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  1. I don't read the same thing as you are. Of course, we only have second hand information from just one side (second hand as we were not there to judge the tone, fill in the blank, read the email he sended and voice mail he lefted, etc.). My read is: of course he didn't refuse to act upon a request. But he did refuse to act knowing what was the problem. You point might be right but even so, you could still have a conversation and discuss about it. But he published even more intern communication and then just quit everything. Again I feel sorry for him and everyone involve. The story start with a so minor thing and a good intention. It is now out of hand. Pressure must be terrible on both side and I don't envy anyone involve.
  2. He didn't refuse after being ask by someone. He just didn't do it. Once he knew it was the problem, he didn't do it. It would have been easier to say... " I removed it as soon as I realize there was a problem but couldn't control how fast it spread" From his own word: Although I initially stated that I would remove the post, I did not because I was looking for clarification from DCI and because I understood that removing the post at that point would be a meaningless gesture as it had already been shared over four different social media platforms by a variety of drum corps influencers.
  3. Of course, we will never have the full story. My reading is lightly different than yours. I see a first reply from Eddleman saying evaluation is suspend. No year mention. Then, many tentative to reach Acheson in less than 24h with a refusal to take the post out until he talk to him. We don't know the nature of those emails or voice mail. I know that if you bark at me (I not saying he did... I talk about me) and can't have the courtesy to wait a bit for me to greet you with my full attention (which might not been available at the moment), I might give a stronger answer. However, even with a "not before 2020", this could have been navigated if not public. He took all is option out by going public, acheving the exact oppose result he was looking for. I feel sad for him. Feel sad for DCI, Arsenal all other involve. What a mess for nothing.
  4. I haven't red all the pages and I might be behind the latest developement. However my impression is, the way the offer was writen, it was a mistake based on age and experience. Just wait 1-2 hours before you press "send" on something you wrote on behalf of an organisation. Read it again and make the obvious ajustment that you would have seen if you waited 2 hours and re-read yourself! When I red the original offer, I was surprise that everybody here were on board with that. I thought it was a terrible way to make an offer. I also thought that DCI answer was fine. To me, their answer was: "Wooooah... hold on. We need to talk. Your evaluation in on hold until we have a talk". I felt there were an over reaction from the corps director who refuse to take the post out until he get personnal attention and became almost harcelant calling and writing 3-4 time in less than 24 hours. I don't know for you, but we all have a life, duty and task. This could have wait a few more hours. Yes it is important and yes there is also 50 other important things going on at the same time. It was minor until someone decide to burn the house down. And it wasn't DCI. It is only after that, that I see a second reply stating 2020. Even then, when you put yourself in a corner, there is nowhere else to go. A suspension is just what it is. Suspended until further notice... until we study your case. In YEA! case, suspension was what everybody here propose as the right course of action when suspicion arise on other employee and staff. Once clear, everybody find is job (evaluation) back on track. The final overaction of the corps director was by droping everything, quitting the job, cancellation of the next camp, and washing his hand of all this... after publishing internal emails. That was the perfect way to make sure that you will never be welcome anymore. Being in charge of an organisation is full of frustration along the road. I would be worry to send kids on the road knowing that the person in charge might overact and leave everything there when things don't get his way. Tour is difficult. Everybody get tired, none on tour think the same way, conflict of personality happen all the time. All that happen between any of these: volunteers, drivers, staff, admin, members, housing host, stadium and parking personal, etc. Transportation problem, even with brand new vehicules might happen, so does housing problem, rain, stadium difficulty, no AC in gym, etc. Really, I would be worry to go on tour with an emotional person at the helm who can't stay calm, cold head and bring others down when needed. And it is obvious to me that DCI cannot reply and tell their side of the story. Whatever that say will only give new flesh and open new argumentation they are sure to loose. Even saying exactly what people want them to say will be met with: "yes but it came too late, lets fire everyone", "yes but it is insuffisant", "that would have been a good answer yesterday but not anymore, what a bunch of morron", etc. I am happy I am not in DCI shoes. I could never do the job they do. Not half of it. And I don't know many that could. It is easy to fire everyone, but be cautious of who's gonna be the replacement. You may find it worse than what was there in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Gabe92

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Sometime it could also be manpower. The Stentors fold their feeder program in 2009 because we did not have enough people willing to invest time in it. Money was not a problem... well... of course with a million dollar available we would have hire somebody, so money is ALWAYS the problem!! But it wasn't an immediat cash problem. I wonder what are the true immediat reasons for SCVC and BDB.
  6. Dutch Boy 1990.... great showman soloist!
  7. The results are in: The annual fundraising campaign of the Canadian Stentors drum and bugle was tremendously successful. Thanks to all who have donate. This will go a long way in our effort to bring a bigger corps to championship in 2019. While the campaign is over, the GoFundMe page is still functional for those willing to contribute. Bring back the Stentors du DCI championship Graphic are in french but I am sure you can figure out most of the numbers out there. If not, feel free to post a question! And congrats for all the corps who compete in 2018. It was a fantastic season and a difficult one to watch from the sideline. See you in 2019!
  8. There were 9 Stentors alumni marching with US corps this summer! I tought to salute them before the season end!
  9. Members I spoke to, parents, staff, board and even volunteers are missing being on tour. I don't see any obstacle on our way back in 2019 (other than the usual). But of course, a donation here and there will allow to grow bigger, better and faster! Have a good championship week all!
  10. 2018 probably is the first time since 1972 that no Canadian corps will compete at Championship. With 2 days left to the 2018 DCI GIVING CHALLENGE, help bring a Canadian corps back to DCI in 2019. Make a small donation towards the Stentors drum and bugle corps from Quebec Canada! The team here is working hard and every day, to be ready bigger and better for our return. 20$+ can go a long way... and coming from many donors, it sends the message: ''keep pushing; we appreciate the work being done, the corps and the commitment in giving your kids the tools for a happy and successful life! English for our fundraising campaign is at the end of our GoFundMe page. Happy DCI week !! Gabe Francoeur President Stentors Drum and Bugle Corps Fundraising Campaign link: Video link:
  11. You how it works... blame all you can on the others! lol If memory serve me well, we did arrive there around 14h/14h30 for a show start at 17h? We were on a rush not because we were late but because everybody knew that we needed to stay on schedule every step of the way to gain maximum time everywhere. A few things to consider along the way... It would have been best for us to get to Manchester the night before but the city often have problem offering housing and as a team player, we do our part by not to asking the sponsor to spend a few extra thousand $$$ on housing while home is only 4h30 away. Leaving on tour for 24 days (2016) on that very morning makes it difficult because leaving on time the first morning of tour IS always a challenge. The corps is not in training so kids come from home with the usual consequence. People shows up too tight to be able to leave on time. First travel of the year, everything is not lock up. Moms and dads want to kiss good bye.... Etc etc etc. Border: Border is a stress for 2 reasons. You don't know how long it's gonna take to cross if any officer have a bad morning that day ... And you don't know how long it's gonna take to get to the border, depending on how many people want to cross at the same time as us. The last mile before entering USA could take 15 minutes or 2 hours. First show of the year with half a corps who has never done any marching competition in their life... you want as much time as you can to prepair. So 3 hours before a show on tour is way too long. But 3 hours before the first show ever for half the corps, comprise of 13-17 years old kids is tight. Now, we can leave at 3h00 AM and avoid all this, but what you gain in border crossing and prep time at the show site, you lose it on the other side by being exausted before you even start the tour. All in all, I think we took the right guess for the corps we had in hand (age, experience, vehicules, staff, volunteers, housing cost, etc.). I hope you don't mind the long post but at least it give you a look from inside the corps. Which I am always please to share!
  12. The corps is not inactive. Suspension of rehearsal and withdraw of the summer schedule has nothing to do with the minimum requirement. As stated by BigW, drum corps in Canada have outgrew the traditional sponsors. To survive corps had to find extra source of revenus. In the case of the Stentors since 2001, that extra revenus has come from our lobster dinner (started during the Academie Musicale period 1983-2000). History of that dinner is quite something. It started small with 300 guests in the basement of a church to an high point of 2000 guests in 1994 and still going strong with a bit more than 1700 guests just 2 weeks ago. It became so big that even the Prime Minister of Quebec have joined us in 2007 and Canada's leader of the official opposition two years later. Banks calls in to know the "date" in order to plan for national meeting with a "night out" with us or to make sure their calendar allow them to be in attendance. Nearly 3 tons of lobster are cooked and served in 2-3 hours. A spectacular sight! It started with a team of parents, but when their kids moved along, so did the parents. It rapidly became a "Francoeur" thing. And mostly has been since 1984. Last november, out of nowhere, Mr Francoeur died of a hart attack. Came January... Mrs Francoeur entered hospital for 5 five coronary artery bypass. You now have a corps director who has to take care of his mom, replace his parents in running the lobster dinner and the family manufacture. The decision to withdraw have been made to allow me to take those challenges succesfully and secure the financial future of the corps. Trying to do more would have been a corps suicide... Now, 1 of the next 3 things could have save the season: 1) Having people ready to rise in leadership and invest the require time to fullfill the empty space. Leading a drum corps, whatever the size, is no easy task anymore. No one felt ready to invest 20-30-40 hours a week, every week. 2) Having 100 members in the roster. That would have provide for more volunteers but also stimulate people that is was worth it to invest a large portion of time in running the corps while not having to worry about membership. 3) Having sufficient funds to hire capable people to lead the corps for 1 year (at least). Here you have to take in consideration that somebody with the require qualities would have to leave a "safe" and well paid job for a "not so safe" job that required way more time but also a much wider and complex knowledge on multiple subject. However, with a 80 000$ salary we may had been able to find somebody for 1 year. Not sure still!! Nothing here was a secret at any time during the decision process. Parents, members, friends and sponsors have been notified by meeting, e-mail, facebook and phone calls at the beginning of February. 2 weeks after my mom surgery... and 2 weeks before the first camp of the season. From personal perspective, it was not a fun decision to take, nor to annonce. But on the good side, since then, about 20 (additional) persons have joined committees and work weekly in order to use that time to build a stronger organization. There is at least 1 meeting a week (except for the lobster month) and the corps is very active on many levels to prepare for 2019. Gabe Francoeur President Stentors
  13. Border story are always exagerated... probably because it make for a more spectacular story to tell!!! To my knowledge, the Stentors never had any trouble crossing eitheir way. Time have changed. So yes, we now need passport (16 years old and over) and yes we all need to get down the bus, get inside the office for a passport scan which take about 30 secondes each (3-4 officers a the same time to proceed everyone). We categorize as "difficult" when an officer ask 3-4 questions, or a kid forget his passport home, or when they look inside the kitchen trailer. All in all, it takes between 15 and 30 minutes everytime for the entire corps. It actualy take way more than that in any airport of the world. But we still make stories... and they get exagerated a lot while traveling in the stands. Now we sometime wait in car lane for an hour before reaching the bus exit to custom. That is another story. Of course, as an organizer, there is a major stress as there is not much we can do if somebody wants to be a j.... to us. We do bring food... the entire tour food (1 month) accross the border and follow all the direction the border office provide on their website. We do have refugee now in the corps as well as a lot of people with foreign origin. That makes it a bit harder on paper work prior to crossing. And... sometime... an officer (who's having a gun) is having a bad day and enjoy to play tough on a 13 years old, 85 pound kids who doesn't speak english. That is sad and always become a legend! But it wouln'd refrain the corps to enter USA. It is just sad that somebody feel the needs to show their power to well behave and polite kids who is already quiet and shy to be in there.
  14. Great post BigW! I agree with a lot of it. Quebec indeed have a great indoor season with a lot of winter guard and a rapidly growing drumline circuit. We went from 1 show (drumline) about 3-4 years ago with 3-4 drumline (+ competing team from Ontario) to a 3 shows season and a championship of approx 15 drumline a few weeks ago. FAMQ still run a two days happening with the summer unit from all horizon in 2 differents cities. The Stentors started it in 2011 if my memory serve me well. FAMQ co-organise it now with whoever is the corps sponsor. We try to move from city to city every few years to give everyone the opportunity to shine home!
  15. That's for sure!!! While I can't talk for the entire province of Quebec, in and around town here, I see a decrease of approx. -75% of the music programs in about every school since the time when I started to visit them for recruitment purpose in 1993 (25 years).