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  1. Nice inside joke there. Sending a drink to your table. LOL
  2. I always get a hand-written Christmas card each year. You are correct, it’s these little things that mean so much.
  3. People freaking lost their minds the last 1:30 of Spartacus. Can’t see that being any different today. It was the audience participation that pushed them across the finish line. It’s hard to compare a show in 2022 with one from 2008, but I think it might be just as effective now. I think it would be unfair not to mention how much the crowd wanted PR to take the gold. That definitely had an effect for sure.
  4. I totally agree with this. Unfortunately they got in a rut of believing they could only win with a story. Last valiant attempt was Turandot, 3rd place. I miss the days when DCI used to be mainly just about a good book and…
  5. If by dinosaur you mean you think the music is most important, then, you are just remembering a time when…
  6. As someone who has been a volunteer on tour with them in the past, I have heard lots of conversations that would lead me to believe the leadership feels their music and style are what people really want, and the props and heady show themes are belittling to the audience. Let the music and marching speak for itself. If you think about it, there have been quite a few fads that came and went while PR stood fast with their specific style. I think what happened though is that many of those fads led to some very good progress in the sport that are now commonplace, and PR always found itself behind in adopting those new components. There always, to me, seemed to be a little self righteousness in leadership that novelty was below them, and I heard some bad-mouthing of those ideas - and the corps that used them - in front of the members. When some of those novelties became considered innovative and were standardized, the same leaders had to not only learn how to merge those ideas into PR’s shows, but had to eat crow after having thumbed their noses at those ideas for years. It was easier to keep on doing what had been done. Phantom’s prior tradition of hiring from within also exacerbated that thinking and made it that much harder to break free from tradition.
  7. All but one piece of music this year was modern. That has been the trend for years. I suggest you read over the repertoire across the years and find out for yourself rather than taking my word for it. If the problem is you don’t like classical music, I find it impossible to believe they will ever move away from that genre. It’s part of their DNA, and has served them well. I think I understand your argument, but it was poorly supported, and in this instance ultimately incorrect. However, I say this in respect for your opinion. You feel how you feel.
  8. My opinion is that whoever has the cleanest show with the cleanest music, that is at least somewhat challenging, will win. Regiment fans get frustrated because we want them to win because they do what we like, me included. But, they’ve always been underdogs, which is part of the reason we love them. We feel like our musical and visual tastes are the epitome of the sport. All but two years since 1965 the judges haven’t agreed. I think we like complaining about it nearly as much as we like winning. There is a musical self-righteousness to being a Phantom fan, and that’s fine by me. Analyzing it ad infinitum is not going to help them win. If they did what it takes to be a medaling corps most years, I bet most of us would no longer be fans. I just don’t see any reason for us to get our noses out of joint over Phantom being a crowd favorite underdog that rarely wins when that’s what Phantom is famous for - thumbing its nose at conventionality and the path to medaling by doing mainly the same type of show year after year, and sometimes winning in the process. That’s why we lap it up year after year after year. 🙂
  9. Jeff, time to let this discussion go. You aren’t earning any converts, and this discussion is its own thread. Thanks for the info and thoughts, but time to let it go.
  10. Pretty sure it’s time to move this discussion to another thread.
  11. Best I’ve seen it put. The skating comparison is spot on.
  12. Glad to see some new audio folks. I don’t feel like Regiment uses their audio to its potential. Hope these two work out. https://regiment.org/audio-design-team/
  13. As a side note: it is so nice to see consistent, relevant conversation going on through the off-season. A few years ago the conversation, mainly downers, ended a week or so after finals. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why. It’s just nice to keep seeing all of you pop up in my email every day or so. We don’t get to know each other more than on a comment-level basis, but I think I can safely say all of seem like very likable people, and we all share a similar passion for this group and what they represent. One of these days we ought to plan a meet-up at a local brew house during finals just to have a chance to say hello. Thanks to all of you who bring a smile in the middle of a crappy or, at least, unremarkable workday. Hope yours is a fantastic Tuesday. We are Spartacus!!!
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