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  1. 89 90 87 95 00 91 06 01 92 04 97 02
  2. Summer of 87 was first time being introduced to this thing called Drum and Bugle Corps. Freshman Bandcamp Band Director played us a vhs recording from Finals from the Weekend. SCV and Phantom were the 2 groups that majorly piqued my curiosity into the Activity. 1987 Songs from the Winter Palace Such a GOOD SHOW!
  3. Perhaps there is still spots available at Cascades..this upcoming camp I believe auditions are still being held
  4. Staff needs a major overhaul. Hopefully areaswhich have been their Achilles heel will be addressed and new fresh blood brought in to fix things.
  5. So depending upon announcements from Mandarins and Seattle Cascades that would make 3 corps Key would be writing for in 2019?
  6. There are a few other Non Top 12 World class corps i hope do the same.
  7. KRULL LAST STARFIGHTER Theme from To Kill a Mockingbird
  8. That's the most since 89 which was 4 Vanguard BD Freelancers VK