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  1. Dude... okay, so I'm not agreeing with you flat out, but... I'm going to add to your list... - The hubris of the man at the end who took his clothes off (this was the finals run... the finals run had a lot of nuances that weren't in the semi-finals performance) - The hair style of the man at the end... - The see-through "X" in the floor that could've represented prison bars... like the sheltering guard members were looking into the cell of the deranged man. - The word "HELP!" in red on the bottom of the floor. Question: - What's with the guy with the skull in your theory? - I'm not sure KDET is actually there, bro. :-)
  2. Didn't read everything, but I'll still get the subscription and go to a show, as I usually do. Mostly because I'm inspired by the Cadets and how they've made it through last year. πŸ™‚ If they can do it, DCI can do it.
  3. Ya... in 2005 we had 11, I believe. lol I think they called it the "Fat 9" as an insurance policy... can't assume you'd finish the season with 10! So 21 at the camp, huh? That's... AWESOME!
  4. Wow. Had a good cry at that one. Maybe she should join the DCI BoD? πŸ™‚ Go Cadets!
  5. Actually, I meant ear-bleed.... right in the front on the 30s (in front of whatever speaker monstrosity the corps bring).
  6. Ah... I gotcha. I live near Winchester, VA, so I usually take a bunch of my students up to the Annapolis show. If you do decide to take the jet ski up, let me know! You can sit in the nosebleed section with us! πŸ˜„ lol
  7. Sorry Contra... where do you live? Is this an annual issue? Were there local shows back in the day?
  8. I think it's going to be awesome... back to our parade roots, finding outlets in indoor arenas (WGI), and longer lives for band directors. :-D
  9. Ugh... I remember one field in Iowa where they did not cut the grass before our rehearsal... those roots were just a-soakin' up our sweat and tears.
  10. yeeeeah... I see the wisdom in this. I think I was just being selfish in my desire for YEA to move down here. lol
  11. My Avatar is still Shenandoah Sound after all these years... I love them and support them whenever I can. Sonus had a fantastic year in SoundSport... two best in shows and a gold rating at Indy! :-D I'm so proud! In my opinion, the strength of the band programs up in Northern Virginia is actually a deterrent for some kids because their performance level at home is so high that it's hard to take a chance on a fledgling or, worse, struggling ensemble to have a "better" experience (the culture is a tiny bit stuck up... I've seen worse, and I think it's improving, but it's there...). An established ensemble like Cadets would not struggle as much in the recruitment department as Sound/Sonus did and does, as well as all those other organizations that've folded up there in the past. Besides, Sonus prides itself on being a feeder for corps like Surf (4 members of Surf this year marched in Sonus last year, I believe). No conflict (IMO).
  12. Manage... and grow. USBands has a presence in Virginia, but it's not strong yet. If they have staff here, they might be able to break into the scene. There's a new Virginia Marching Band Cooperative circuit that's growing fast that has similar philosophies to USBands, so if they want to grow in this market, there's some serious competition winding up.
  13. I think both BK and BS could design a top 3 show, but I just don't know if they have the strength to out-recruit enough talent for those achievement scores that would push them higher than others (maybe they could beat out Cadets next year, but idk).