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  1. Tick era shows would not score well today, & today's shows would not score well in the tick era (even if you ignored the things that would get a DQ (timing, number of members, electronics, etc)). Shows are designed to be successful under the judging system in place. If you took 2019 Blue Devils designers & had them design a show with the 1976 rules (including V/R bugles, no pit, ticks, etc), the result would look a lot like the 1976 Blue Devils
  2. Yes, it was tried in the 1950s w/ the GE judges, as 'tape recorder' at that time meant a reel-to-reel, which needed to be plugged in (apparently there was a battery-powered version as well, but these were too big for a judge to carry. So not used by execution judges.) The cassette tape was apparently invented in 1963 (as a means to take dictation in an office environment); by late 1960s hand held, battery-powered recorders were available. I would think cassette recorders were commonly in use by the early 1970s, esp at big shows.
  3. A veritable never-ending Zoom session I suppose (been on a few myself) But are they actually making decisions? Or is it a moan-fest?
  4. That is an issue for society in general- every one of us is one swing away from being an axe murderer. But we can buy an axe no questions asked (pun unintended). And axe murders are relatively rare
  5. Yes, but my point was that the school they are attending (as a graduate or undergraduate student-athlete) is the school team they are traveling with. Not with a team totally unrelated to the school.
  6. Bold fonts & words that start with "Every" are getting you perilously close to She Who Must Not Be Named territory
  7. I really hope that somewhere in DCI they are keeping a list of the various things that need to be in place for a tour (however that is defined) and that the leadership has a realistic set of dates in place where various decisions have to be made. It is OK if they are not public with the details, but some kind of public reassurance that they are thinking about this would be go a long way to soothing the membership & fan base. Is there going to be some kind of a Jan 2021 annual meeting (if not live (admittedly unlikely) at least on Zoom)?
  8. Yes, there are some grad students in athletic programs (basketball for example). But they are on the school basketball team, not galavanting all over the country in the NBA.
  9. When I was in grad school there was absolutely no way I would have had time to march. My (probably controversial) opinion is to keep the age rules as they currently are. If no 2021 season (which I suspect your are correct in it not happening), I recommend going back to the age rules in place at end of 2019 season. Yes, there will be some that miss out on their 'age out season'. Life isn't fair. Covid isn't fair. At some point you need to grow up. If you are that determined to march at age 22 or 23, go to DCA.
  10. There is a photo of him on DCP Facebook performing w/ Crunchy Frog, I am not smart enough to get it to paste here. EDIT - 2020 needs more Crunchy Frog
  11. 1980 27 Lancers Guard Captain used to be on this group like 10+ years ago. IIRC her name was Nancy something; DCP handle was LancerFi.
  12. DCI is 2021 boils down to a saying we had in the military: Beginners study tactics Amateurs study strategy Professionals study logistics If the logistics don't work, no DCI tour. Plain & simple as that.
  13. IDK about now, but BITD the pain inflicted by a rabid squirrel or a murder hornet would be far less than the pain inflicted by the instructors if we broke form...
  14. Agree, but I hope that somewhere in DCI's super-secret conference room the directors have come to a consensus on what the decision date is, even if they don't advertise it. In some ways Drum Corps is like it was in 1971. Gale Royer, Don Warren, Geo. Bonfiglio, Dave Kampschroer, Jim Jones et al., took great personal risks to break away from AL/VFW/CYO to run the shows themselves. Who are their current equivalents? I know there is at least one Bonfiglio still in the mix.
  15. Maybe have them march outside & Have the members all wear a GPS unit. Define a point, set it in GPS, and all individual drill is relative to that point. Each member marches their own drill, and the GPS data is uploaded to a central computer where they are all merged together. Voila' - remote drill. Computer could layer on music, uniforms, the whole shebang. NOTE - this is an attempt at humor. I know the technology exists (surveyors sometimes use something similar), but it would cost serious $ to outfit 130 field performers (intentionally not including pit).
  16. Any thoughts as the date(s) by which DCI will need to make actual decisions for 2021 (vs just discussing options)?
  17. If it is up to revenues generated from audition packets to ensure a Corps financial survival then that Corps has no business going on tour.
  18. I don't recall lightning w/ DPV, but there was a time (1960s?) when they were practicing in a hanger at O'Hare Airport & a plane crashed into the hanger killing at least one member.
  19. Don't pick on the leeches (actually a form of segmented worm (Annelida)) - they are very useful for excess blood removal after amputated fingers (& potentially other limbs) are re-attached. Plus they make a great fish bait as they are much tougher & stay on the hook better than night-crawlers.