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  1. Kevin Shah just announced leaving BK on Facebook.
  2. My take: JP gave SCV the numbers to win drums tonight, but also left room with the top 2 still to go. Bd must have had an amazing run to get their score. Congrats to them!
  3. Cavies started at 8 snares and lost or pretoir and just opted to stay at 7.
  4. I have over time recommended the concept for cash strapped schools as they could get 2-3 of these controllers often for the price of a marimba. Allows them to expand their ensemble capabilities indoors and outdoors.
  5. We started back when I was teaching there. it was originally because we wanted a front but did not have space for storage, or the instruments to use outside. So we came up with this idea. It allowed us to have a lot more flexibility for timbres with a smaller set of players since we could switch them pretty easily between sounds. It of course always had a bit of a synthetic sounds to it, but when we were doing a lot of Rock music etc. it actually fit pretty well.
  6. The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has been doing this since around 2008 or so. Their setup us been up to 3 or 4 Malletkats, 2 DTX's to act as timps and rack/auxiliary, 1-2 synths, bass, guitar, electronic drumset. All ran off of a Yamaha generator. Each performer has their own speaker so you can still see where various sounds are coming from in the ensemble.
  7. I believe they performed and taught with Mapes and Grom from Pulse, so a very natural transition.
  8. Driving by Samford reminded me I don't miss that stretch of traffic from when I worked there.
  9. Their schedule looks like they allowed 2 hours for travel, which they may need. Samford is a tricky spot to get to because of all the traffic on 65 there.
  10. I know Troopers are at Mountainbrook and Spirit is at Vestavia. Anyone know other housing sites?
  11. On the drum scores: Argenziano has been around the block a few times. He called it like he saw it (and always has).
  12. Classic Cadets with the drumline reentry in the ballad!