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  1. For some of us old timers 1 & 2 refers to the left & right side of the 50-yrd line (respectively). On the other hand judging the GE on side 1 vs the GE on side 2 could have some interesting results
  2. Perhaps. Until some corps actually gas the gets to try a massive change all we can do is speculate what would happen if they did
  3. I wonder why Corps don't do massive re-writes any more? The average talent level these days far exceeds the talent BITD (the talent of the strongest players in any given Corps has not changed. But the weakest players today are far stronger than BITD) so I suspect the members can rise to the challenge.. Maybe staff egos don't allow for re-writes?
  4. In 1976 Madison did stop competing, redesign, & change the show mid-season. They got 2nd place. In 1980 Guardsmen did a massive redesign & made it into finals (12th out of 44 Corps in "world" class), In 1982, 27th Lancers re-wrote all but 132 counts of drill during the season; they finished 6th at DCI. It CAN be done. The Corps just has to want it bad enough.
  5. There's a Jimmy Buffet line that says "The weather is here. I wish you were beautiful." Caveat - I am not making a judgement on ANY DCPer's physical appearance. It is just a line about the weather.
  6. Almost every Corps comes in better than last year. The key is to be more better than your competition.
  7. I suspect the same. But with Our Intrepid Reporter now working for a Major National Newspaper, I hope that the proceedings are covered by someone in the local media .
  8. Was watching the Don Warren funeral video Cavaliers posted on Facebook. Nice to see that they still have the classic uniforms
  9. Potential to be a cool show so long as it doesn't go off the rails...
  10. Not sure I want to see it, but a logical extension of the current trend could have all musicians in pit and amped - you would only need one player on each part. And then have abt 120 guard on the field doing the movement.
  11. Well, SCV is the only Corps that can have a re-peat this year.
  12. If you can't do it wearing a proper uniform then you shouldn't be doing it.
  13. I would hope that the prosecutor already has all the depositions - these are part of discovery & a good way to have a case thrown out is to screw up discovery.
  14. Go to Taco Cabana at least once. There are several in San Antonio (one by Alamo) & Dallas / Foat Wuth; not sure of other places. Best fast Tex / Mex there is
  15. What if a whole bunch of us composed letters...?
  16. My understanding is that over 90% of criminal cases are settled with a plea deal - sometimes just before trial (I have personally seen this happen (not to me!)). So I will be a bit surprised if it actually makes it to court. But I have been surprised before. That said, GH has a right to a trial in front of a jury of his peers & my casual observation of his personality is that he has far too big an ego to plea out.
  17. Iirc GH supposedly had a court appearance w/r/t the criminal allegations late last month. I have not seen any updates - does anyone know what (if anything) happened? Or am I having a senior moment?
  18. Yes, they kicked one Corps out (honestly, one that had been an anomaly within the DCI brand for some time). But when a director of a top-12 Corps that knowingly hired a sexual predator and possibly tried to cover it up, well DCI did nothing. The guy was allowed to slowly retire over the course of the 2019 season. Talk is cheap, so are electrons on a web page.