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  1. Four of the corps from that cancelled show have now been added to the Huntington lineup same night (July 31).
  2. You say you want these music arrangements again, even "note for note". But then you say you want them "modernized"... which inevitably means hacking them to pieces and inserting electronics transitions nearly as often as you breathe. The two wishes seem mutually exclusive to me.
  3. The listing is back... just relocated to Newark, Delaware. Can you fix the thread title so that it no longer says "removed from schedule"?
  4. Only until (and not including) San Antonio. And as you can see from the DCI website, SCV will be first world-class corps to perform at those pre-San-Antonio shows. That means they will still appear after intermission at the California shows. Starting in Ogden, UT, there will be four shows at which SCV will appear genuinely early in the lineup, since those shows are almost entirely world-class corps.
  5. SCV will probably have their membership back mid-afternoon on August 10th. Certainly by the September meeting.
  6. Yes. As soon as Illiana said "yellow paper", I knew exactly what he was referring to.
  7. Regarding rehearsal and noise ordinances - no, there are not 24 hours in a day for that.
  8. Yes. Old school slotting "numbers management" required more planning and forethought. The current system makes it easier.
  9. Patience. It takes time to create the obligatory movie trailer style video that even a satirical show theme must have nowadays.
  10. Keeping the show title secret until finals would be something to see. Unfortunately, they would probably have to explain it to the judges in critique during the season... and then that would leak out like the identity of the 1988 semifinal winner.
  11. In 1993, there were 13 corps at DCA Championships. DCA took a couple of new stances, and in 2005 that number had doubled. Then DCA took a couple of other stances, and in 2019 we were back to 14 corps. To hold DCA completely blameless for the decline, we would have to deny them any credit for the advance that preceded it.
  12. That is precisely why VMAPA should not only fix their deficiencies, but also TELL US WHEN/HOW THEY DO. When Russ Gavin started as VMAPA CEO, he promised us a spirit of honesty and transparency. Since getting to work at that, he and VMAPA have been dancing around the details. That is a concern for an organization that just shelved two corps at once, folding one permanently and losing the DCI membership status of the other. But bear in mind that both 2022 corps enjoyed full seasons with no compromises to the member experience while they ran up debt. Based on that, I think the 2024 corps will also enjoy their full season.
  13. Guidance? Like maybe add bookkeeping back into the routine for 2024? Or have a bingo manager in the same time zone as the bingo(s) they manage? And have the audit done less than 3 years after the fact? Okay, great. We are all set! All they have to do is follow up on the audit guidance. And since the people in the key positions to do that are the same people who performed in those roles in 2022 and 2023, what could go wrong?
  14. I think you meant to say "the organization has no legal obligation to tell me squat". Because if they had no legal right to do so, we will be waiting forever for that show announcement.
  15. Where does this "everyone" come from? 1. I do not claim to be an expert in non-profit tax law. 2. An expert is not required to debate whether VMAPA should keep track of their money. 3. Why is that even a debate, anyway? They have not announced the show yet (and according to rumor, intend not to until just before opening weekend).
  16. Basic bookkeeping is not to serve me. It is to serve the regulatory agencies which permit VMAPA to operate.
  17. Since you asked... Actually, it was VMAPA that promised that. Yes, that is what I would like. No. But I do want to hear some inkling, some detail that demonstrates progress toward righting the ship. I think it is a serious problem when you rely on charitable income, but cannot deal in adequate faith with the general public from whom you expect this money. As an accountant, you have one job - tell us where the money is. If you cannot tell us where OUR money went, you will not get our money. I also think you understate the situation here. This is not just a few ticks in the bookkeeping caption. VMAPA was mismanaged to the point where TWO corps were shelved at once - one permanently. SCV lost their DCI membership. The tax delinquency came within days of costing VMAPA their 501(c)3 status, which would have barred them from even participating in DCI at the SoundSport level, much less the WC comeback they are currently attempting. And the audits that came just in time indicate problems, as you allude to above. Several more months have passed. VMAPA should already be addressing those shortcomings. And they should be proud to tell us how they are progressing.
  18. Alright, here is one. The Drum Corps Equity announcement mentions MAASIN, which presents an apparently similar message about equity as the first sentence you see on their home page. It thanks MAASIN for their early support and encouragement. Why is this a separate entity, rather than a MAASIN initiative?
  19. What would the contract price be with that condition inserted?
  20. Pardon me for underlining that last phrase... but that seems to be the crux of the matter. Allow me to explain. Sure - that sounds like a great goal, and one that I wholeheartedly support. The method of pursuing that goal, however, matters. Drum corps, like American culture, is based on the principle of equal opportunity. When people are given a free (and ideally, fair) chance to work at something and keep most of what they earn in the process, they work harder and achieve more. Recent times have seen the principle of equal outcomes (like the underlined phrase above suggests) presented as an alternative to equal opportunities. I cannot see "equal outcomes" working out in drum corps. Competition would have to be removed from the activity. How many of us would still be interested at that point? And would we be as motivated to work at it under those conditions? Unfortunately, these topics are highly politicized in current events, so it is not surprising that a conversation might go off the rails.
  21. Bigger issue is they have a show title that Brandt Crocker cannot pronounce. Mandarins will need a pre-recorded intro announcement this year.
  22. Not every fan has the motive, means and opportunity to travel freely to different show locations amid all the different financial, work, family, health and transportation challenges people face. Curious about this idea. Would the other half of the corps be touring elsewhere at that time?
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