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  1. Drew Wilkie

    Delete Account

    I would also like my account to be deleted as soon as possible.
  2. Drew Wilkie

    Poll and Discuss...

    1) Yes 2) The Reading Buccaneers aren't ruining DCA. Other factors are ruining DCA.
  3. "You have a very nice drum corps."
  4. Drew Wilkie

    Corps mouthpieces

    If drum corps were supposed to have a "dark" sound, they'd be using cornets and tenor horns...and they'd be called "brass bands".
  5. Drew Wilkie

    Corps mouthpieces

    Not for nothing, but who says the kid can't learn to blend with the section on his personal mouthpiece? When this issue was brought to my attention in a certain drum corps, I was using my Monette BL4S6 Prana. When prompted to change to a 3C equivalent, I rather tersely replied with "No." And that was the end of it. I continued to use my Monette, and never had issues blending or playing in tune. If the player has half an ear for pitch and timbre, he can blend just fine on his own gear. That's part of being a real musician.
  6. Any drum corps is better than no drum corps. In this day and age of DCI/DCA corps folding, we should be grateful that there is still an activity to be had. Granted, one could blame it on poor management, poor creative choices, lack of audience appeal, etc. However, the real issue is trying to preserve the activity by restructuring the model to make it more affordable for 18 year-old Johnny Doe. By making drum corps financially impossible for 75% of kids, we exclude 75% of the talent pool. That, combined with the slow death of instrumental music in public schools (and on the radio), is why there are no more soloists. Less talent means designers must water down the program, opting instead to "write to the sheets". This is why the activity has become "boring".
  7. As a multi-year soloist in The Cadets and The Caballeros, I can attest to Gordito's power and consistency. He doesn't lay out, and he doesn't buckle under pressure. We like to break his balls about his pitch and whatnot, but the bottom line is that when you absolutely, positively need someone to crush the daylights out of a double G, he's your guy.
  8. Drew Wilkie

    Macy's Parade 2009

    Hey everyone! I figured I'd post this on DCP, because I know that other drum corps cats would appreciate it! This is me soloing with Towson University at this year's Macy's Parade...hope you enjoy! Towson University, Macy's Parade 2009 Happy Holidays
  9. I march(ed) Hawthorne and have also been sitting in with BS Golden Knights for the past few years. I also marched 2003, 2007, and 2008 at The Cadets. When I told other members in 2007 that I had marched several years of senior corps, they looked at me like I was a space alien. Furthermore, they didn't even believe that I owned a soprano bugle (until I brought it to a camp one time). There are a lot of stereotypes about DCA that run rampant throughout the junior corps world. It's true that there is some truth in every stereotype, however a stereotype should not stigmatize. DCA offers a kind of fun that DCI just cannot offer, and vice versa. One circuit is not better than the other...apples and oranges. My time at Hawthorne only honed by skills as a musician, which helped to prepare me for my last two seasons on tour as a soloist. I would not be the trumpet player I am today, had I never marched with Hawthorne. DCI teaches discipline...DCA teaches balls. You need both to move people as a musician.
  10. Drew Wilkie

    What bugs you...

    -Choreography. -Stop dancing, start marching. They're ninjas, we get it. -Too much volume in the pit. -On the DVD's, you can't even hear the hornlines anymore because the pits are so loud and right under the mics. -Too much visual, not enough music. -It's ok to play once in a while...really! -"Safe" shows designed for cleanliness, not entertainment. -Win win win! ...right? -Stories that are too complex for the idiom and audience. -People just want to see a drum corps show, that's all. -I'm all for quality, but I'll take a hornline that's loud and a little out of tune over one that's in-tune but won't play over mezzo forte, any day. -I guess that makes me a traditionalist. -Corps who have yet to grasp the concepts of sportsmanship and professionalism. -Why is it ok to behave like children in uniform? Why is it ok to get DRUNK before/during retreat? -Visual staff members who are so out of shape, they look like they belong in the "Before" picture of someone plugging the Nutrisystem on TV. -Yes, this does harm your credibility with the marching members. No, it doesn't matter if you can still somewhat march. -Wannabe's. -Bandos. -How Div 1 drum corps have become more like the DMV than families. -Bring em' in, take their money, clean em', get em' out. Next! (Not meant to offend anyone. I'd like to point out that with the exception of my comment on professionalism and sportsmanship, none of this is a statement on the members themselves. This is more of a commentary on the recent trends in programming and operations. Being a recent age-out, I know the trials and tribulations of being in a touring corps, so I have all the respect and admiration in the world for the kids. In that same vein, I'd also like to remind everyone who seems to forget, that the kids do not pick the show...they don't do the programming. They go out there and work hard and play their hearts out. Regardless of the opinions you may hold of the people doing the programming, please just remember the kids before you publicly bash a corps or choose to "boo" before/during/after a performance. None of my commentary reflects the opinions of The Cadets or The Caballeros, in any way. I'm just a disgruntled age-out, trying to go to law school!)
  11. Drew Wilkie

    Cannonball trumpets.

    I've played several Cannonball Bb trumpets, and they've all been duds. Not really any better than a normal Bach Strad, but then again...I hate Strads. A better value would be Yamaha. You can mail-order a Yamaha Bb, and it will play just fine (for a better price, too). My Yamaha 8340EM Eric Miyashiro Bb outplays all the Schilkes and Strads I've ever played.
  12. Drew Wilkie

    Prayers for David Welch

    Without question, the nicest and funniest person I have ever had the privilege of calling a friend. I'll share a quote from Dave. He and I were shooting the stuff after the Clifton show in 2008. I was still in uniform. Dave was never afraid to be frank. This was the funniest thing anyone had said to me a LONG time. "Drew, I can't really tell if your high notes are good or bad...but, they are definitely outrageous to say the least." From hero, to legend. FHNSAB
  13. Drew Wilkie

    Corps Rivalries

    No other rivalry has matched the intensity of that which existed between Boston and 27th.
  14. Drew Wilkie

    Prayers for David Welch

    Sam is right, we need everyone who can get there. I believe there are people who are flying in for this event. It will be an incredible experience for all of us, and a great moment for our corps. Kudos to Joey Glaeser for organizing this! FHNSAB