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  1. I'm still looking to trade either semifinals or finals tickets. I have section 140 row 13, looking looking for sections 240 or 340.
  2. I have two tickets for DCI World Class finals that I'm looking to trade. Section 140 Row 13 Seats 14-15 I'm looking for two DCI World Class finals seats in Sections 240 or 340. PM me if you're interested in swapping for Saturday night. I'll be in Indianapolis for semifinals, as well, so we can do the trade in person.
  3. Eric, you forgot the main difference between the schools. Stolaf sux! Gustavus rules! You're welcome. Mike Gustavus Adolphus College '99
  4. I'm looking for two (2) tickets to both DCI World Class semifinals and finals. Ideally, we'd like the upper part of section 140 or lower part of section 240. PM me if you've got something available. Thanks.
  5. Just another person adding to the chorus... My group watched some of the shows in both 341 and 541. The sound was just terrible. Booming echoes, little clarity, the space consumed almost all the high volume impacts and the AC hum was constant. Considering the price of tickets even on the 20 yard lines, this is an embarrassment for DCI. Tonight we'll be sitting 443 at $80 per ticket, which will likely be even worse. I've been to finals every year since 1999, and next year will be a tough choice. I can't imagine that opening the roof would make much difference. On the plus side, the folks in Allentown shouldn't have any trouble selling tickets.
  6. My wish list... 4th Ballet Suite Bacchanale Largo from New World Elsa's (always)
  7. '74 Regiment! We also listened to some Back in Black in 1996.
  8. Just got a text saying MN Brass scored 89.888 in St. Peter tonight. That's all I heard. Not official.
  9. That first picture of Santa Clara's opening set is fantastic! Well done.
  10. Fire, Bacchanalle, 4th Ballet Suite, and I want to hear Elsa's every year.
  11. It's not like the entire show is retread. Like you said, everything up until the very end is fresh. Is just a little nod to the corps' history too much? Maybe they should take out the kick halt at the end of 1000 Airplanes, too. That's so stock.
  12. Sorry for the OT, but that is an awesome picture of the Brigadier's contras!
  13. Referring to Pat's post, here are two pictures with our guard member's car circled (black Grand Prix). She was taken by boat from the bridge to the U of M, and was picked up at the Weisman Art Museum by one of our horn members who drove her to the corps' rehearsal site.