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  1. This is a good point, and part of the reason that I'll be staying a fan of DCI (or whatever it's called eventually) corps regardless of my preferences in instrumentation or how this vote goes.
  2. This was my exact reasoning for keeping the Scouts (not just Madison, but the entire BSA) boys-only. Have cool things for everyone... don't make everyone fit into one cool thing. I'm fine if you want to discuss the pros and cons for WW in Drum Corps... but this is a terrible reason.
  3. Yup. Tried my hand writing for a 500 person band for 'fun' once... 3 sets and 3 hours later, decided to retire early from my glorious career writing for that size ensemble. That said, huge respect for those drill writers who can and do.
  4. Is it worth the pain if your navel is terribly fascinating? πŸ™‚
  5. I have a high school senior who auditioned for the corps. He got a callback (woo!) but did not get a spot... too young and inexperienced, but they liked him and said they'd give his name to some other corps. I'm really proud of him! His feedback from the camp concerning the Cadets was extremely encouraging. He loved the staff, the culture, the work ethic... apparently it was everything that he'd hoped for in a Cadet experience. He said the show was very "Cadets." (I love that he knows what that means!) He wants to try again next year. If there are any admin/staff reading this, thank you very much for pushing the organization forward in a positive way and inspiring a young man from Virginia. πŸ™‚
  6. I guess I'm not sure what the membership structure system would look like... so far the discussion has been compared to the Major/Minor leagues of Baseball... Is DCI asking that WC groups create a required feeder program of their choice? Like, each parent organization start up a SoundSport/DLBattle/WGI ensemble/OC corps of their choice to demonstrate that they have a more solid year-to-year funding source?
  7. Just wondering... are Cavaliers 98 opener CG using 7' poles? And... 42" rifles EXIST?!?!? Whoa...
  8. Yeah, man. I love the discipline. Kudos to that kid. ...of course, the clip ends rather quickly... maybe he topples over after a few seconds.
  9. This is straying too far off topic, buuuuttt..... Lots of talent in a totally untapped market for DCI corps, imo. Maybe some of these Scouts can be Scouts, yaknowwudumsayin? πŸ˜„
  10. Yup. Rewatched it just now and literally fell in love all over again. My wife, sitting next to me, thinks I'm silly. πŸ™‚ It's okay, I'll own it. Cadets 07 is so stinkin' enjoyable.