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  1. One simple question. Does it break the rules?
  2. Maybe what you need to understand a little better, is that "most" drum corps fans are no longer shocked by Madison's placement. That is a bewilderment reserved at this point for Madison homers and alumni. This activity has the attention span of the 24/7 news cycle. There is roughly a 6 year generational turnover in DCI. How many incoming classes now have never witnessed Madison's "greatness" except on TV?
  3. This is the mindset that got Pioneer so many years of last place lovely Irish Springs shows.
  4. Does this move come with a change of leadership? If not, you're just going to to have a mediocre co-ed drum corps.
  5. What him? That's just the Mayor, never mind him.
  6. Not really accurate. Blue Stars had SEVERAL directors during those down years, who thankfully kept the corps basically on life support until Brad took over the helm, the result of which you see today on the field, AFTER 15 or so years of climbing and fighting back. Also, It's not just about consistency, it's about the right consistency. Pio had pretty consistent leadership too.
  7. Where was your call for this lil red shirt program when Scouts were top 5 and corps like Colts were losing members to them hand over fist. Madison has to do the hard work of being a competitively desirable drum corps to march in again, and the game shouldn't be changed just because they're the corps in the tough spot.
  8. I think it's fair to say the talent problem goes far beyond the members at this point. If you aren't drawing upper echelon talent into your membership pool, you likely aren't drawing it into your staff/design team either. Throw that in the mix with an administration that refuses to believe they're part of the problem and you have a perfect storm. But, what do I know.
  9. Only when he had no other choice due to increasing publicity. If he had done it during the season or even immediately after finals it would have meant something. Now it's just like saying you're sorry after you get caught. It's the right move but he doesn't get any props for it.
  10. A corps director exists to serve the needs of the corps. For FAR too long at Pioneer, the corps has existed to serve the needs of the director. Roman should have been called out by DCI years ago.
  11. I disagree wholeheartedly with this statement. While those things are certainly in the picture, a corps going without proper medical attention (to the point of members helping injured members being discouraged when there was no available medical staff) , as well as whistle blowing members being chastised by corps leadership etc... speaks to gross negligence, incompetence, and a general disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the marching members. There is some very disturbing psychology going on with Roman IMO.
  12. Scouts are in. 2 pt gaps are near impossible to close at this point in the season.
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