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  1. 87 Vanguard Finals 87 Phantom 87 Sky Ryders Finals 88 Suncoast Sound Finals 89 Cavaliers Finals 89 Star of Indiana finals 2013 Carolina Crown Finals 2023 Carolina Crown Finals
  2. Is she back for this season? She was Excellent!!
  3. 91 was 3way tie between Cavies, Star, and Vanguard wasn't it?
  4. If I never hear those words uttered again..cough 2019 Cadets
  5. That is a BIGGIE and shame on them, shame on them I guess they learned the hard way. I thought it was rather screwy and suspicious from how much work it seemed to be to cancel my subscription after finals this year.
  6. Electrical Engineer I'm guessing..probably wrong
  7. 2017 Peter Weber did the drill with Gaines on board the following season?
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