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  1. Equipment dense...movement vocab is pretty minimal and basic.
  2. Please tell us all "what the sheets say". BD has plenty of combined and layered content. Many miss that. The dance features in the show? One, maybe two other guards might have a prayer of pulling those off with any type of excellence. That should tell you everything you need to know about their book.
  3. Right now, this...but top two could flip 1. SCV 2. BD 3. Bluecoats 4. Crown 5. Boston 6. Cavaliers 7. Cadets 8. Blue Stars 9. Blue Knights 10. Mandarins 11. Phantom Regiment 12. Spirit of Atlanta 13. Crossmen 14. The Academy 15. Colts
  4. If all you look at is equipment, I might agree with you. Movement vocabulary, BD and SCV...and then everyone else. It's not really even close. Combine movement and equipment, what you saw last night is pretty close to reality.
  5. Hey, my eyes deceive me, or does your DCP moniker say "rookie"? Corps is starting to round into shape. Can't wait until Indy! See you there.
  6. Just giving you some ribbing. lol. No, all my tix are spoken for and now a waiting list. Early bird gets the worm...
  7. Yeah, I don't get the "BD win guard because the judging is slanted to start with" argument. It's specious and unfair. You might just entertain the possibility that they are indeed that dominant. I know it might go against the grain of competing guards' fans, but the combination of design, choreography, detailing, cleaing, talent and most of all, QUALITY in all things can make a difference. SCV rivals BD in many of these categories, but frankly I don't see the depth of design, nor the intrinsic quality of movement or performance, out of guards beyond that. Crown had a great guard a couple of ye
  8. The EQ doesn't sound BD to me (as an alumni from the 1970's). Saw on video and didn't like the sound...saw them live and they were okay, but they don't have the low frequency-based sound they've had with the King horns. They seem to be fine with them, but for my money the trumpets are pretty edgy compared to usual. Some of the commentary you see on Redditt is from alumni who haven't heard it live, so I'd take any of that banter with a grain of salt. Would I prefer the Kings? Yup. Are the SB horns total ####? Of course not. They're good, but have more of a Jupiter sound to them than I'm used to
  9. Might check with Vance. You never know what kind of assorted stuff he has sitting around...or maybe Kanstul has an old boneyard horn?
  10. Interesting. I think he's one of the best, and he's normally unafraid to get under the hood. However, for a first sampling on everyone, could give him a Mulligan.
  11. Sugarfire is a franchised St. Louis BBQ joint. Being from KC, I won't lower myself to that type of "BBQ"...but carry on.
  12. Fully agree. BD should have 23-24 titles...
  13. Shapiro's is pretty awesome, huge menu and only a couple blocks south-southeast of the Can. Ram is pretty decent, St. Elmo's is nice but pricy. They have a Giordano's up near the circle as well. Late night drunk food...White Castle (ugh), Steak and Shake, and a place called Hotbox Pizza that's open till 4 am Thursday-Saturday. Hotbox Pizza is actually pretty tasty but it's mostly a takeout place.
  14. There is a Wingate at Rockville and the interstate on the west side...probably 10 minutes from downtown that is pretty reasonable. Plenty of restaurants there too.
  15. Sure, you can find great deals if you want to drive. I won't need a rental car, won't have to drive anywhere, can go back to the hotel in five minutes and take a nap during prelims if I want, don't have to pay parking, etc.. Certainly a convenience factor there. I can pretty well predict that the bed at the Omni will be juuuuust a bit more comfortable than the ones at the Super 8. I've stayed at a couple. I'll be having a few adult beverages during the week too...nice to have to only make it to and from the elevator lol.
  16. Sadly, even though the motorcycle race isn't in town, the airport hotels aren't the deal they were a few years ago. You could get rooms at around $100 a few years ago, but now they're creeping up toward the DTI prices.
  17. Yeah, Brian is a sharp guy. Maybe it's more the sound engineers than anything. They're all functionally deaf...was at a Tower of Power concert a few years back, and if you got within 50 feet of the speakers, you pretty much got vaporized. How all those people managed to stand/sit in that zone for two hours is beyond me. The new line array speakers that many corps have gone to now, allow the sound to be better distributed around the venue. Subwoofers and bass speakers? That's the goo, and it needs to be managed. It's always going to be heavier in a closer proximity, so I think in smaller stadiu
  18. $200 a night is better than the normal rates, but there's nothing reasonable about them. But I know, it's a large city and downtown. Comes with the territory.
  19. I get ya. From my couple of days watching them live, I thought the bass was too heavy and that the solos were juiced too hot, but they're dealing with all new equipment on both sides of the equation, so it's going to be a process. To hear the same reactions from others, two weeks further into the season, makes me sad. I'm hoping that they dial this in more finely to help the listening experience. I have faith. Oh, and I don't think there is much of an effort at all to amplify the larger hornline, other than to achieve balance. They're plenty loud.
  20. Interesting. Other than the bass, I felt that there was far less than last year. The new line array speakers do get the sound up, so there is less saturation down low in the stands. But they only have two, and Bluecoats have four. Can't imagine that BD would be louder than Bloo.