have a brass and percussion store and this was rumored since Academy moved to World Class. They would eventually need to replace the Kanstul horns. Kanstul gives NOTHING away. NOTHING. Not a great policy and therefore very few corps use Kanstul instruments. Come on Zig, it is ADVERTISING. Anyway, this rumor was floating for two years in the industry. Remember, Jupiter (along with Weril) are the only two brass manufacturers that went to the trouble to become ISO9001:2000 quality certified. The new J
  7. If this is true, Mr. Hopkins will have no DCI vote or influence. WOW. Jim
  8. Well, $40 is a lot for one show stream, anyway you look at it! You get so much more for your Season Pass. Until the power went down, the steam was great. Yes, perhaps they could have kept the power on with generators. But my goodness, we expect a lot. The power went out. DCI posted it on their website so you knew it was not a problem on your side of things. I personally think the Season Pass is the biggest bargain going in drum corps today. You get a lot. Heck, a sweatshirt from your favorite corps costs about a much as the Season Pass. Besides, it had to be the Cadets amps and wire
  9. Keep listening ... There are drum cadences and some tracks from the "Parking Lot 2005" DVD. You actually can buy those things b**bs Jim
  10. Oops, I made a mistake by saying you can only get the radio station with broadband. I actually processed the tracks so that you can hear it with dialup -- it is the highest possible quality that is still available with dialup. Jim
  11. Hmm .... strange. I have it playing right now. Go here: and download the Live365 player (there is a free trial) and see if that works. If not, then you have a problem with a firewall, cookies, virus protection, or something strange. Live365 has a forum and you can ask there ( ). I have a Mac and therefore I am not much help troubleshooting an PC. Jim
  12. Hey, that is my radio station :) ... I am glad people like it. To get it to work, you must have broadband. My station is CD quality which will only work with broadband. Diceman has an outstanding Live365 station too -- and you can get it with dialup. And since through LIVE365 we pay the broadcasting fees, it is legal! It will play through most browsers, you can download the LIVE 365 player (it costs a few dollars) or even become a LIVE365 VIP member (a few dollars a month) and get better quality and no commercials. If none of that works, download iTunes and it will play through iTun
  13. I think what they are trying to achieve is cool. At the DOTO though, it was so loud is was distracting. This is part of the problem with amplification -- even with soundboards. I think a heartbeat, not necessarily "through a mechanical monitor" would have had a dramatic affect, and then the drum break coming out of the Ballad would have been a wonderful contrast. I still would not amp the bass drums. They carry without an amp, and they will not sound like a machine simply because they went through amps. Just play the bass drums and it would be dramatic and wonderful. At DOTO, they were
  14. In the ad, the delivery date was said to be August. That could be moved up now. Will we also entertain offers for all of the horns as a lot. Feel free to contact me at Thanks, Jim Fox