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  1. 1975 back of the bus with that cute guard girl named Wendy < crowd shouts GOOD ANSWER >
  2. I guess not too many were around to hear AR's hornline. Considering the equipment used in the early 70's, that was a mighty fine job of teaching by Sandra Opie !
  3. There's something "perfect" about you George but I can't say it without being banned
  4. Makes me wonder what would happen if someone in a corps uniform ( that they sewed on their own ) but NOT a member of the corps stroll around playing in a quiet zone ? How long would it takw to sort out that it's not a member that got the penalty ? ( just my evil mind at work )
  5. Who said I was all that interested "now" ? I'm here for the arguments ( not the abuse )
  6. Watching on high cam last night, the rings and Frisbees finally made sense. They still don't on lower level shots. Interesting on how that happens. ( just saying )
  7. How did I end up oin the historical junior section ?