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  1. True. But w/ ticks the casual fan could tell if a Corps was having a good run or not. Not so anymore - only Big Expert Judge is qualified to tell the difference.
  2. That is one thing that resulted from subjective scoring.
  3. When I lived in Baton Rouge, the 2 times (in 4.5 years) the weather gurus FORECAST that it might snow, they closed the roads to everything but emergency traffic/vehicles.
  4. If I were auditioning, before I signed a contract (thereby promising $ to the Corps) I would want to know if I am signing up for an Open Class tour or a World Class tour. And if I signed up for World Class & it was changed afterward to Open Class, I would expect (at least) a reduction in amount owed, and hopefully the offer of a full refund so I could go elsewhere to march a World Class tour schedule.
  5. This may be controversial, but I firmly believe the score received by a Corps should be based only on what is performed on the field any given evening - not the Corps name, brand, instructors, or past successes (or failures for that matter).
  6. Agree. But how much of the membership would bail? Which could lead to <110 members, or a fuller Corps with less talent. Either of which could put making (World Class) finals in jeopardy.
  7. Would they be required to do the limited OC tour?
  8. Or the move where the rifle line tossed their rifles around him.
  9. So it will live in the super-double-secret DCI safe (along with the 75 'chachos score)?
  10. I have had a thought: What if the woodwinds proposal is a diversion, to get everyone up in arms over, while the real activity-changing rules proposal passes without controversy? Is there something hidden in one of these other proposals? PS - I never met a conspiracy-theory I didn't like. Carpe conspiracy (seize the conspiracy)!
  11. We could start a gofundme page. Or just show up with protest signs.... (insert footage of 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago)
  12. First - let me set the stage: Remember back when they first started talking about amplification in the early 00's? IDK if the main message board at the time was DCP or RAMD. Anyway, it was at the same time the SF Renegades existed, & one of their directors, (drumlaw80) was at the meeting & provided an independent reporting of what actually went down in the discussion rooms. OK - so there is historical precedent. Now, is there anyone on DCP who can attend & provide a version of events that has not been filtered through the DCI publicity office?
  13. Winner! Everyone who auditions gets in! No cuts allowed based on talent! Rookie who just picked up drum sticks for the very first time - Blue Devils here I come!!!
  14. Which leads to a logi$tics cascade to support 46 + more members + WW techs
  15. Here is the list w/ the director's names removed that will be easier to cut & paste.
  16. Well, someone who used to be w/ Cadets had a 6-figure salary. There are a few individuals, probably less than 10, who do make what many would call a large amount of money. Are they rich? Depends on definition of rich.
  17. & lets amplify them while we're at it! Actually could drown-out the thunderous goo.
  18. I usually have things that float privately every morning. But that doesn't mean I want them incorporated into DCI rules.
  19. I suspect the loss of volunteers is somewhat related to the fact that most, if not all, membership is national, vs local. When 90+% of the Corps has to fly in to go to camps, not too many parents are going to come along to volunteer for the food truck or uniform committee.
  20. If you try to grease something so it can slip through a soft opening, don't be surprised if it leaks in the process.
  21. I was in Purdue Band early 80s with 425+ on field & it was a lot like that. But we did sound good in the rehearsal room.