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  1. Web is fine, but I'm not interested in searching every corps that is participating this year. Eventually the info will come to us.
  2. With all the talk of "getting along" and "helping each other", you didn't think of copying and pasting the info? Give us 20 please.
  3. This thread is updated when info is posted. https://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/172761-2021-official-programs-and-playlist/ I imagine corps will still do drill also. For such a short "season", hopefully some corps will consider marching a huge corps. Great way to evaluate larger numbers and see if they would logistically/financially work.
  4. To compare those numbers to todays 72-80(?) and have more power to the ears of many is pretty dam good.
  5. Received the shots this past Thursday and was scheduled to lead off the open inning (7th) when leaving during the 6th inning.
  6. And you just presented an interesting thought. Might happen since many mm look forward to performing, not scoring results. Would probably have no limitations on corps size and with no scores, there should not be any "write the show for sheets" going on.
  7. Maybe after Boston wins their first competitive finals.
  8. When my wife checked and saw J&J was being administered at the senior center, she jumped on it even though our 90 day wait is still three weeks away. (I actually believe she signed us up for Thursday, knowing I'd have to leave my softball league game early. )
  9. Not the corps dime, but the money that many of us donate each year, minus my personal costs for flights, additional meals, etc. Volunteering that final week (something I’ve always wanted to do) has nothing to do with my reason of seeing no need to go to Indy, itself, for three nights. That was the premise of Poppycock’s question to Terri.
  10. Your question might be a good topic to start PC. For me, have only been to one and don't see the need to do it again.
  11. St. George, UT area is no longer a well kept secret. But, the good thing is we'll probably be dead before it gets really crowded.
  12. Is this video the earliest year she has watched a corps show?
  13. That's why she's still kicking at 97. Good DNA and life style for decades.
  14. With so many having some issues after their second shot, I wonder if there should be more time before getting the final shot. We should have an answer before the end of the day.
  15. And she would love your financial donation. Have watched this couple's home build pretty much since they began. It's amazing to me how much they're earning, plus they have ads now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viljH-CirDo&t=5s
  16. For me, it’s usually when the electronics are used to play a brass instruments part by a non mm.
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