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  1. https://www.seattlecascades.org/single-post/2019/12/03/Frank-Williams-Joins-Seattle-Cascades-as-Education-Consultant
  2. I hope THAT doesn't happen. boring and Stagnate...people want variety and change.
  3. Denver Madison Pasadena Rams/Chargers Stadium when completed*
  4. Cascades 2020 Staff Roster all sections https://www.seattlecascades.org/single-post/2019/09/27/Seattle-Cascades-Announce-2020-Instructional-Staff
  5. Have either Xmen or Bluestars solidified their 2020 staff roster/announcements yet?
  6. I think it's one of 2 Corps and not Mandarins that BC team ends up at.
  7. Yes this is kind of a shocker if true
  8. Well this really sucks..how frustrating for the members if true.