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  1. Excellent This is why a certain corps uses derived achievement to hide from the field judge. Field judges sample, and oh certainly won't hear some things on the other side of the field.
  2. There's probably a corps that has a ton of rings under their belt, that placed for their standards a bit more disappointingly in 2008 that will come out of the gates like Mad Dogs next summer. This off season will certainly be the rattle in the cage they need. And Crown? That'll probably be the first corps under their target list.
  3. That will absolutely not happen. 190% Guarantee that it won't be like before.
  4. For this reason, what I would do... just to sit in front of 2007 Cadets for their opening hit... That's a Bb line worthy of G bugle attitude.
  5. To be Frank, 2008 was definitely one of the more hornline-showy years. There was just one corps that wasn't doing up to par. Now I understand this is a formula of sorts but I think with their competition, it really stuck out this year. When did the Cavaliers start going to this minimal playing? In 2004, I was floored by that brass book. They were marching and playing a lot.
  6. Okay. Well I wasn't whining. For my input Best Corps: Blue Devils Best Show: Phantom Regiment
  7. I'm a huge Cavalier fan, I think their designs over their years have really been impressive and sometimes stunning. I flipped out my cam corder of their rehearsals from this year and watched it several times. I just have to compare, I don't want to sound anti-cavie or anything but from my observations The Cavaliers hornline just does not play and march at the same time. if they're playing it usually at a stand still or on the half-time, the entire brassline rarely plays together on the move
  8. Bottom line I got from that was that you hate the Cadets. You got a little caption list goin there and it has "Best... best best.." then you have "worst" and you put Cadets under both. Oh and you put "best if nothing else mattered" I thought this was a best show, best corps thread. If you just don't like the Cadets, you don't have to leak that expression where ever you go.
  9. 2007 Cadets at Irmo High School in SC --- sitting in front of their opening hit--- most angry brass line ever 2006 Carolina Crown - When they turned around and blasted my face off 2006 Phantom Regiment - The releases during ave maria.
  10. Huge HUGE Phantom Regiment fan here. But I have to be honest in terms of design.... Phantom's weak link is visual design. It just isn't ever memorable and thats the problem. The Cavaliers, The Cadets, and Santa Clara Vanguard are there every year. And every year, Phantom is not the rave when it comes to drill. So far, Phantom's just done a good job with using the drill to make room for staging. It's almost a background. It gets the sophistication, but it ain't gonna get you pulinl out the high camera angles.
  11. 2003 Phantom Regiment 2000 Santa Clara Vanguard 1999 Cadets
  12. wow cadets That ending overshadowed so many things not just in 2008 but in the history of drum corps. Get it. 1:40 of pur BAMFs on speed.
  13. The Cadets ----- -plays the most notes out of any hornline while on the move -no drumline moves and plays as much as they do (see drumbreak 2007) -no guard spins and runs as much as they do -consistently moves faster than any other drum corps, year after year -most challenging endings i've ever seen -amazing work ethic, seeing those kids rehearse is pretty insane -jay bocook -incredibly out there and different shows -members are ALWAYS a class act -vintage uniform with french plumes i love their show year after year.
  14. he does have a point. they really do have their horns down a lot compared to the cadets look at 02 06 cavies and 05 and 06 cadets. those horns are at a carry pretty frequently compared to the cadets
  15. http://www.dci.org/news/news.cfm?news_id=f...aa-7db997f679e1 America’s best high school student musicians to take the field as "2008 All-American Marching Band" 2/14/2007 -- 3:45 PM CST MENC: The National Association for Music Education, has announced a new program to identify the 90 best high school marching musicians for participation in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, with assistance from Drum Corps International. My friend who's been in MENC's Honor Ensembles for many years told me they were going insane. It's a very established program, their high school all-eastern and all-west coast ensembles are considered the best for the secondary education level. But what in the world is this??!?! LOOK AT THIS RIDICULOUSLY EXTENSIVE APPLICATION http://www.menc.org/allamerican/2008/pdf/2...Application.pdf
  16. At the first camp that you get music too like this? I'm sure not all the eyes are up since it's probably not memorized.
  17. Again why I think Bocook is still the strongest arranger in DCI today. By far, his arrangements are just masterpieces that seem to stand on their own. Even though he does not do as much original composing as Saucedo, his works with Liquid and White Rabbit are absolutely fantastic. I regard them as some of the best works of original brassline writing in contemporary DCI.
  18. ??? Lol well this is only a brass chart recording. No percussion, Dr. Beat has to be pretty strong.
  19. Pretty crazy horn book from what I can tell. Great Arrangement
  20. I don't think Simple gifts is really that overused. To this day it remains to be my favorite melody. Personally I think Simple Gift is done justice not with an orchestra, but with a Drum Corps. Such a melodic song with that aura of an anthem of pride is best expressed with brass in a company front. At least this is all within my opinion.
  21. Where did the topic of Blue Shades go? Go flood some narration related topic about this garbage. This is about Blue Shades.
  22. Of their shows from 2000-2006, I've really only enjoyed 2004. I just don't seem to find the music very enjoyable in the other years. The horns are great the drums are great the drill is great (even though almost all the drill is some form of ripple), but the musical program out of the top 6 has, for me, been consistently bland and lack luster. Not a lot of moving lines or runs for me to really sink the teeth of my ears into. But that is just me.
  23. I'm glad they're not doing some kind of modern Cavalier show. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006 Seem so similar. If they had a show that was named "Kinetics" or something like that. I would kind of say, here we go again...