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  1. I still say missing the crowd reactions during the show is a big letdown. I have gone back and spiced up the bass on all the recordings and they sound much better now. Used to be able to hear the crowd screaming all through the music when there was something particularly cool done on the field.
  2. Just downloaded marchingmusicdowloads copy of last year’s shows. I’m always kinda bummed at the newer recordings, pretty much since Flo got involved. The audio doesn’t do a good job recreating the thick, round sound and lower bass, like from the concert bass, bass line and electronics. You can barely hear the crowd even when the corps stop playing. The recordings feel like an afterthought and fall flat in my opinion. I have a rather high end audio system that normally blows you out of the room, but not when playing DCI recordings these days.
  3. Any news on 2024 yet? Been quiet here.
  4. We have our finals week tix and hotel. Looking forward to Murfreesboro.
  5. Lots of drops. Not very synchronized. Finished 9th, while percussion was 1st. It just wasn’t their best showing. It has to do with 2024 because there were discussions about a new color guard instructor this year in some earlier posts. I do think their routine was great conceptually, it just wasn’t up to par with the rest of the corps. Wasn’t cleaned enough. By the way, how ya doing? Been a while since August. My wife makes me take a break from DCI until about the time shows are announced. Good to hear from you.
  6. Whew! 2010 was a real stinker for the guard. Several excellent shows before it though. I cringe at the guard performance from 2010.
  7. I had to tell y’all about my wife the other morning. We were getting ready for work and she said, “I finally understand you and DCI; it’s your ‘football.’ Lots of guys love football and live and die by how well their team performs. They know all the stats, the inside information and secretly want to be considered a ‘special’ fan. They never miss a game and are sure the refs are against them when they lose. And, no matter how frustrated their spouse is over the maniacal, endless discussion of every aspect of their team, like a cocaine habit, they just can’t help it; they are addicted. DCI is your football. I get it now!” I think she’s onto something.
  8. I’m ready for another opera. So much to do prop and story wise. Their last medal was Turandot. It was solid and easy to follow.
  9. Any hot takes on placement for 2024? LOL JK have to get in my obligatory first post. Still riding the COVID bus. I predict next year I will also take vacation to go to Indy, get great seats for semis and finals and come down with hot dog fingers and Euromycitisis. Taking one for the team.
  10. Last week was very disappointing. Took my daughter to Indy, arrived on Thursday. Went to the park for warm ups for Cadets and Crown. Stayed at Marriott downtown and had tix to Semis and Finals 7th row in PR block. Woke up Friday not feeling well. By noon got tested positive for COVID. Drove home to Nashville that evening with 101°-102° fever. Missed the whole thing. 😥
  11. Speaking of old school, I must admit that the first time I heard the Blue Devils in the early eighties, that big, bold, jazzy, swing sound they had was pretty awesome for a young band kid. I was mesmerized by them. BD was the best at that genre.
  12. If they were to use that, they’d need to order some fake white leather, half-calf boots with big, white pompons on the toes for the guard. Complete the look with the music.
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