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  1. I thought the same, for all the Western WC Corps - Academy, PC, OC and Cascades may get new or keep members longer.
  2. That’s a nice mix for PC. Interested to see what they do this season!
  3. Gold did a great Dia de los Muertos a few years back.. much more thematic in my opinion.
  4. I’m pretty sure that is what Flo’’s mid cam and audio guy are doing at this point
  5. Short but sweet. Good luck to all the kids tonight. This would be a fun show to see!!
  6. I've worked at several shows and they have always had designated parking and warm up areas. That would solve the problem.
  7. Really happy to see them go up north this season. While the California tour is great, it’s nice to see some variability in the schedule and it gives them a chance to make new friends in new places!
  8. I really would like Flo to let the show stand for 24 hours so it can be watched and/or re-watch for a limited amount of time.