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  1. I wonder what DCI looks like in the parallel universe where the G7 proposal was accepted?
  2. Moot for me as I am teaching evenings this summer.
  3. This should be the new motto of the Indianapolis Convention/Visitor's Board.
  4. So is the ‘Mars’ facility still used?
  5. Done - I got data from DCX and they are listed as 8th place in 1973, although looking score (69.15) isn't 8th place.
  6. Although I don't for one second expect DCI to acknowledge it, 2022 is more of a wake than a celebration. Consider the Corps the activity has lost over the years - here is a list of just DCI finalists that are no longer with us: Anaheim Kingsmen 27th Lancers Argonne Rebels Des Plaines Vanguard Kilties Muchachos Bleu Raiders Bridgemen Belleville Black Knights Stockton Commodores De LaSalle Oaklands Purple Lancers Royal Crusaders Oakland crusaders Seneca Optimists Sacramento Freelancers Guardsmen North Star Sky Ryders Suncoast Sound Star of Indiana Velvet Knights Dutch Boy Glassmen Magic of Orlando I have intentionally left Seattle Cascades & Spirit of Atlanta off this list as it is TBD if they will be active in 2023. 2022 isn't a celebration - as I said - 2022 is a wake.
  7. And they will slot into one of my categories...😎
  8. Seeing nothing that causes me to reconsider it, I will repeat my earlier prediction: Some Corps will place higher than in 2019. Some Corps will place lower than in 2019. Some Corps will place the same as in 2019.
  9. Looking at the activity 50 years ago vs today, it occurs to me that the DCI 50th anniversary celebration is actually more of a wake. 😞
  10. A-60 worked in part because the legendary Pepe Notaro was their tireless advocate. After he passed the advocate role went to Roman Blenski . And then DCI forced the -'one national tour' model, intentionally killing DCM. And that was the end of A-60.
  11. Maybe it is time to bring back the modern equivalent of 'Class A-60'. I marched in such a Corps - we used to say that we didn't need 90 additional players to back us up.
  12. Seattle Cascades web page says they will not be touring in 2022.
  13. However, there would be one heck of a story there…😎
  14. Drum corps prides itself on pushing members to perform at there absolute best. But there is also a line between calling out someone who is making mistakes in drill and/or music and being verbally and mentally abusive about it. When this happens, there should be someone there to pull the instructor to the side & tell them to back off. But when the abuser is the caption head (or Corps director), who pulls them aside? Maybe this is where the new 'member advocate' comes into play. But, anticipating the next possible problem - what happens if an instructor is told to back off & they don't back off? I guess bottom line question is 'Will Corps be willing to accept a lower score/placement as a result of removing an abusive instructor?'
  15. A few years ago I volunteered to do some charity work that involved interacting with minors; as part of the vetting process I was sent to local sheriff to have fingerprints taken and to run my info through the various databases. So my point is that perhaps there is a way for a Corps to send staff to law enforcement as part of vetting process. They have access to the databases, and (in theory) the IT security to keep the databases secure. IDK what it takes to work out this kind of process, but you could sell it to law enforcement as prevention - a little work doing a background check up-front is a lot easier than investigating & prosecuting a sexual assault later.
  16. To me this sounds like a bad idea. Corps have folded using this approach. For example, anyone here remember Magic in (I think 1999)? Busses broke on tour, director used her personal credit card to pay bills until it was maxed-out. The Corps was stuck for a few days - IIRC some Corps fed them a time or two as some busses were literally stuck & members aboard were without food. A big mess all around. So, no, don't address it after the season. Live within your means.
  17. Jim- You are the tech guy so may know the answer to this question: Is it possible to create some kind of search engine where a hiring official could enter a name, & it goes to each state or jurisdiction's official databases and see if the individual has been charged/convicted/accused (whatever the correct term is) in the past? I know there are search engines that show up in Google if one is looking up a name; you get a whole list of possible locations, & then they ask for money. I guess what I am thinking of is something like this, but more robust & looking only at real, no BS data bases. It would have to be adequately funded for both startup as well as maintenance , so where the $ come from will be an issue. I recall hearing somewhere that before the FBI centralized fingerprint records, each state had their own system and that led to offenders falling through the cracks, esp if the states were far apart (Idaho law enforcement interacts often with Utah, but Florida, not so much). There were difficult work-arounds, but that took time (& thus money). And once fingerprints started being scanned digitally the FBI stepped up as a repository. I'll stop rambling now.
  18. This illustrates another potential issue - cross-jurisdictional travel over the course of the season. Recall early in the Hopacolypse, when Tricia Nadolny's articles were being published. Some of the members were assaulted on tour. And, as I understand the legal system, the jurisdiction where the crime is committed is the jurisdiction where the crime is prosecuted. A quick google search shows that the 'age of consent' varies among the several states from 16-18. As I have said before, the number one rule is DFTK. And all off us (I believe) know it is wrong and should be cause for immediate termination of the offender, regardless of the age of the Corps member. But, whether it is a crime or not depends on (1) age of the victim, (2) consent of the victim, and (3) where the Corps is at the time.
  19. I have taken enough trips around the sun to know that when crafting a policy one needs to include the obvious stuff.
  20. There is an ongoing discussion in the ‘Four years ago….’ thread
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