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  1. I stuck with my first corps and I remember looking elsewhere. Not necessarily because I didn't like my corps (i liked the instructors, the people, the whole program), but because I was curious about a new experience. However, I stuck with my corps for several reasons and and I wouldn't trade a day of it. I've met soo many people and it's always nice to run into them, especially old staff and they still know who you are even when you've been away for years. When a member died a few years ago tons of alumni turned out for the wake complete with a brass ensemble, and that's what I liked about my corp, even outside of DCI there is a strong bond. I think it is soo true though to do what makes you happy. Not every corp is a good fit for everyone whether it be personality or what have you. What IS important is to do what your gut says. Don't feel married to any one corps, they all provide a different atmosphere but if you find a place that makes you happy and you enjoy yourself why would you ever leave? I've seen several people move on from a corp to others and some never spent more than a year at any one corp which I'm not fond of, but so be it. Some really enjoyed their new corps and that's great. Even better is that they're still devoted to both, some even in a teaching capacity. Others...not so much. I'm reminded of a corps member who went to another corps and we beat them at a show or two, we loved it because they had left us and I remember us saying, "bet they hate leaving now." Turns out they didn't enjoy their time there all that much and regretted it even though they eventually passed us by seasons end. Truth be told, we're all looking for something different in our marching experience. No one is right and no one is wrong. What I have issue with is when people move to fuel their ego, but that's a personality issue and if you're marching a corp to just flaunt a ring or a placement in someone's face then you've got some character flaws IMO. AND if you're a corps flaunting family to entice members to stay, I'd say you've got more important issues at hand. The corps should speak for itself, not just the number at the end of the season, but the whole package. Family and rings are great but they're not always perfect and there's nothing wrong in doing what's right for you. However, the idealist in me just hopes more would want to be part of something growing rather than the 'right now.'
  2. I wish I had gotten a chance to see it. Last time BLAST and I were in the same area was when it played Anaheim years ago. I didn't realize it was done here in the U.S. Least I've seen STOMP a few times. Speaking of America's got Talent, I think there was a somewhat similar production put on there but it didn't go too far, nowhere near BLAST in performance or quality though. BLAST always seemed ripe for Vegas. On that same note, isn't this new WGI Winds a scaled back version of BLAST? Until this season I had not heard of it at all...then again the coconut phone line is pretty slow to Hawaii. If that turns out to be successful I could see a restart of this again for sure in the states.
  3. I have absolutely no clue in predicting who will move up because it all hinges on who I think will fall. I think Academy may move up a spot but that's about it. For Mandarins and OC I think they'll either stay the same or drop back a bit. Sometimes corps try to build too much upon a good year, plus it wouldn't be the first time Mandarins fell back after a good showing, but long as they put fourth shows like this season, I see no reason for them not to move up. That whole peer group is generally very volatile. Even when we had more corps e.g. Southwind, Cap Reg., and Magic it was always a dog fight between 15-20. I think every corp in that range deserves some extra attention and I'm sure there will be some jostling. For the top 12...I think BK will stay around 5th, maybe get closer to 4th but I think they'll stay around the same spot. I just hope they don't overestimate themselves and drop. I also see Boston regrouping and moving back up. However for 12...that's tricky but I'll say we see Troopers
  4. ####, even for DCP this thread is getting ridiculously heated.
  5. I still look 21/22, I should march again. I'll pull a Danny Almonte
  6. This is all reminding me of NCAA football and basketball recruiting. You hear of football programs for example like Alabama and Ohio St. who continually challenge for championships year in and year out, recent newcomers like Auburn, and then you have programs like Michigan, Notre Dame, USC and Texas who are obviously still meccas for football yet are falling off the radar due to several years of failing to reach the championship. Then we have upstarts like Oregon, and even more so TCU, Boise St. along with some flash in the pans like Hawaii for example. Likewise, we see several corps that fall into similar categories Continued success: BD, and Cadets Recent success: Crown Past/historical success: Phantom, Cavies, SCV, Madison Rising success: Bluecoats, BK Right there we have 10 of our top 12 finalists, and all hinging on different marketing avenues. All but BK I would say are more or less destination corps (some more than others) but each is vesting their marketing at different audiences. I would say all are capable of championships, maybe not right now but in the near future. In particular Bluecoats and BK are theoretically marketing themselves as we're the next BIG thing, be apart of something special. Group 3 is more in the camp of help us recapture our former glory and this is a place that can win again...kinda like Michigan and Notre Dame football. *I marched with a girl who spent her drumcorps career with four different corps, each time moving up the ladder year after year.* This type of corp member is what Garfield reminds me of in terms of a certain kind of corpsmember looking for a corps that CAN win. I do agree with the subconscious. Just look at all our prediction threads year after year in which we most generally pick the top 10 corps to be a mix of the above, and most often the top three in recent memory are the top three I have listed even without knowing anything about next years corps. Just like in football we assume Ohio St. and Alabama will contend for a title as well as a few others like Oregon, TCU, and USC. That being said, one will subconsciously give the benefit of the doubt to the group with the stronger resume. It is a little different compared to sports in that judging is subjective, but I theoretically already know going into competition that Crown is going to have a great hornline and guard, and a so-so drumline comparatively speaking; SCV will have a strong drumline; and BD will be strong across all categories. Herein lies the hump that corps like Bluecoats, BK and others have to break through, or re-breakthrough. They have to prove themselves. It's hard to believe a corps is capable of the next tier when they haven't achieved it in the past and more importantly, recently. This is part of the reason I feel some lower tier corps like DCPs sweetheart the Mandarins were vastly underscored for much of this season. Recent success is soo important I believe for a corp to move up no matter their tier. You have to run with that recent success and more importantly, be consistent. Once one is consistent/shows relative upward movement it provides one with the foundation to move up to the next level. Crown has recently become a consistent top four finisher as are the coats, and that's showing to future members and those in the activity that they are or as in Bloos case, poised to be the new kid on the block.
  7. So, is the DM going to be Franco? Actually that sounds pretty interesting, just by being a pure history major I'd be interested to see how they would interpret it
  8. I'm waiting for the person to start counting from one a video still....
  9. There definitely is no reason this corp can not move up into the next tier 12-15, but they do need a new look at their show concepts as you and many others have suggested. I'd love to see a Middle Eastern themed show put on by them. Staff wise, I'm hesitant to make any suggestions since I don't know how long some of the more recent staff came on and I believe in not seeing things work for a season or two, but I would like to see some them draw in some more well seasoned staff to assist as I believe some of them are pulling double duty with other corps.
  10. Just saw this pop up on facebook. And now we have a petition.... https://www.change.org/p/any-one-a-fan-of-drum-corps-arrange-for-a-review-of-judges-and-scoring-methods-of-drum-corps-international?recruiter=263703861&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=mob-xs-share_petition-no_msg&fb_ref=Default
  11. Cavies just haven't felt like the Cavies I remember recently. I always admired them for their athleticism and choreography they brought to their productions such as Machine, but lately they have just felt flat to me
  12. Thankfully we didn't have another episode like we did in '08 at retreat
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