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  1. Please don’t spread false information. That’s completely not true. She’s 100% live. The clips are Billie Holliday.
  2. Listen to the original. Now they fit the intent of the music
  3. The guard costume is great and fits the show perfectly! I just don't get the purple costumes. Looks like a late 90's guard uniform they picked out of a catalog. Is that what people on a deserted island look like now-a-days?
  4. Let them work out the kinks of trying the uniforms on for the very first time without being in the public eye. It's one closed rehearsal of the entire season! I guarantee the members don't mind.
  5. I prefer this recording. Can't wait to hear it.
  6. Looking good Acedemy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xWxPVd5iFY
  7. It seems more like a reptile than a beast. It’s better than Boston’s which is out there in a few places too.
  8. The "hat" just looks off. Maybe the rest will work on the field. If I had to pick, they're definitely better than Bostons!!
  9. Thanks for the update! I can't wait to see it - especially the ballad - "Saro". I love the recording I heard it was based off of.
  10. I just watched some video of their show that's online. The hornline is sounding very strong. I would say they're going be much better than last year. It should be a great season for them!
  11. Although I like the arrangement of '92 better, I can't wait to hear this live. Thanks for posting!
  12. Overdue for I've seen quite a few posts online over the past few years from young women saying they wish they could join! It's well overdue. Make the change next season Madison and hopefully the Cavaliers follow your leadership!
  13. I just listened to the audio recordings that were posted here yesterday.This just sounds like classic Blue Devils! I can't wait to here it with better quality on the field.
  14. One big one: the amount of characterization the entire corps is counted on to display at every moment of the show. Never been done. Seeing it up close, there are some ridiculous environmental demands that most will never understand.
  15. They're adding 20-30 seconds of music to the end and obviously new drill to go along with that.
  16. I believe they are triangle/shapes that form the clear shako.
  17. I hope they fix this soon! I've never heard it correct since their spring training
  18. Heard they bumped the tempo up on their ending today.
  19. Bb horns can be sold at a profit every year and are a financial positive. They're purchased at a discount and then sold off to bands or individuals almost each year. With seeing the financial details at two successful corps, it's a significant profit center. I would dare to say that the switch from G to Bb has helped keep some corps afloat.