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  1. Just got back from the theater. From 1-15...no words. Simply no words.
  2. Uhhh...yeah. Exactly why bypassing surprised and shocked...and jumping directly to catatonia.
  3. I'll be rendered catatonic if finals are rained out.
  4. Not to mention far less road-kill on the dirt highways for replenishment.
  5. I wish for you the best of performances and results, Crusaders. I want to say I hope you do yourselves, your organization, and alumni proud. But I don't think I need to...I know you will.
  6. My previous smart-alecky post (though not intended that way) got my mind thinking... You want LONG odds and historical firsts? What are the odds that, in two consecutive years, the same exact 1800 marchers take the field for finals night competition, assuming that: A) One of the corps in the second year is making finals for the very first time in their history? (Assuming 150 marchers per unit X 12 units), and; B) That corps is not a first-year corps, and; C) Championships are held at the same site both years. For fun, let's see who first figures out how this could happen in the first place (this part is easy), and for you mathematicians, what are the chances (this will take some work...or a supercomputer)? (One in....) As for me, I'm not going to waste my cash on that particular ticket.
  7. Don't think I've seen this one (and easiest one) so far... Not to play Captain Obvious, but if Bluecoats win, this will be the first time this EXACT 1-12 corps placement lineup has ever happened...no matter what happens in places 2-12. Of course, the same will hold true that ANY corps wins its first championship. Likewise, it will also hold true that any corps makes the top 12 for its first time ever. ("Department of Forest For the Trees...can I help you?")
  8. Soooo...I gather an attempt to consolidate my pennies for the purpose of paying a visit to Indianapolis in August one of these years wouldn't be a totally wasted effort??
  9. Just ask Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Grumpy.
  10. If one fits into the narrative, then many times one is not drinking the kool-ade...but rather mixing it. And I'll be kind and say that I'm speaking from the job perspective.
  11. Or, to paraphrase Mrs. Obama... If they go low...you make sure you go high.
  12. Not in the least. However...it is not my way to say, even through inference, something derogatory about any group who somebody else on here may find as their devoted favorite. And not being of the portion of the population who is blessed not only with tact, but great writing skills as well...I'll remain mum in that regard. That being said -- it was a tremendously enjoyable show. I choose not to go as a critic, but as a fan of the activity. Yes, I have my favorites. But...well...let me put it this way... I am blessed to have not only a beautiful wife, but one who possesses a wonderful heart, soul, and virtue. However, such does not disbar me from seeing the same qualities in other females as well. One I love with all my heart...but the others I can still appreciate with great wonder. Such is my way with the drum corps activity as well. I hope that suffices...
  13. Is it just me...or whenever you see somebody else on here say that they were at the same show you attended, you immediately ask yourself "Hmmmmm...I wonder if that guy next to me was.... ." You then shake your head and say "Naaaahhhh"...but inside your mind, you're never totally convinced.
  14. I fully concur. As of tonight, please count me of the believers. And while I ordinarily find the practice of discarding perfectly good infants to be rather loathsome, I now have accepted that next year's taxes may very well have to be computed minus a personal exemption...or three. And based on what I saw tonight, I would not be the least bit surprised if Academy isn't finished with their upward movement. It was that good.
  15. Trust me...it gets even better as you approach 50 or 55. Sometimes.
  16. Since you brought it up... http://recipes.hastybake.com/author/dan-potter/
  17. This seems to be a yearly mantra among many every year anymore, doesn't it? (asked quite rhetorically)
  18. Edited to remove post. On my part, they were stupid assumptions, stupid/incorrect premises...and argued totally against the intent of the original poster (afd). I'm sorry.
  19. Nor would I want for them. The most meaningful success comes when you know you have defeated another when he is at his very best. Anything else simply rings hollow.
  20. Things in the Ithaca (NY) cinema have always been great. Always quite a few kids there. It's obvious that they have their favorites. But it's even more obvious that they are totally jacked by every single group. As an educator, I can tell you that it warms the ol' ticker immensely.
  21. I would hope not. To do so (at least to me) would be setting artificially-imposed limits. In terms of competition, there might be some justification for this (operative words being might be). But educationally? I can't see the justification.
  22. Last night's Pittsburgh result earmarks you as being rather prescient, 2much. Gap down to 1.05...and visual gap down to .55.
  23. I hope to gosh you're not giving up the ship quite yet, Cappy. (And please forgive my mixing metaphors. I was caught between "giving up the ghost" and "jumping ship." Regardless...you get what I meant, thank God.)