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  1. I think there may be a different performance order because I was told by parents and/or staff members of SCVC and Gold that Gold performs at 6:45 and SCVC performs at 7.
  2. A picture from practice yesterday ..
  3. That was High Country Brass Drum & Bugle Corps from Denver
  4. If anyone knows the answer to this question, you would Senor ElSuarez
  5. Blue Stars, from a picture on Facebook, approx. 42.
  6. I actually wasn't comparing them just with the Crossmen. I have had trouble with many contests along the line, especially those I saw live mid-July and then again finals week. Although Crossmen is clean, I do not believe their, and many others, vocabulary/cleanliness ratio is above the Blue Stars.
  7. While I do give Crossmen their due credit because they were truly ON Friday night, and I do concede that Blue Stars had some issues they were not able to overcome in time, one thing I can not swallow is the score/placement that the Blue Stars color guard received that night. To use wesleyrp's words "a scan of Twitter comments and even the semis thread here will reveal what most people thought of their performance that night", that guard was on fire Friday. I was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday, sitting with other color guard instructors and judges. Sorry, Blue Stars was NOT a 12th place color guard. They were 9th the night before (with a weaker performance than Friday) and have ranked as high as 6th or 7th (if memory serves) throughout the season. THAT would have put them into finals.
  8. Reacted to it when it happened, but re-watching semi's I was just reminded of how tacky it was that Dan Potter thought it appropriate to conduct the only on-field interview of a drum major just coming down from the podium after Friday night's performance with the Crossmen drum major as the Blue Stars were taking the field. It's as if the decision had already been made. He couldn't do that interview after both sets of scores were announced? I'm sure the drum major would have been thrilled to accommodate. Really DCI????
  9. If Lentz had not been judging Friday, the finalists would have been different. Hoping for some changes tonight.
  10. Browsing Facebook, looks like the show is on. Guessing, based on the timing of the pictures posted, that maybe Crossmen are on the field.
  11. From Performance order for the World Class portion of the following Prelims lineup was determined by the average scores from San Antonio, Texas (July 21), Atlanta, Ga. (July 28) and Allentown, Pa. (Aug. 3-4). The Open Class portion will be determined by the results of the Open Class Finals on Tuesday, Aug. 7 in Michigan City, Ind. Read more:
  12. Blue Stars gets a necklace which includes a coin with a whole drilled in it (can't remember where the coins are from). Each year they get a colored bead to add to it; blue, white and red (for age-out).
  13. No visual proficiency judge so the other scores are average to come up with that score.
  14. Blue Stars - from the Mapex Facebook page