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  1. (Andy seems to forget that I sold my pool home back in August.) No room for a pool in the RV! Heh...
  2. No, those were my "Three Amigos" idols... They were *taught* by my Mentors at the time! ;^>
  3. Watching the Fancast on my RV's big screen... cool!
  4. In 1968 4 out of the Top 5 and 5 out of the Top 10 Finalists were from New York State. Last year? 1 in Open Class and 1 in Class A. Sad...
  5. Chris Maher and I strive to make CorpsReps as accurate as possible, but we can only enter Repertoire info we are given (or find online)... Updates are *more* than welcome! You can either give me updates here, or email chris@corpsreps.com Thanks!
  6. I got to chauffeur #3 from the stadium back to the hotel the year we was honored at the BHOF in Rochester... (along with "Fast Frankie") I had a car full of Hall of Famers! (Oh yeah - and NanciD)
  7. 1 Hawthorne Caballeros 86.210 2 New York Skyliners 85.943 3 Archer-Epler Musketeers 85.036 4 Hamilton Yankee Rebels 84.140 5 Connecticut Hurricanes 83.300 6 Reilly Raiders 82.400 Juniors 1 Blessed Sacrament 85.126 2 Garfield Cadets 84.616 3 St. Kevin's Emerald Knights 84.113 4 Audubon Bon Bons 82.653
  8. Any update on this? (The Sunrisers question above) Thanks,
  9. In '68, '69 and '71 half of the DCA Top 10 was from New York State (Skyliners, Brigadiers, Sunrisers, Crusaders and Kingsmen) Last year there was just Empire Statesmen...
  10. But,but - still no score for Sky at the Herkimer show!? C'mon, Someone must have it!
  11. You can add the Albion Grenadiers and the Utica Executives to the list...
  12. I'm also on Windows 7; filters are set to "show all topics, and "remember" is checked. I still only see about 3 threads...
  13. Heh... And even I don't get over there much since being layed off...
  14. [OT] "How a Rubber Chicken Became a NASA Celebrity" http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/11/camilla-nasa-rubber-chicken/ [/OT]
  15. Weren't any of the Cali shows last summer DCA sanctioned? (I think they used to sanction 1 or 2 during the summer?)
  16. I'm genuinely curious: The only thing I can find about the '63 ALs is Archie was penalized 2 points for "lateness on the line" at Prelims. (And dropped from 3rd to 4th at Finals) Is there more to the story?
  17. Again, only for Prelims, if I'm not mistaken. A corps doesn't have to declare what Class it wants to compete in - *at Prelims* - until well after the season is under way. Only then is there the 35-member limit for Class A. During the season, there's nothing preventing a minicorps from field competition, for example. A corps doesn't have to prove it's financially solvent unless it wants to become a member of DCA. Any corps can - and is encouraged to - show up at Prelims with minimal fuss. That's why corps like Southern Knights, Inspires and Kidsgrove made the trip... (They certainly didn't have to pass a "solvency test" before they were welcomed.) Look, I'm not condoning anything concerning the main topic of this discussion. I'm just saying DCA as an entity is not responsible for the actions of the corps - except at the Championships. Even then, aside from requiring a corps proves it has Rights to the Music it plays (for recording purposes, mainly), and has at least 35 marching members - the only other "control" is Comport. (Behave yourself at DCA Weekend: You're a Guest!) DCA is just not the all-powerful organization some here seem to think... (Shrug)
  18. I know, I joined a "senior" corps in the fall of 1964 when I was 15. "Youngsters" were the exception rather than the rule back then. My "recently" reference was in a Historical Sense - just like Historically any corps competing at the American Legion Nats had to have 100% Veterans in the ranks. (Reilly was DQ'd at the '53 AL Nats - even though they won - because of non-Veterans. 1957 was "worse" when Reilly, Archie and Harvey Seeds were all DQ'd for not declaring non-veterans; other corps were DQ'd as far back as 1933.) The point is that if a corps allows younger members, it's up to the corps (not DCA) to monitor things...