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  1. In 2005, I remember being disappointed that our uniform didn't have the curly-cues at the end of the white chest embroideries. I really enjoyed the 12.25 and Angels and Demons variations. I think that this variance on the traditional style is a fantastic design limitation that only draws "kids" into the Cadet ethos.
  2. Yeah... couldn't find a "Cadets 2021" thread... Though I probably won't be shocked to find that it was closed. 🙂 Go Cadets anyway! Woo!
  3. Yup. Nothing like the acoustic low reed sound. Tubas playing pedal tones just don't have the bite. Okay, contrabassoons and bari saxes are in. But nothing else, okay? ... okay? ... aw poop...
  4. Yes. This. It took an 8th grade student of mine getting a terrible head injury in a football practice to snap me out my team-first mentality (this was about 10 years ago, now). These are kids performing on the field... and even in professional sports, those athletes are people. And competing against someone else in a job... rejoice not when your enemy falls. My experience in The Cadets moved me toward really understanding what the benefits of competition really are (about competing against yourself and not others), but the fandom thing was harder to see. And I think thi
  5. I know you're probably being sarcastic, but when it comes to DCI's continued existence.... well, anything to get the checkbooks out, as Fred indicated. :-) (full disclosure: I am only 51% behind the statement I just made... and only in this specific case)
  6. I accidentally shed a tear. Dang it, Cadets! Now I have to re-up my manliness. *chugs protein shake and does some push-ups* ... *admits joke, continues sitting at computer*
  7. Oh! Shoot, you could have each ensemble do a live production "at home" after a month or two of rehearsals! And anyone who wanted to watch them could come and see as the "live audience" and then every corps could submit their videos for tabulation. And have a vote/score to determine the "winner." That way there's no tour. (again, sucks for everyone who wants to see them live, I know I know...). I guess I'm really going toward a televised thing with no travel to provide the performers that high level experience... I really enjoyed watching "Hamilton" on Disney +, so I do think there'd
  8. You know, all this talk about liability at housing sites makes me wonder about the future of DCI... and wondering if perhaps DCI might do something with less "touring" and more bang for the buck. Maybe 30 minute shows, hit 4 or 5 major sites (rather than 30) with only 2 to 3 corps (rather than 7-8) at each show, and the telecast on "Flomarching" is a voting/scoring amalgam for Finals (like the Masked Singer??) so more emphasis is put on the production value (give them an actual intermission between shows for set-up time so stages, multiple floors, etc.). Like an outdoor version of Blast bu
  9. Well... there's always churches with property... a thought. 🙂