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  1. Bonnie Ott is playing mellophone right next to him in the video.
  2. Legal definition of adults is what I am speaking of. Just looking to solve problems.
  3. Correct. Open Class should be restructured to include members up to age 17, and heavily chaperoned. World Class is then designated as ADULTS only, ages 18-22.
  4. Any improvement would be positive at this point.
  5. 80 years. 65 years in competition. Worst placing in 50 years. Third worst placing ever. Facts don't care about your feelings.
  6. The Blood Clot lives to fight another day!
  7. It's at nose level, and it stinks. 80 years. 65 years competing. Third worst finish ever.
  8. Worst finish in 50 years. Third worst finish ever. EVER.
  9. They are doing a fine job of burning it down all by themselves.
  10. Substandard? I wish as much. The worst in fifty years.
  11. The worst placement in 50 years. FIFTY. YEARS.