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  1. I don't know who steven69 is but he sure as heck doesn't represent current marching members of Crown. If he DID... I would hope staff would ensure he just aged out My son was completely thrilled with the placement as most every one else was in the lot after finals while they celebrated and took pics with the Ott plaque. Don't lump us all in, some have grown up since being a toddler
  2. Well, the only was I see that Crown can become original is to finally do a "fast food wars" show. I suggest the guard dresses half in burger king costumes (creepy) and half Ronald McDonald and they do a battle royale while the corps plays music from the star wars cantina scene. Would that work?
  3. Is guard that much more difficult than say a brass spot? I know of baritones that marched after learning the show and music in a week. (I buy his clothes and food)
  4. You're right, lets just let it die. We can always watch marching band on Friday night at the high school anyway. Pass the haterade please
  5. Ha.... so how did the friggin chickens get in? Because it seems fairly common knowledge that they are owned by Clemson! (is this still DCP?)
  6. I wish I understood half the crap I read on here but since i'm a musical idiot I only know what moves me as a fan and a parent. I love what Crown has done since my son started marching. His first year was and to tell the truth I didn't get it but I was hooked on what he was doing, since then I love the last three immensely. I am however able to say what I like with other corps, for example, outside of what Crown has done I absolutely am mesmerized by Cavaliers Machine! pretty much the same for Blue Coats last year. I can't tell you unless it's obvious when a note gets fracked or a tear occurs, etc... but I know what a great show is and there are a few this year, I just hope the judges agree that the grass IS in fact greener in Carolina!
  7. You seem to be very on edge lately, I realize you marched Cadets but you don't really have to defend every single post that gives criticism. I thought that the post in question was very explanatory in a good way on what was noticed. Not negative. Others ARE in fact entitled to opinions that you won't like. Trust me, I don't like many of them myself but it makes one seem a little bit like they have self esteem issues when they jump at every little thing to bring a defense. Just my .02 and I of course don't know crap about Drum Corps, I just pay the bills so my kid can march
  8. Somehow i'm not really surprised at all....
  9. Wow, I don't think most of them see it that way, at least I hope not...
  10. One Baritone will be filled tonight. He needed a few days to learn the show... He is pretty excited
  11. ??? OK, either put down the pipe or learn the "one hit only" rule thanks
  12. Can anyone tell me what trolls eat? I know dorkfish eat corndogs from listening to Bill Engvall but I believe this to be a pertinent question considering the amount of new trolls hanging out here today