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  1. Meer-phones or something like that. It was as if a flugelhorn & a mellophone had a baby…
  2. Me too. I hope it doesn't require another pandemic & year-off by DCI for completed musical thought to return.
  3. <<Sarcasm On>> Watching 2021 Phantom & Cadets perform, it was obvious that the members felt they were performing a show that they couldn't relate to. Also obvious that they hated being on the field performing in such a stupid show. <<Sarcasm Off>>
  4. So I suppose the bungee-jump off the Stratosphere (or the roller coaster) didn't happen either?
  5. I heard somewhere that an instructor (can't remember whom) will leave one Corps & teach at a different Corps. Can't recall which Corps. 😎
  6. Not sure about peacocks, but apparently turkey's don't.
  7. Perhaps. But (ties aside) for every Corps that moves into the top 12, one Corps moves out of the top 12.
  8. AT 2013 DCA Finals the 'usher' were from USNA D&BC. Some members were volunteers, the rest were 'volun-told'.
  9. Yes, easier done back then because of full retreats at all shows. I was never in a DCI finals, but the shoes got left on the field after retreat at last performance.
  10. Ever been in a situation where you knew people were speaking English but still had no idea what they were talking about? I, a Luddite, am feeling that way right now.
  11. I don't think it is a reschedule. NASCAR has been playing around with the schedule in recent years. Next year Indy is scheduled for 30 July
  12. I think BAC remains 'The next Corps to win DCI for the first time'
  13. Yes, but if someone is in the way, can they get him loose & put him into the wall?
  14. Another thought - Flo covers BOA, correct? I know some of the top BOA bands have sound setups as sophisticated as DCI Corps. Is BOA Flo as incompetent as DCI Flo?
  15. I wonder how much, if any, of the NASCAR fans will be downtown? The speedway is several miles north.
  16. Same here, but we never placed high enough to make it onto a LP. Have a Ken Kobald tape however
  17. This year will be interesting. It is my understanding that Tom Blair will not be involved this year, so the stuff recored by Flo may be all there is. And if the audio on DVDs is as abysmal as on the stuff Flo is streaming, then DCI (& by extension, the Corps) may not sell many. The loss of $ may force a change at the top...
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