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  1. The score should be based on the performance, not the calendar.
  2. Problem is that according to DCP there are about 10-12 Corps in the mix for a top five/six placement come August. ETA- However, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a cluster of about 5 Corps within a point of each other and on any given night they any one could come out on top?
  3. I am glad some $ goes back to the Corps. Much better deal all around than when DCI paid to get finals on ESPN2.
  4. The dinosaur in me wants to point out that, BITD, to make the sound louder, we put more air through the horn.
  5. One of these years some Corps will have about 14 brass, all miked, in pit along w about 10 battery percussion. And about 100 guard on the field.
  6. Was Geo. Zingali’s signature move. Supposedly he came up with the idea while at bank and was playing with the pen chained to the teller window.
  7. Does any of the $ fans pay to Flo make it down to the performing Corps? Or to DCI?
  8. If my mental math is correct, they got a 6-month extension for the stuff due in March, so now due in September. I don’t think they are allowed further extensions.
  9. Agree. And I define a great season as everyone fed, no physical or emotional abuse, and money in bank at end of season.
  10. I’m really pulling for Troopers this season. That said, this is the point of the season where every Corps is sounding and looking so much better than last season. What is TBD is how much better Troopers are in relation to how much better all the other Corps are.
  11. Makes sense because the diving pools are a lot deeper - would require a significant hole that would then need to be filled before resurfacing field could start. ETA - you are in Bloomington, correct? I recall that IU had quite the swimming facility- is this still the case?
  12. Yes. Peaking at the right time is important. 27 Lancers were masters at it.
  13. Back when I grew up, at an old-school Chicago Italian place the smells would be intermingled.
  14. I would love to see a show with the raw power & excitement of 1995 Madison Scouts
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