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  1. I accidentally shed a tear. Dang it, Cadets! Now I have to re-up my manliness. *chugs protein shake and does some push-ups* ... *admits joke, continues sitting at computer*
  2. Oh! Shoot, you could have each ensemble do a live production "at home" after a month or two of rehearsals! And anyone who wanted to watch them could come and see as the "live audience" and then every corps could submit their videos for tabulation. And have a vote/score to determine the "winner." That way there's no tour. (again, sucks for everyone who wants to see them live, I know I know...). I guess I'm really going toward a televised thing with no travel to provide the performers that high level experience... I really enjoyed watching "Hamilton" on Disney +, so I do think there'd
  3. You know, all this talk about liability at housing sites makes me wonder about the future of DCI... and wondering if perhaps DCI might do something with less "touring" and more bang for the buck. Maybe 30 minute shows, hit 4 or 5 major sites (rather than 30) with only 2 to 3 corps (rather than 7-8) at each show, and the telecast on "Flomarching" is a voting/scoring amalgam for Finals (like the Masked Singer??) so more emphasis is put on the production value (give them an actual intermission between shows for set-up time so stages, multiple floors, etc.). Like an outdoor version of Blast bu
  4. Well... there's always churches with property... a thought. πŸ™‚
  5. Hey Old Corps Guy! Here's the VHSL link concerning the sports schedule. In the announcement banner at the top, with links to the specifics of Model 3. https://www.vhsl.org
  6. Update from Virginia... All sports (Fall, Winter, Spring) will be moved to second semester. 2 months each. Also, trying to create meaningful content for our all-virtual opening. Now I'm teaching 5th grade general music, no beginning band, 7-12 band, HS guitar, HS contemporary music... Needless to say, I will try and do something for marching band starting around February... mostly pep band and playing fun patriotic stuff for "half time" of whatever games at which I can get the kids to perform. We'll see how it goes. πŸ™‚ Prayers would be appreciated!
  7. Were you sitting when you typed that? πŸ˜‰ Perhaps you type corrected? I'm stupid. Sorry. πŸ™‚
  8. No fall football for Virginia, I understand. In other news, test scores suddenly shoot up around the Commonwealth...
  9. I submitted a plan to my administration on a standstill, music only model for my "marching" band (Virginia) kids. - Sectionals after school with the kids who are at school that day (1/4 of all kids come Monday, 1/4 Tuesday, 1/4 Wed, 1/4 Thurs, and then a teacher work day Friday to contact kids who can't come to school in person) and one combined rehearsal Thursday nights. - Perform in open air venue in town, open to the public. - Parades (if there are any) They responded with requests for more details on specific logistics on how I'd keep the kids safe. Still working on
  10. That sounds right... he was one of the screamers? I think he mentioned being one of the last trumpet players to release the high note at the end of "America/O Canada" as a badge of honor. πŸ™‚ lol
  11. Aw, man, bringin' it all back. Thanks for doing this. πŸ™‚ Actually, 2002 Crossmen were an inspiration to me. One of 02 Corpsmen trumpet players (can't remember his name) was a tech for Scenic City the next year. Loved your show!
  12. I think more than just drum corps will be getting back to basics.
  13. Honestly, it'd still be cheaper than shutting off the oil rigs. πŸ™‚ Once the pumps are off, apparently it's wicked expensive to turn them back on again. If anyone in the drum corps world has huge storage capabilities, you could drop $10 right now and fuel every single drum corps for next summer. Shoot... it might be cheaper for every drum corps to buy a tanker truck, fill it up, and then tour with the rest of the corps next summer! Crazy insurance costs though... eek...